Marilyn 44 year old divorced

Marilyn at the time i met her was 44 years old and just divorced. She had been married for 22 years and the entire marraige she was treated badly by her husband. She stayed with him the way a lot of women do with a husband they no longer love. I met her at a coffee shop near home we both went to during the morning to relax and go online. We at first just spoke to each other and began to speask more and more and after awhile we would sit together and then we would meet at 10 am on the days i was able to go which was usually mondays, tuesdays and fridays. We would chat and i soon learned all about her. She married young was from another state and came hear to stay with a friend [lady] she was old friends with. She had 2 grown adult c***dren and was a college grad. She liked it hear and was going to stay here when she found the right job and was able to get her life back to normal. She is only about five feet two and very slim maybe 100 pounds top. She has light brown hair and has a classic 1950s look i call it. Hair curled and barely shoulder length. We became fairly good friends and sometimes i would buy her lunch out of friendship and she seemed thankfull for someone male taking interest in her.We had been friends about 3 or 4 months when 1 day i was in the coffee shop a little early and looking at porn on my laptop when she came in early too about a half hour. I quickly closed the pc and she sat down and we exchanged hellos and smiles. We talked a few min. and she asked to check her email on my laptop. I said sure and she took it and opened it and sat there frozen looking at the screen. I had forgotten to x out the porn i was looking at and when Marilyn opened it it was restored. I tryed to grab the laptop from her to get rid of the porn but she would not release her grip on it!!! She told me she didnt mind and that we were both adults and it was ok with her. She moved around beside me with our backs to a brick wall so no one else could see the screen. I was on a amateur site where guys post their wives and girl friends etc. The girl i was looking at was a wife about 35 or so blonde big tits and a nice shaved pussy spread wide open, pink and all. Marilyn asked is she your type and i told her not in particular i was just browsing and she was the one at the moment she came in. I was glad it happened because we became even closer from then on. She admitted to me she felt unnatractive and undesireable since her marraig failed. I was glad to tell her she was very pretty and men find her sexy as well. She told me how her x and her had sex and what she liked. She said early on he wanted anal and she did it and liked it but wanted to do a variety of things and he only wanted a blow job and to fuck her in the ass from her. She liked to be kissed and held and all the foreplay was something she craved. Her husband was not able to give her that because she thought he had stopped loving her long ago. We decided we would not talk about him any longer and move forward talking about now not the past. It was another 2 or 3 weeks after the porno thing and we had talked a ton about sex and fucking and what we liked in bed when on this morning i had been there in the coffee shop around 10 min. when she came in. She was wearing a short pair of jean shorts sandals and a white pullover shirt cutt off to just above her belly button. It was a hot day and she had a tiny amount on!! The top wasnt see thru but her nipples shown fully through the shape of them anyway. I could teel they were fully erect and hard. She came over to our table and sat down and asked if she looked ok? I told her she looked fantastic! She said i wanted to dress sexy for you. I told her she had succeeded! I gave her a hug and she felt so soft and warm. I can remember thing this is the day i am doing to fuck Marilyn. We talked a short time and i asked her if she would like to go somewhere and be alone. Her answer was a quick YES! We decided to get a room and not go to one of our homes for privacy. Since she was still staying with her friend. We got in the room and we didnt say much..........i put my arms around her and softly kissed her. She met me fully moving her head and moving her wet lips all over mine. I moved my hand behind her head and held her head as our tongues began licking the other as we kissed. We continued kissing for 4 or 5 min. non stop as we got sloppier and sloppier with out salivas. I knew she was starved for affection so i was going to give it to her. I held her close massaging her back and shoulders and on and off long sloppy kisses. Between the kisses she would purr and and moan and half cry telling me to hold her and to make her feel special. I told her she was special and i would always treat her like that. We layed down on the bed facing each other and a continued holding her and kissing her. By now her top had ridden up her back and i was massaging her soft skin as we made out. I call it making out because it was much like teenagers do kissing and touching and just being close. she rolled over on her back to face me as we kissed , me on my side when i glimpsed down to see her top had completely risen to her neck and her tits and nipples were in plain sight!! They were a maybe a B cup not big but a great shape firm and soft. BUT her aerolas were small about quarter size and deep dark brown. Her nipples were big though about an inch long and fully hard. I kept kissing her and slowly moved my hand to her tit and began massaging it. She began to moan and i stopped kissing her and moved my lips to her nipple. I began massaging her tit and licking her nipple then i started sucking her nipple and she was moaning loudly and breathing heavier. We got the rest of our clothes off and i started licking and kissing down her tight little belly as my hand found her pubic bone and pelvic area.She was totally clean shaven and smooth as silk. I soon was kissing her cunt lips and was darting mt tongue inside her as well as licking her clit. I could tell she was near and soon she stiffend and climaxed under my tongue. She became even wetter and i slipped a finger inside her, the 2 and fingered her. I was licking her clit fingering her as i moved my other 2 fingers on my hand to her asshole i worked around it and soon sank a finger into her asshole as she loosen a slipped a second finger inside her ass hole. At this point i was licked her clit and had 2 fingers in her pussy and the other 2 in her ass hole. In a couple of seconds she moaned im going to cum again and its going to be an intense one. As she begin to tense she pulled her legs up about half way and my fingers got in to the hilt and she began to climax. This time she was loudly saying oh god oh no and she started cumming and she began so squirt out of her pussy. It was large and a full stream hitting my face and down my chest. When she subsided i layed down beside her and held her. She told me she was sorry that she hadnt sex in over a year except to masterbate and i was really good at what i had done. I told her i loved it and would be happy to give her more. Marilyn asked me if i wanted to do more and i said of course. She wanted to make sure i was ok and enjoying our sex, like i said she is very sweet. I got up and sat over her chest and layed my hard cock on her lips to which she instantly began kissing the head and licking my cock. She gently sucked it and took most of the 8" plus inside her mouth. The more she sucked the harder and more excited i became. By now she was deep throating my entire dick!! I was so arroused i held her head from the back and top and fucked her head. The slurping and half choking just got me was she a fantastic cocksucker!! I pulled out my cock and lay back and kissed her and wispered do you want more? We looked into each others eyes for a moment and she said YES..Fuck Me. She wanted to be on top so i got on my back as she got on top of me. I knew it would be easy because she was fully wet and dialated from her clit to her asshole. She raised one leg and got hold of my cock shaft and guided the head inside her, She then put both hands of my chest and moved up and down about 5 or 6 time to make sure her cunt was ready for the assault she was getting ready to give it. Then she leaned over and we began kissing again. In a second she was breathing heavy and sat down completely on my cock taking it fully inside her. I felt her heat, wetness the entire shaft of my cock. As her cunt reached the bottom of my dick the air rushed out of her pussy and sounded like a huge fart. We both laughed and went on. She began pounding her cunt onto me as i held her ass in my hands from behind. By this time we had gotten into a rythum and i was lifting my ass to meet her cunt with every stroke. She was riding a long solid cum wave and kept moaning and fucking. I knew she came several times because every time she came she would squirt and it ran down my cock and my ass crack and made loud squishing sounds. In moment we changed places and i got on top and didnt waist any time as i plunged my cock inside her pussy. Ive never seen a woman hotter and wetter than she was my cock sank fully inside her fuck hole. I pushed her legs up into the air then i spread them open and held her ankles for full access to her pussy. I fucked her until she came at least twice more than i had to cum. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and jacked me off all over her pussy and belly. I came so much i was surprised! She was covered in a thick layer of my hot cum. We lay there for a half hour or so and took a shower togather and got dressed. She told me the next time you can have my ass hole if you want it!!!! more on that later
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3 years ago
Very nice. Thanks
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
very hot story ,,keep her happy and she will return the favor,,she needs it...thanks for a great story and keep us posted..
3 years ago
Mature women have learned how to lease both themselves and their men. Your story is a great example.
3 years ago
wow great well told story and very sexy hot and erotic