Wife and myself first time we did it

Linda and i have been married over 25 years now. It doesnt seem that long in many ways but in others it does, grown k**s, things weve been through and still deeply in love. When we met she was 19 and i was 24. I was married at 20 to the wrong lady and was divorced already about 2 years. She was a very good looking girl..not movie star looks but very attractive. She was 5ft 7 tall and about 105 - 110lbs. long brown hair and judging from the looks about a 34B. She had a very nice ass, i mean nice!! full, round and stuck out just right. I remeber she had the best legs i ever saw on a woman, muscular calves and just the right length. I mean she was 19!!! We had been dating about 6 weeks and i was going extremely slow with her. She lived with her parents still and they did a wonderful job of raising her. She was respectful to them and their opinion mattered to her so i got to like them very fast [and soon loved them] and they accepted the slight age difference as well as my divorce. We went out every friday, saturday evening and spent sundays taking walks and getting to know each other. I had a very nice apartment in a nice building in town but she had never been there as i said i was going slow. About 2 weeks in we began the goodnight kisses and as time went by they got more passionate and we both knew we were falling in love. It was a sunday afternoon and we went to dinner early and were walking and talking and i said do you want to go to a movie or something? She replied ive never seen your apartment why dont we go there and watch television and just hang out. I was totally ready , it was 6 or 7 weeks of dating and we could go there and just chat and relax. When we arrived since it was a cold day 40 degrees or so we were wearing over coats so i took mine off and tossed it over a chair in the living room. She waited until i turned to her to take hers off. Before i could help her she had it off her shoulders and as i faced her she arched her back and it made her breasts pop out at me , they looked huge! She was wearing a pullover top and her bra looked sexy through it , you could make out the seems and lace just a little. We went over and sat on the couch and began casually talking. In a few min. she snuggled up to me and i put my arm around her. We watched tv for a little while as we talked i began rubbing her arm and soon her back. Her top was lightweight cotton so i could feel her very well. She moved to lay her head in my lap as i continued the massaging her back. I knew she was having thoughts because my dick go as hard as a rock under her cheek and she just stayed there even moving around a little to feel it. I moved my hand under her top and felt her bare skin...so smooth and warm she was fantastic. We had never done anything sexual and not even had any sexual conversation to this point. We had yet to tell each other we loved each other yet. She was the first to go further she slowly moved her and up my leg and began feeling my cock though my pants and then she kissed it through my pants. So i moved my hand around her side under her shirt and cupped her bra covered right tittie fully in my hand and began sqeezing it. I thought she was a B cup but i could tell now she was a full C. She surprised me and sat up to face me, i thought oh no we went to far and made her want to leave. But she said she had been worried i wouldnt find her attractive and desireable since i was married to a pretty blonde the first time and she didnt think she was as pretty or sexy. I told her she was the prettiest ,sweetest girl i knew and i had fallen in love with her but was not pressuring her. She was holding back tears and told all she thought about was me and was scared i didnt feel the same way or didnt find her sexy. She told me she loved me and wanted to be with me the reat of her life and i was thrilled and told her i felt the same and we could both relax. She told me she had only been with one guy in bed and he wasnt very good at sex, mostly she gave him oral not full sex but she found she liked cum a lot. Liked the feel and taste of it. He was only about 4 or 5 inches hard and she thought it may have been his size that didnt do it for her. I told her we would work all of this out in time. We began kissing and soon we were tonguing each other and got excited quickly. She reached down and was undoing my pants and pulled my pants and undershorts off and she just stopped!! She let out a sigh and said that is better!!! In front of her hard and wet was my 8&1/2" cock and her hand was barely getting around the thick shaft i knew she was impressed. She leaned over and began kissing the precum running out of it and then her mouth went fully over it and she began sucking my cock. She was good!!!! You could tell she liked it and enjoyed sucking cock. I pulled her top off and unfastened the hooks on the back of her Brassierre. She stopped sucking and told me she hoped i liked her boobs and her nipples and aereolas. She felt they were not pretty her frinds all had the small dark aereolas and her were huge and light pink with a beet red nipples. My head was swimming her tits were so pretty!!!!!i began sucking and sqeezing them and she got even hotter. I layed her back and took the rest of her clothing off. Her pussy was so nice long lips and a thick full dark bush. I love hairy pussy and she has one!!! I kissed her pussy lips and the scent was great, sweet and a little salty. I asked her if she was ok or wanted to stop and think and she told me NO!! Im ready now if you are , ive been ready for 3 weeks!!! So i opened her legs and spread her cunt lips open and licked and sucked the inner folds of her cunt. It took maybe 4 or 5 min. and she climaxed several times. Her pussy was so wet and slimmy from my saliva and her juices it wouldnt close fully her lips parted enough to see a few inches inside her. I put my 2 middle fingers from my right hand inside and sank them to the back wall of her vagina and finger fucked her. She became a little looser still and i put a 3rd finger in her. In no time at all she was climaxing and this time she squirted all the way up my arm! She still to this day squirts!! I asked her are you satisfied and fulfilled? I wanted to give her an out to not go further and suck my cock for me and then do more later. She said..No lets go all the way, i love you and im ready to be yours. We went into the bedroom and got in bed for this. We had been in the living room on the couch but we needed to be in bed now. I put a pillow under her head and another under her big full ass for full access to her. I pusher legs up to her chest opened them and her pussy opened up beet read and wet. I used the head of my dick and rubbed her clit as she began softly moaning. I slowly slid about an inch inside to dilate her and i realized she was so wet i could go on. I moved about half in and moved in and out about 7 or 8 times.....then i sank my cock fully into her and moved my hips in circles to open her cunt fully. She arched her ass into me and i began pounding in and out of her. She was so excited and wet you could plainly hear squishing noises from our fucking. I kissed her and as i did she climaxed again and i slowed for just a moment and she wispered FUCK ME FUCK ME MORE!!! I would say we didnt make love that day we FUCKED like wild people. Finnaly i had to cum. As she was climaxing again i pulled out and shot cum all over her. I covered her tits and face with hot thick cum. I watched as she moved it all into her mouth and sawllowed it all. It was maybe a week later i asked her to marry me ans she said YES!!!! There are a lot more stories about our sex life i will share. LIKE........... We started watching porno togather, she would dress up in lingerie [and she has tons of stripper lingerie and spike heels] And we did porno movies of our own and take photos to this day. Will write more soon
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Very nice.
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mmmmm which one is linda"s pics,,,all are great on profile....great stoty