I have had a interest in photography and older women. In the last few years ive been able to get my photographs In several on line sites and now make a nice living doing this as well as being able to pay the women a rate they are happy with.

I do not have to advertise any longer because i get a large number of ladys referred by friends of my models.

Which is how i met Margaret. Most of my photos are of the mature MILF type. From age 40 and up, there is a huge demand for them on line. My friend Marilyn asked me if i would like to meet a friend of hers for modeling work. I told her yes and did she discuss with her how she would pose and if she would be fine with it. Marilyn said yes but her friend might need me to go slowly as she had never posed before.

The majority of the women ive shot were widowed, divorced or never married. Maybe a third are married and need the thrill and the easy money, i usually pay $500.00 foe the photos and the release form giving me the right to publish them.

I called Margaret in a day or two and had a pleasant conversation and she asked if i would like to come to her home and meet in person and talk further. I said yes and arrived at her home in a very very nice neighborhood. The home was a 2 story with lush landscaping and kept in perfect condition.

I rang the bell and she opened the door i was amazed at how strikingly lovely she was! She was about 5ft 8 or 9 inches tall and i guess around 140 pounds. Her hair was streaked brown and blonde and perfect. Her skin was flawless. Her shape was wonderful small waist with wide shapely hips and rather large looking breasts.

I introduced myself and said im Bob, to which she said hello im Margaret.

We went inside and sat in the living room and began to chat. She was around 50 but i did not ask her age and she did not offer it. I told her i had been doing photography for 10 years and been providing photos for pay sites for 3 years. I wanted her to know my intentions for the photos first thing.

She asked for more details of where the photos would be on line and i gave her the names and web addresses of the 4 places i provide them for and told her if we decide to go ahead she could see the sites for herself. I told her they are all PAY sites and not free sites so the people who see them have to pay and that limits the exposure.

She told me the money wasnt the foremost thing to her but she would accept it if i thought she would have enough interest from people wanting to see her. I told her that would not be an issue as she was an extremely lovely woman.

She went on to tell me she was married over 20 years to a elected offical and he had passed three years earlier. She was financially secure and wanted to be sexy and have fun. She did not have a man in her life and would not have to hide it from anyone other than her 2 c***dren whom are grown now. But she would not inform them until it [her modeling] became on going if it did.

I asked her if Marilyn had told her any details. She said yes she was aware it involved photos from fully dressed to lingerie and nude. And softly she said i know you and she date from time to time and she models for you doing more sexy things.

I said i hope your comfortable doing it but i will not ask you to do any more than you wish to do and if you decide your uneasy we will stop. She surprised me when she half laughed and said i will probably be more excited than you will. I smiled and said i doubt that!

With that i was thinking i had been here long enough and said well i guess you have lots to think about so i should get going. We both walked toward the front of her home a foyer with a grand staircase and 20 feet ceilings. As we reached the door she looked a little sad and i asked her if something was wrong or if she was sorry she asked me to come by. She said no not at all.....i guess i thought you might want to take some photos of me tonight! I said yes i would but i would never ask until you had time to think. She said no i would like to see how it feels to model.

I went to get my canon SLR and a 85mm lenses and came back inside and said lets have a little fun now.

She was dressed very well for photographing, she had a knee length skirt with black stockings and very high heels and a white blouse with a navy coat over it. I began taking photos of her from every angle and she looked great. I said you are a natural very photogenic!!

She had the look of a c***d on christmas morning she was smiling widely and began to turn herself and arch her back and the look over your shoulder thing women do when they feel sexy.

Until this point all the photos were of her standing. So i had her sit in a big wing back chair legs crossed looking very formal as i moved around her clicking photos. As i moved to her front she d****d one leg over the arm of her chair. I was surprised as her dress rose up and the black lacy top band of her stockings and a garter came into view as well as a full view of her panty covered crotch came into view along with the tanned skin of her upper thigh above the stockings.

I lowered the camera and told her what was exposed and she smiled and said you are a gentleman just like Marilyn said you are and lowered her leg closing off the view up her dress. I knew i had just passed a test of some kind.

I sat with her as we slowly went through the photos one by one as she looked she said they are really good, i like them. With that i said i better be going and for her to call me after a few days of thought.

It was the very next day my cell phone rang and the display read, Margaret Morgan and her phone number on the screen

When i answered she said she ive thought all i need to and i want to be a your model and i think we will be great friends. I said im thrilled and made a date for 2pm today. She said would you like to use my home for the studio? I said of course your home is lovely and be a great site for photo shoots.

I arrived at her home and she was waiting at the door for me as i walked around the columns to the entrance. She was dressed in a pale blue satin gown tied at the waist and tan nylons with 5" spike heels. her hair and makeup was perfectly done and she looked fabulous.

As i went in i sat my bag on the oak floor and told her there is only 2 more things, first you must sign the release and consent form for me and she signed it, secondly can we use your computer together to which she agreed .

We used 2 chairs so we could both see and i typed in the website of the first and most used website. I typed my user name the my password and were taken to the members area. As the images of naked women appeared i asked Margaret if she was fine and she said yes, she was anxious to see more. We went to the model directory and i typed the name of one of my models and her sets opened and i clicked on the first set and set it to slide show. Margarets eyes were glued to the screen as the photos passed along dressed to bras and panties to nude then to the spread shots then to the shots of her gaping wet hole and wet shots.

I looked over and asked are you fine with all these and she said yes yes i am ,can i see Marilyns sets? I dont think she would mind so i said of course. I went back to the directory and clicked on Marilyn and her face filled the screen.

I ckicked on the first set and we went through them and Margaret said she really looks good, to which i said yes she does.I could tell Margaret was enjoying all this so i clicked on a set to see her reaction. As we went through them we came to the first of marilyn sucking a hard cock on to her being fucked and her pussy stretched around the hard cock and finally her face covered in hot slick cum. You could not see the mans face and Margaret that you with Marilyn? I answered looking directly into her eyes and said yes...

She looked at me and said i have not had sex in 3 years Bob. I said we can change that.

We left the computer on and began taking photos and soon she was in her bra and panties and white lace garter belt and panties and stockings. As she posed her body was visible her titties were DD with huge areolas light pink and 4 inches accross. With deep red nipples rock hard and erect. Finnaly she was naked and sat on the same chair as my first visit and spread her legs and her wonderful pussy filled my eyes.

As i took photo after photo she breathed deeper and more excited in short breaths. I said spread it for me...she used her index fingers and opened herself wide as the pink wet folds of her labia shining with her wetness and her hole gaped wide .

I shot 100s of hot pussy and asshole shots as she squirmed trying to calm herself she was so turned on.

I put the camera down and asked her is this something we can do together regularly? To which she said oh YES i love it , i havent felt this sexy in my life!! She then said do you have sex with all the models like in Marilyns photos? I said no, some of them have boyfriends or husbands, Marilyn is special that way we are close friends.

She said would you be interested in me that way? Yes i already am since the day i met you.

I moved forward and lifted and moved her to the edge of the chair and pushed her legs back and kissed her wet pussy lips. Then i opened her up and licked her pussy up to her clit and sucked on it as she screamed and moaned. It took only a few moments until she began shaking as her first orgasm shocked through her body. I continued sucking and licking her pussy through several more.

I backed up just enough to kneel in front of her at eye level as we shared our first kiss, the scent of her hot pussy on my face and lips as she licked and kissed my lips.

Our eyes inches apart looking deeply into each others as my cock slipped into her gaping cavernous pussy. I pulled just the head in and out slowly as she looked into my eyes tears filling her eyes and streaming down her soft cheeks.

She spoke only to say...its been so long!!!!!!!!!!!!so long!!

Without need to wait any longer i pushed all 9 inches of my dick deep into her steaming hungry cunt and i fucked her.

In no longer than 30 seconds i hear her moan and hot liquid soaking my stomach as she came and squirted on me. She jerked and raised her ass up to me affraid i was going to slow or stop, instead i rammed it in and out fucking her like a whore.

Her makeup streaked and running down her face, her face flushed deep read she looked up at me and said fuck me fuck me to death i need to fuck!!!

I i took my dick out and slapped her clit loudly slapping it as she lifted her ass again i guided my cock back inside her wrecked and fucked pussy. Her labia had became a firey red from the assault of my cock on her hungry cunt.

After 7 or 8 orgasms she lay back and i pumped away at her and gave her the good steady fucking she wanted as she continually came i was pleased to give her the pleasure this woman needed. Pleased to give her the hard cock she wanted so badly.

As she came after a good long fuck i let myself go and wave after wave of my cum shot deep up in her womb as i climaxed with her.

I rolled off her and lay beside her as my hot seed drained out of her pussy slowly running out of her.

This is the first of a series of stories with Margaret, i have so much more

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