Lynn and i met almost a year ago and we didn`t rush things even then. We are not k**s anymore but we did like each other very much. We did begin dating within a month or so and enjoyed being together as a couple for dinner, movies or walks spending time to become friends first.
Lynn is in her fifties [she hasn`t told me exactly and i do not really care anyway]. She has 2 grown c***dren and a grandaughter who stays with her a lot of the time due to Lynn living close to her college. She has been divorced for 6 years and she is careful about allowing men in her life. She has told me stories about her friends and some of the unpleasant things they have had happen.
Lynn is a very successful real estate person so she has a large wardrobe of really nice clothes and dresses well and keeps her self in top physical condition.She works out daily and it shows, her ass is perfect and legs muscular and nice round breasts and she keeps tanned and is just lovely. She is 5 ft 7 in and weighs 135 lbs. and has short layered hair highlighted in 3 to 4 shades of brown and blonde she is the definition of a MILF!!! She gets the attention of guys of every age, i have noticed that when i am with her. But she plays it all off as pick up crap she is not interested in.
We dated for several months and as far as we have gotten is hugs and kisses goodnight. We were talking after dinner as we walked toward the car for the drive home when she asked since weve been together for several months now and seem to enjoy each other was i happy with her. I said of course i am what about you and she said she has enjoyed our friendship and more than i know how ive treated her like a lady and been a gentleman. She asked what my thoughts are about the 2 of us. I told her i enjoyed being with her and hoped we would remain friends for life! She laughed and said exactly!! Then she asked have you seen anyone else since we have been dating and i She said me either!!
I asked does this all make you feel secure? She answered yes and slipped her hand inside mine and we walked to the car hand in hand. As we drove she said i am so happy and i have you to thank for it. Ive been affraid to trust any man since my divorce and i haven`t been with anyone since my ex husband. I said im not surprissed to hear that but i hope you feel comfortable with me by now.
When we got to her home she asked me in so i followed her in and helped her with her coat and she took mine. We sat on the couch in the great room and soon began to kiss... this time deep hot wet passionate kisses. We both were sideways facing each other and soon her skirt was up above the tops of black lace top stockings with lacy garters holding them up and her blouse straining to remain buttoned. Her blouse strained at every button allowing peeks at her black lace covered brasierre cups. As we kissed i slowly moved my hand in contact with the soft skin of her thigh above the stockings and massaged it and her kisses seem to become hungry at my touch sloppy and wet.
I moved my hand up until it reached the underside of her right breast and lightly made circles with my index finger over her bra encase breast.
She looked me eye to eye and said are we ready to make this a permant friendship like you said before? I said yes ive been waiting for you to be ready. She said i am , lets go to bed! When we reached the bed she layed down in only her bra and stocking and garter belt and heels which she flipped off.
She fell into my arms as we embraced she said i have desires i want us to share together. I whispered you can tell me anything and i will try to please you and share your fantasys. She said i want to have a 3 some and maybe meet other couples we could have 4 somes with. You will always be my first priority. I have waited until i was sure but now i am there so i want you to fuck me now!!
I slipped my hand behind her and unclipped he bra and sliding it off seeing her perfect orange sized titties for the first time. As i kissed and sucked the tissue soft flesh she stiffened and moaned and began saying yes yes yes.
She was removing the rest of her clothing until she was totally naked when she began sliding my remaining clothes off. She said i have not even seen a cock since my husband, his was about 7in. and i loved that part of our marriage his nice dick filling me up. He used to fuck me hard and deep and i love it like that. I moved her to her back and moved my mid section to the level of her face and rolled over to where my cock was at her eye level and she got her first look at my 9" cock! "OH FUCK"" she practically screamed oh what a big nice cock!!! I straddled her and began rubbing my dripping rock hard cock over her face as she moaned and kissed all over it as i soon got her face covered in hot slick pre cum. it took only another second for it to find its way into her mouth as she began to suck and kiss my cock.
I moved off her and lay beside her as she heavily breathed . I moved my hand over her tit down her tight muscled belly onto her slick shaven mound. As i reached her mound her legs parted and as my hand went over her mound her legs opened fully. I was not ready for the steaming hot wet slimmy condition her arroused cunt was in. She was fully arroused and her cunt showed it. I rubbed her clit as she squirmed and went into a semi orgasm from my fingers on her clit. I leaned down and replaced my fingers with my mouth and tongue and lightly licked it and kissed it as she increasingly got fully and completey lubricated. I moved my head back a few inches and the lovely sight of her open dialated pussy ready for sex.
I moved between her legs as she raised herself for me to enter her. We looked into each others eyes as for the first time my dick entered her pussy.I whispered in her ear as she gasped..ive waited for this..she moaned oh god me too!!! With that my dick sand inside her stretching and opening her open as it went to her deepest part of her vagina. She screamed at the top of her lungs...ffuucckk!!!! as my dick tore and ripped in her.
As i pounded in and out of her she screamed with each thrust yelling and raising her ass off the bed to meet my cock as it bottomed out in her womb. She climaxed and continued to offer up her cunt to be fucked for more as i kept the assualt of her pussy up. Her vocal level was now a steady stream of obscenities which turned me on even more as shot off stream after stream of cum into her pussy..but her level of enthusiasm kept me hard as i continued fucking her to another climax.
Lynn was so attractive every day but being fucked she looked angelic her nipples flame red and her skin ablaze with passion and her pussy swollen and bl**d red from the fucking but she wanted more and i was making sure she got 6 years of fucking from me to make up for the loss of time this sexy woman had endured. She was moaning and yelling in abandon when to my surprise her 19 year old grand daughter came in to view. Her smile assured me it was alright and to continue. She walked to the side of the bed and took Lynn`s hand and smiled at her as she looked at her with tears in her eyes i pulled out and rammend my cock fully into her in 1 stroke and Lynn screamed ...oh fuck fuck me. as her grand c***d watched.
She quietly stripped and layed down beside Lynn and kissed her nipples and massaged her breast flesh as she did. Her magnificent 19 year old titties and her body so so pretty, her smooth white skin perfect, her long brown hair flowing over her. She looked up to me and said make my nana cum and cum!
I fucked lynn with a steady rythum as she lay in her grand daughters arms until she went limp from muli orgasms as i reached to top of my own orgasm i pulled my cock out of her gaping pussy and the first stream of cum fired up onto both their faces. I kept jacking off and cumming until i was empty and lay down beside Lynn both of them covered in what seemed like a gallon of cum.
Lynn finally spoke and said from now on i want you to fuck me every time we get the chance. I kissed her and said agreed! She said your cock felt like it was tearing me in half i need this so bad in my life..
Her grand grand daughter said nana i want to try his big cock too if its ok with you to which Lynn said of course!! We have already aggreed we want to include other couples women in our fun. I have a lot of friends who would love to single and couples if you like college is loaded with fuck buddies. Lynn said lets pick the best and get it going my pussy went to long to wait any more!!!!
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