The more i write these stories the better i enjoy knowing people are reading the secret things you would never tell anyone, the secrets you keep hidden. Well this is one i never thought i would share but it should be told so others can enjoy it.

A few years back we were looking at homes contemplating buying a different home. One became available in a neighborhood we really liked and it happened to be open for 3 hours on sunday afternoon with the agent having an open house. So after having lunch we went over to see it since the hours were 2pm till 5pm.
We liked the outside, it was neat well kept and just looked nice. We went up to the door and rang the bell and was greeted by a very pretty woman named Jenifer who introduced herself and gave us a fact sheet with details, photos of the home. As we walked in being the guy i am i noticed how strikingly lovely Jenifer was, not just attractive but striking sexy looking. She had short blonde hair and a pretty, round face , lovely blue eyes and smooth skin. She was dressed in heels , flowered dress and dark nylons. Her legs were fantastic with muscular calves and toned and shapely. her breasts looked on the small size but nicely rounded and shaped. BUT....Her ass was huge and perfectly round and jutted out. Her ass was perfect but 2 sizes larger than you would think a girl her size would have.

She during conversation told us she was married and 2 small c***dren. Her husband worked a lot in a white color profession. As we toured the home other couples came in as well and i spent my time equally looking at the home and Jenifer and her fantastic ASS. We finished the tour and thanked her for letting us look and she offered to help with our real estate needs if we needed an agent.

It was a 3 or 4 days later and i got a call and it was Jenifer asking if we had any interest in the house. I told her it was nice but neither of us got excited about it so we would let her know if we decided to pursue it. She said she already had an offer on it and it was probably sold but call her sometime. A few weeks came around and we did find a house that interested us so i called Jenifer and asked would she like to be our agent exclusively and look at it. She said of course so we made an appointment and met her at the home.

We liked it but decided to look at a few more and she gladly took us to see them. We became very close to her and she felt more than a agent to us. We at last found the home and made an offer and let her put ours for sale which sold in less than a week. And the entire transaction was over in 3 weeks and we moved to the new house. She called every few days and i became aware she felt unappreciated by her husband from small things she said, and i poured it on even more because i DID find her warm sweet and so so attractive.

I have an secret email account as well as my normal one and we began to email as well as cell phone calls. I became aware she enjoyed my attention and i was a good listener. Things became more and more sensitive as she began to tell me she felt neglected since having the c***dren and her husbands growing indifference in sexual matters. I told her maybe he is just at a comfortable point in your marriage and things do slow down from being a newlywed. She said being comfortable isn`t sex once every month or two!!!! I had to admit to her she was right about that. It went on for a few weeks until one day she called me at work in the middle of the day crying and said he told her she was fat....Bad move on his part no matter who you are, that is one statement you NEVER make to a woman!!!! I calmed her down and told her to not pay attention to that and she was the sexiest woman i ever saw with her shape. She was silent a moment and said do you really mean that? I told her yes and i thought it since the first time i saw you. She thanked me and said she felt better and we said our byes.

I didnt hear from her for awhile other than an occasional email but nothing about how things were going. I assumed things had gotten better and she was doing fine. It was about 4 weeks after the phone call when she called me again this time very calm and collected and seemingly happy. We caught up on what was going on and she asked if i could come see her and i said of course and we set up a time and place [ a home she had for sale for a couple now living in Florida] We agreed on the following friday morning since i was on night work that day and had the day free.

I rang the bell and Jenifer opened the door and took my breath away she was dressed in a light cotton dress about 6 inches above the knew tan nylons and white heels with a wide belt around her waist that made her intensified her shape. She gave me a hug which was the first actual contact physically we had made. She was soft and warm and her perfume was perfect. As we walked to the living room i sat on the sofa and she stood in front of me. She you know why your here? I said i think we are going to go to a new level with our friendship!! She said i`m not leaving my husband and destroying our f****y but i`m not going to be ignored by him any longer i decided i`m going to have a physical sexy emotional life too. Then she looked right into my eyes and said 33 24 39!! That`s my measurements!!! I shook my head yes and smiled...perfect!!!

As she stood in front of me i got up and gave her a real hug and let my hands explore her i felt the small off her back down to her wide hips and let my hands squeeze her large cheeks. Surprisingly firm yet soft. My hands continued down and back up the sides of her legs up her back and back around her as i kissed her for the first time. She was ready.... We tongued each other and kissed as we both knew all along was going to happen.

We went to the master bedroom and i asked how far do you plan to let this go? She looked at me and said today we are going to..FUCK, you are going to FUCK me and i will give you all the pussy you want. I unzipped the dress and she stepped out of it with only her Bra and panties nylons and heels. As i stood beside the bed she lay down and removed the nylons and shoes until only the Bra and panties remained. I turned away as i removed my last remaining peice of clothing my undershorts and turned to face her with my 8&3/4" dick displayed to her. her eyes got wide and she giggled and said oh god im used to a 5" one not nearly as thick, im going to love this!!!!! Ive never in my life had over 8"!!!

I lay down beside her and unsnapped the bra hooks and saw her little firm b cup boobies with her pale pink aereolas and tiny nipples almost invisible they sort of blended into her tits. Then as we kissed she pushed her panties down and away from her as we were both naked at last. I backed away to see her fully naked and her full body. I know she was nervous i would be dissapointed as i looked at her full large ass and hips.....but she need not to have worried..I looked at her and told ..oh my god your awesome!!! Better than i could ever have imagined in my mind.

As i kissed and nibbled on her nipples she grasped my dick in her hand and began stroking up and down. On nearly every upstroke a drop of precum appeared. She slid herself down to my dick and flicked her tongue on the head tasting the precum. I closed my eyes as she opened her mouth and took me inside the first time. She was warm and knew how to suck a dick and worked me in and out and up and down as she gave me a great blow job. Her lips smacking and sucking as she sucked my dick.

I said jenifer lay back up on the pillow and i moved down to her feet and faced her and moved her knees apart as my eyes drank in for the first time her large naked wonderful ass hips and pussy. I lowered my face to her crack and lightly kissed her shaven pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her lips. I opened her legs for full access to her and lay down between her legs as she opened her pussy for me to eat her out inside. Her scent was strong and i knew she was getting extremely hot as i took in her scent a mix of fruit and hot pussy juices..she smelled like sex! I licked her folds and pushed my tongue inside her pussy hole as she squirmed and pushed herself into my face. As she tried to pull back i knew she was climaxing i kept her to my face licking her her pussy hole began flexing in my mouth as her inner walls came into my mouth from her pushing and her hole dilating she groaned..oh Fuck...And a hot stream of fluid gushed into my mouth and down my throat, then another and squirt after squirt as her G spot orgasm raged in her. As she came down from climax i moved up over her. Her face was beet red and flushed from the strong orgasm, tears in her eyes from exertion. She kissed me and said i have not gotten off like that in my life!! Mother Fucker!! I never heard her cuss but she was now!

I said are you o k to go on? She said yes i`m so happy i want to go on forever If you do.

I opened her legs and took her hands and had her hold herself open to me and i pushed the head of my cock in her. As i penetrated her her ass shook as her pussy took over her body and her mind. I knew right then she had not had a good fuck in a long time if ever. I pushed 4 to 5 inches of cock into her and withdrew as she gasped for breath and her big cunt loosened very fast to accept whatever it was going to get. In an instant i pushed fully inside her hot snatch as my balls hit her ass fully into her. She let out a deep growl as i pulled out and pushed right back inside her now gapeing cunt. I looked down as her cunt lips clung to my shaft as i slammed in and out of her.

As we fucked she became vocal and loud grunting..fuck me fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck it fuck it!! She became silent as she shuddered through her first climax of many to follow as i relentlessly fucked her like a whore which was what i knew she wanted a hot nasty fucking. Between orgasms it was a steady stream of moaning, groaning and fuck, fuck me, fuck my big ass, fuck me deep..she was fully involved and loving the ride she was on.

As i fucked her i felt my cum coming up out of my balls as the first stream jetted into her she sighed as i emptied my balls into her. I didnt take my dick out i just slowly fucked her cum filled cunt squishing the cum up into her as i did. It was only a few min. until i felt myself becoming hard again. I asked her are you able to continue or would you like to stop for today and she said my body is yours, iv`e never been really fucked until today!! I was a virgin until today and your big thick cock went places i didnt know i had in there.

So i began fucking her again slower this time pulling myself out and running it up and down her crack and sliding back inside her overstretched cunt hole. I began going lower and rubbing her shit hole as i did she pushed it up to me and i rubbed to opening and pushed the head into her anus. She moaned but offered no resistance and in a few strokes i was fully inside her ass and slowly began ass fucking her big round ass looking at her bl**d red cunt as i did. As i kept up i knew her as was tighter and i was going to cum, in an instant she moaned and her pussy sent a huge stream of liquid out splattering of my stomach as she began to squirt stream after stream of hot pussy cum.

This sent me over the top and i pulled my cock out of her ass and moved up ti her face as my first squirt landed across her cheek and forehead fowllowed by 6 or 7 more until i milked out the last on her pretty face now covered in hot thick clear and whit Cum. I collapsed beside her both of of us exhausted from the intense sex. Jenifer got up and went into the bathroom to shower and i got to see her walk fully nude and i was speechless her intense curves exciting me so.

After we bathed and dressed i told her she was fantastic and she thanked me for making her feel all woman and sexy. It was easy i said you are!! We still meet from time to time and she is still married but she gets her fucking from me now!! We talked and are considering marrying when her k**s are grown and leave home and nothing will tie her any longer. And no she has cut her husband off completely from sex snd it was his own fault.

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