Connie & Marilyn

In the days after i first slept with Connie, Marilyn`s !9 year old daughter i was worried things might be different in our friendship. We had been friends for a long time and had sex regularly for most of that time but really were friends and i was affraid they had time to think it over it may change.

Well i had no need to worry in fact it was lighter and more relaxed with everything out and both of them seemed happier. Connie was so much more loving toward me now, hugging me more and talking to me about school her track workouts and even guys. I knew Marilyn was extremely happy about all this because it meant i would help her as a fill in for her father who was not around. Marilyn was in no rush to remarry after the disaster with her ex of 20 years and i was content to say the least.

It was tuesday after the friday Connie and i first slept together and i was at the house for a pizza and some relaxing time. Connie was due home at 9pm after a night class. It was 7:30 pm and Marilyn and i sat on the front porch enjoying a late summer cool night. Not a lot had been said about Connie and i untill this moment and Marilyn brought it up. She actually kissed me and thanked me for being so good to Connie and making her first REAL sex so great for her. I told her it was one of the best things i ever had the pleasure to do. I do have feelings for Connie...yes love for her. Once again marilyn said she was grateful not to have to worry about Connie getting a disease or pregnant and that let her sl**p at night. Then she told me i know we have had a fun relationship and i want it to go on and never change but i have a gift for you. I told her you didnt need to get me anything!!!! She said it is not the sort of gift you unwrap or put in a box with a bow on top.

She held my hand and said im giving myself to you. I said you do give yourself to me physically and emotionally. She said no i mean im yours sexually anytime anyway you want me that`s my gift to you. I`m yours. We kissed and hugged and laughed. I said are you sure? She said yes i`m sure.

Then she surprised me a little saying you better get used to Connie as well she and i plan to share you, now that she has a taste of you and that big dick of yours she will want you all the time. I was surprised by that, i knew Connie enjoyed the fucking i gave her but not to this extreme. Marilyn said her and Connie had a talk and it was for sure now her full on sex needs would come form you until she is engaged or married.

Marilyn called Connie`s cell and asked if she wanted dinner and we were ordering pizza. Connie told her she had had a bite at campus with 2 girlfriends earlier and was not hungry and would see us at 9:15 or so. We went ahead and ate and about 8pm Marilyn said lets go to my bedroom and watch t v in there. So i went in and pulled the covers and lay down and found a program to watch. Marilyn had gone in the on suite bath and came out in a little see thru Bra and a black thong about as close to nude as she could be i think. As she slipped under the covers and got next to me she said oh i guess you have ideas tonight don`t you? I was naked under the covers with my dick 3/4 erect . I said your mine now correct and laughed. She said i already was i just did`nt know it until now.

She moved her leg over mine and put her hands on my chest and took the remote and hit the dvd function and instantly a woman and man filled the screen fucking in a porno. I just made a mmm sound and she said i thought you might like this now that Connie is aware we can wear what we like watch porno and fuck and be as loud as we want.

With that i popped the front hook bra off and threw it to the chair and slid her panties down and got her naked and forgot the porno!! We kissed wet sloppy passion kisses and tried to swallow each others tongues it seemed. We both became consumed in lust in seconds. I was pinching and pulling at her hard erect nipples as her hand found my balls and she massaged them and played with them. Marilyn is petite and i moved down to her crotch and as i got close i could smell the scent of her excited cunt already dripping and wet [like her daughter].

I spread her pussy lips and licked her inner folds in slow motions tasting her strong womanly scent as her juices spread over her cunt my face and even my nose. She pulled her legs up in the air and grabbed her legs behind the knees and spread herself for me. I got my tongue inside her canal as her well used but tight hole open for me to get inside. And i ate her as she cried for me not to stop.

As i moved to get between her legs i looked to my left to see Connie coming in the room, she had gotten home! I sat up straight as she pulled her top off and was pushing her jeans down. Marilyn sensed and put her hands on my chest and said ..its ok we planned this!! Your going to fuck both of us tonight and in the same bed. Connie was smiling ear to ear as she popped her bra off and her large titties fell into view and slid her panties down and off in a flash it seemed.

She climbed into the bed and took my hard dick into her mouth as i ate her mother. Connie had never sucked my dick but she was good at it because she said that`s all she gave boys on dates was blowjobs. She made about 3 tries and deep throated me fully to my balls. I put her head in my hands and began fucking her mouth as i got more excited. Soon i moved her beside her mother and went down on her pussy, spread her and licked and kissed it until she climaxed the first time i ate her. Her cunt hair wet and matted togather from both our juices.

I moved around as they lay side by side and was greeted by the sight of them playing with each other titties and kissing. I lined up between marilyn`s legs and shoved my cock deep and fully into her. She let out a yell and raised her legs as i began fucking her hard and fast in and out as she moaned and Connie kissed her face and held her titties. As Marilyn climaxed i slowed and slid out and lined up to Connie her long legs raising up to get fucked...I rubbed my cock head up and down her wet hot cunt lips as i found her hole and slipped inside.

She was already moaning as i began slowly until she raised her ass off the bed and i rammed myself inside her fully hitting bottom and began fucking her this time hard fast and deep. Not like this first time slow and gentle i knew she wanted a real fucking and i was determined she was getting it. Shreiking and gasping she came over and over until my balls could no longer contain the massive load of cum built up i rammed into her and started squirting over and over for what seemed like 10 min. Until i was empty and we all 3 were a sweaty tangle of naked fucked out flesh.

I began to pull out and Marilyn grabbed my arm and made me wait until she got under Connie. As i slowly pulled out a gush of semen began running out of Connie`s fresh fucked pussy and Marilyn got her lips on her pussy and sucked it all into her mouth cleaning Connie`s cunt. I thought she swallowed....but as she lay over Connie she kissed her as their lips touched i could see the cum running into Connie`s mouth and back and forth until Connie and Marilyn swallowed it all.

As we lay there Connie told me.. I need you to fuck me every night you can, youve gave me something i need, freedom to have a sex life without worry. I told her not to worry i will teach you everything in bed and i will take care of you and your mother. More........soon
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