Marilyn and Connie and me

Marilyn and i have been close friends for 8 years and we seem to just work together very well. Since she moved back here 6 months ago and started over after a terrible marriage fell apart. She tried over and over to save it but her ex just wouldnt or couldnt.
She was well employed and in her new home and her daughter Connie now 19 and in college were happy and it made me feel good after i had helped her any way i could. Marilyn is petite, 5 ft 3 and 100 lbs nice little 32 B breasts and a great thin body. Connie on the other hand is 5ft8 thin long legs long blonde hair and im guessing a C cup.

Connie and i have become close as i give her advice in a fatherly manner and she knows i would be there for her like her mother. She is on an track scholarship and her tuition is fully paid she runs track and field at the university. She has had boy problems because she has not had sex with any of them until she feels she is in love, she does not want to be a mother unable to care for a c***d yet.

Marilyn and i both have talked to her and told her when its right she will know and we are proud of her.

Marilyn have a lot of sex together...we dont live together but we enjoy each other and we both love sex. We were having sex and as i was cumming on Marilyn i noticed Connie had been the room... She left and i was at a loss as what to think. Her mother told me it was alright that her and Connie had talked and she told her it would be fine to peek in on us. I said a little warning to me would have been nice!!!

It was then she told me her and Connie had been discussing me and Connie was interested in having sex with me because she loved me and i was clean, safe from getting her pregnant [i have been surgically fixed] And i seemed good at it. She asked her mom if she would approve if it were to ever happen and Marilyn told her it would be fine with her.

Over the next few days i noticed Connie getting closer to me touching me hugging me and i have to admit i began to enjoy having her closer since she was such a great young girl and i do have feelings for her. I did yard work and washed cars and did repairs and improvements to Marilyns house and was there often.

It was last week i was invited for a nice dinner on friday evening , Marilyn is a great cook and i love to come for dinner. Connie was dressed in a tight short mini skirt with black stocking and really high heels and i white pullover top. I could tell her nipples were poking against the top and very prominent. After dinner we went ot the f****y room to watch a movie and i sat next to Marilyn as Connie sat across from us.

I could see up Connies skirt and could see lace top stockings and garter clips and the pale skin of her thighs above the stocking tops. I was making every attempt to not look but like a moth to a flame i could not stop looking. I finally asked Connie do you have a date tonight? To which she said no i thought i might just hang around here tonight. It got more interesting at this point when i looked at marilyn and she smiled at me and said nothing.

Connie moved around and i got a small quick view all the way to her crotch and i saw her blonde pubic hair! I did not see if she was fully grown but she had some amount of hair on her pussy. Marilyn got up and went into the kitchen and after a few min. Connie came over and sat beside me and put her head on my shoulder as i began to rub her arm and hug her a little.

Marilyn came back in and sat down and began speaking...You know how we feel about you and i want you to know its ok if you and Connie get closer like you and i. Connie sat up and held my hand and said would you like to come to my bedroom with me? I looked to her mother and she smiled and shook her head yes. So i stood up and walked hand in hand with Connie into her room following her in the heels and short skirt was a pleasure just for the look of her.

We sat down on the edge of the bed, left the door fully open and kissed for the first time as a man and a woman. Her lips soft and warm as we embraced and held each other we lay back and kissed and laughed as we got the first feel of each other.Her tongue probing into mine and mine into her as the kisses got more passionate and wet and breathing became deeper. I knew i was going to have to go slow and easy and be gentle with her and bring her along slowly and carefully.

I moved my fingers to the bottom of her top and lightly pulled it up and off ...She was wearing a red and black lace shelf Bra her tits fully exposed just lying on the tiny cup holding them up like spears and her nipples beet red pink and fully erect. Her titties larger than i thought a D cup most likely . I massaged them and lowered my lips to them and began kissing and gently sucking each nipple. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and she began softly moaning and pushing them into my mouth as i made love to her wonderful Breasts.

She raised and unbuttoned my shirt and she began rubbing me as i slowly moved my hand down her belly and pushed her shirt off and saw she was only left in the open bra garter belt stocking and panties!!! With her long blonde hair and the lingerie she had the look of a model she was so lovely.

I arranged her so she was on her back now with her head on the pillow and me on my side beside her and i went back to kissing her lips and nipples. I slowly moved my hand over her stomach as she moved sexily under my hand i reached her pubic hair which was a thin strip down the center to her clitoris. As my fingers went over the edge of her pubic bone and found her clit she gasped and my fingers found her wet pussy folds. She was as wet as any woman i was ever with in my life!! Her pussy hot and drenched in hot thick juices...her pussy felt as though it was liquid!

I hesitated only a second kissed her lightly and slid 2 fingers easily inside her and slowly finger fucked her as she went to a higher level of arrousal. I knew any longer foreplay was a waste...she was ready!!

I moved back to her side and removed the remainder of my clothes and got between her legs and opened her legs for full access. Still taking care to go only as fast as she was ready i rubbed my dick head up and down her wet pussy, the folds soft and warm and smooth as they began to unfold like rose petals as i began to see the deep red of her inner lips and pussy flesh. As i continued her hole became visible as she began to dialate and her hole began to open wider in preparation for sex.

She reached for me with both arms around my neck and pulled me down to her and we began kissing as my dick kept rubbing her folds making her wetter and wetter as her juices began to run down over her ass hole making a wet spot ever growing under her on her sheets.

She looked in my eyes her eyes full of tears and said how happy i was making her, i kissed her and my cock slid into her..... Her breath left her lungs and she inhaled deeply as i slowly slid half way in and out of her hot cunt. I held her legs up and gently but firmly slid my 8&3/4 inch cock deep into her hitting bottom and pulling out and sliding back deep into her as she gasped for air squealing and trying to breath.

We Fucked and fucked until she was totally used to my dick and then i began pounding into her as she climaxed for at least the fourth or fifth time her cunt sloppily opening and closing to my cocks in and out. I began to feel the cum needing release from my cock and slowed a little and told her i want you to feel my cum shooting into you are you alright with that? She said yes yes fill me up!! I stroked in and out a few last times the withdrew half way as my cock could no longer contain my cum load. As the first strong hot stream fired deep into Connies pussy she moaned and gasped for air and yelled i can feel it hitting inside me and stream after stream fired deep into her pussy. I slowly removed my dick as a flood of hot semen flowed out of her i layed beside her and held her.

As we lay there both half asl**p i felt the bed move a little and looked over to see Marilyn on Connies other side her arm over her naked Daughter, naked in bed with us both of us holding Connie. She kissed Connie on the cheek and asked her everything alright baby? Connie softly said Mother im wonderful! We were right Bob was perfect for me he loves me and i love him and you know i love you mom.

Connie asked Marilyn ,Mom is this just the one time or will you be fine if I do this again with him? I was relieved Connie asked because i didnt know either. Baby i would be happy if you and Bob have sex until you find a husband its fine baby. I spoke up and said you both know i love you both dont you? Your both my girls and i will take care of you in every way i can.

Thats was only the start.... More soon!!!

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1 year ago
Fantastic. Looking forward to another escapade.
2 years ago
2 years ago
damn!!!! how lucky you can be my friend :) when will you contue with the story?????
2 years ago
Great story, and your wife is one gorgeous woman!