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In an earlier story i told about meting Kim my first ever nude model. She is young blonde and lovely and even though shes now married we still have photo sessions occasionaly.

I got a call and it was a lady named Kathi. She told me she needed a photographer that was good and would i be interested. I told her yes and we set a time and place as is customary for the first meeting.

I arrived at the starbucks and saw her from her description sitting at a table by the window.

She looked to be in her mid to late 40s but its difficult to determine. Her hair was maybe 5 inches and frosted in different shades of blonde and light brown, very well done by the way.

She was dressed in a navy blue skirt and buisness coat over a white blouse, with black 5 inch heels and black nylons.

She looked wonderful, refined and classy.

I approached her table motioned for her not to stand and shook her hand outstretched to me and said "Hi im Bob"

She said nice to see you im Kathi please sit.

I said well you did not go into detail about your needs for a photographer but i have over 10 years of work if you need to see it.

She said well i will need to explain everything to you and then you will see my needs and why i contacted you.

My male friend has been doing it but he and i cannot go forward at the moment due to problems between he and i.

I guess you know how tough the economy is and i lost my job 18 months ago and could not find anything that would support me.

So i discovered older women have a lot of demand on line and i opened a site.

I said you mean....... She said yes a site for photos and a few video files that i update weekly for members. A "MILF" site.

We put several dressed photos for free and lingerie and nudes for members.

My silence must have caused her to say , do you think im awfull? I spoke up NOT AT ALL .. just surprised you are such a classy, elegant handsome woman i wasnt ready for that thats all.

She said ive seen your work and its excellent!!

I asked where she had seen it and she hit me with another cant look at me and tell?

Im Kimberlys mother!! Your model!!!

And Chrissies too i know you photographed both my daughters. Chrissy gave all the photos you took of her to her husband , he loves them.

You may not remember but you asked Kim once if her mother would model for you!!

YES i do remember that!!!

We both laughed and it got very comfortable and relaxed as she told me she hoped i would do it. Kathi said i now have over 1000 members and i need you to do the photos from now on.

Since Kim and her s****r have filled you in on me now tell me the details.

Well first off we will use my home it sits on 10 acres of ground and is private. We will also do public places like sundays etc. when its deserted.

I will pay for your travel time and expenses and a fee per set we post on my site and any other work that is used.

I said i also have a lot of lingerie we can use in addition to any you have. She said i have lots but that would be a bonus.

She said will you do it???

I said my terms.... You will pose as i ask you with no arguments. You will dress as i ask as far as your outfits and you will do as i ask during the photo shoots so i can control lighting and etc. And i need a signed consent form and copies for myself of all our work. Can you agree to this??

She said yes immediately and we were set the only detail was the days to do photos for 2 sets weekly for her site.

I was hoping mondays and fridays to update mid week and week end. 10am to whatever.

I said we can start friday if you like. She said well i was hoping we could today so i can update right away. We can drive to my home.

So with that we were on the way.

Kathis home was a 30 min. drive but very secluded and a nice upscale home. I carried my bag in and got out my cannon slr and was ready.

Kathi came into the formal living room her heels making the sexy clicking sound men love that only comes from high heels on hardwood.

I followed her to the foyer and as she reached the front door i took my first of what was to be 100s of 1000s of photos of this work of art.

Click ,click, click as the camera fired of 10 megapixel shot after 10 megapixel shot.

Kathi looked fantastic in the blue suit and her breasts looked large inside and under all the clothing and her ass and legs looked firm and round and muscular calves on her legs.

At this point i asked are you ready to begin undressing step by step? Without a word her fingers went to her coat and opened it button by button and pulled it off her chest.

I guided her through raising her skirt and was rewarded seeing stockings and a garter belt and not pantyhose. The dark band of silk clipped into the garters.

I took photo after photo until she was only in her Bra and stockings and panties and heels, setting, laying, bending, to get every angle.

Her Brassierre was 36D and size 6 panties. I had her stand and bend and slide the panties down revealing her perfect ass and she unsnapped her bra and slipped it off. Standing with her back to me wearing only garter belt sstockings and the stilettos.

I followed her down the hall to her bedroom and positioned myself at the foot of her bed as she leaned and i took my first Tit shots of her. Her Tits were firm with great roundness and big dark aereolas and fully erect dark pink nipples.

I then directed her to lay back on the bed her head on the pillow which she did and she opened her legs for my first ever pussy shots of her!!!

She had a nicley trimmed full bush of brown pubic hair like a lady of 49 years should. [she told me she was 49]

She was a joy to photograph, she knew how to pose and what to do.

She pulled her legs up and apart and slowly opened her pussy lips wide, wider, until her hole gaped open 3 full inches across. You could see clearly and fully into the depths of her cervix and the inner walls and the rigid walls of her pussy.

I said roll over and we repeated the gape shots from the rear doggy position.

She turned back over so her face shown in the photos and this time she put 2 fingers from each hand inside and tore her pussy open, slick wet and beet red inside it was awesome!!!!

The lady knew what men wanted to see on her web site!!!

She got a vibrator out of the drawer and began rubbing her clit and dipping it into her wet cunt and her asshole as well..she was the hottest woman i had ever seen.

As she continued she reached up and felt my cock in my pants and asked , is it ok? I told her yes we might as well get used to it because we are going to do sex shots are we not?? She answered i was only waiting for you to be ready.

She said Kim told me about your nice cock and i want it.

I slid off my clothes and layed my hard dripping cock on her cheek and she began to suck it for all it was worth.

I moved over her and rubbed my cock along her soaking wet cunt entrance and massaged her clitoris and without trying my dick slipped in and we were fucking.

Her ass and pelvis rising to meet ever thrust i fucked her deep and hard, her pussy making obscene fucking sounds as my cock pounded her.

As she climaxed i slipped my dick out and went to her ass..whic she reached around with both hands on opened herself as i slid deep into her well used shit hole.

Her legs on my shoulders i ass fucked her relentlessly until she got off second time and my cum was boiling in my balls to get out!!

I took photo after photo of her gaping holes as i pulled out and squished back inside her.

Then i asked her where do you want the cum? She screamed on my face this time please!!!!

I pulled out of her ass and as i lined up near her titties my first stream arched out of me and landed across her chin and up her face into her hair. Followed by a second , third and fourth her face frosted in thick hot cum.

I moved directly over her face and milked out the remaining 5 or 6 streams and left every drop on her pretty face now covered in thick hot semen..

I lowered the camera and got fantastic shot of her cum covered and she began massaging the cum on her face with my semi hard cock as i took more photos.

In all we took 600 photos that day and it was just the start, you wont believe what else weve done!!!!!!
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