Lisa and i meet another couple

Lisa and i have continued to meet and we have developed a really nice friendship. Ever since i caught trying to seduce a minister in her church.

As i said before she is 45 , married 15 years. Like a lot of people she has a lot of fantasies and we are doing things we never thought about doing.

She does anything i say but is willing to do them she just likes me to make her so her so in her mind its my idea.

She confided in me she would like to meet other couples but would never go through with it on her own.

So i sat about connecting with other sincere REAL couples.

The process isnt difficult but meeting for coffee and deciding on which took a little time.

I have narrowed it to 4 prospects we will meet. One couple in their early 20s, 2 in their 30s and 1 couple in their late 50s.

I really enjoyed all of them and had to decide on an order with which we would meet, i didnt think Lisa would be ready for a full group meeting.

I remembered Lisa mentioning getting a young guy to fuck her and so i decided the younger couple first.

They have been married two years he is 23, she is 22. Both slim in shape and attractive. He is Alan 5ft 11. 180lbs light brown hair. She is 5ft7 115 lbs, long natural blonde hair,and nice 34C titties and a perfect round little ass. Her name is Kimberely.

I called and arranged with Alan to meet at the Marriott down town by the river. It is a very nice upscale hotel and i got a sweet with a bedroon and a small couch area so it had quite a lot of room.

I made the reservation for 10am and decided Lisa and i should be there by 9am to get her ready. [dressed etc.]

I didnt tell her about the other couple!!!!!!!

I told Lisa to put on lace top stockings, suntan color, a white sheer see thru bra with a white lace garter belt and white 5" spike heels with a tiny thong panty. She looked wonderful and sexy in the bridal ingerie.

She wore a tan suit with a 3 button coat and a mid thigh skirt.

It was around 945 am as we took a few photos and prepared for what was going to happen.

At nearly 10am on the dot the doorbell rang................Lisa said with fear in her eyes who could be here? I knew she was affraid her husband had caught her!!

I squeezed her hand and said dont worry its someone i want you to meet. She looked a little puzzled and a little concerned.

I opened the door and greeted Alan and Kimberely .

As they walked in Lisa smiled widely and realized what was about to happen this afternoon.

I said Kim, Alan this is Lisa and they all politely shook hands and smiled looking at each other.

Kimberely had on a silk blouse peach colored which fully allowed her black bra to be visible thru it. Her long pure blonde hair falling over her shoulders. She had light tan slacks with black high heels on..she was magnificent looking!!!

Alan had on khakis and a nice dress shirt and casual looking.

The couches faced each other so Lisa and i sat on 1 facing them on the other.

I began by telling Lisa they are here to share sex with us so relax and enjoy it. I went on saying Kimberely you and Alan will not do anything you dont want to and let things happen on its own.

Then i looked to Alan and said BUT..Lisa will do what i tell her to do!!!

Lisa looked at them and said yes i will do as he says i trust him and he leads me.

I put my fingers on Lisas cheek and turned her head and kissed her lightly on the lips and said you will enjoy this.

As we sat and talked to make everyone comfortable i put my hand on lisas thigh and parted her legs a few inches so that Kim and Alan could see her stockings and panties.

The talking soon became hushed as i took Lisas leg and lifted it over mine onto my lap.

Both Kimberely and Alans mouths opened as Lisas skirt rose up to nearly her waist and her thighs and her panties came into full clear view.

Since Lisa is unshaven pubic hairs shown plainly all around the sides and top of her panties!!

Kimberely laid her head on Alans shoulder as he began to slowly massage her right bra covered breast.

Alan kissed her hair as she stared at Lisa and her husband got her nipple fully erect and pressing rudely through her brassierre and blouse nearly the size of little finger.

By now kimberely was breathing deeper and staring intently at Lisa and myself.

Without a word i unbuttoned lisas top 1 slow button at a time until it fell open uncovering her thin sheer bra.

I pulled the coat off and out of the way so they could see better.

The Brassierre was totally transparent and Lisas big areolas and nipples plainly showed thru.

Her areolas puckered and dark brown red and her big inch long nipples bl**d red and erect!!

Alan began undressing his wife and removed her blouse, her slacks and then her Bra leaving her only in heels and panties as he squeezed and fondled her titties.

Kims nipples were deep burgandy and her nice c cup size were full and round.

I turned to Lisa and slid her panties off and her Bra as well leaving her only in the stockings garter belt and the heels.

Lisa was tearing my clothes away and soon i was naked with my fully hard 8&1/2 inch cock standing proud and wet.

I pushed Lisas legs wide open and pushed them up to her chest fully exposing her wet pink pussy to Alan and Kim.

They stared mesmerized at lisa fully spread and wet.

I spoke first and said if everyone is comfortable lets move to the bedroom where it will be so much better.

Kimberely immediately stood and said yes!!

We all removed any remaining clothing as we entered and Lisa first then Kimberely laid down on the bed beside each other facing us.

Kimberely spread herself open and used 2 fingers from each hand to push inside herself then....she pulled her pussy hole wide open!!!!!

Her cunt had a nicely trimmed light blonde bush on her mound over her thumb sized clit jutting out at us.

Kims pussy gaping open with the outer lips folded to the side and the inner lips and smooth silky flesh pink and glistening.

Her husband went to her and began licking and kissing her cunt inside and out.

I went to Lisa and opened her pussy wide and began eating her out with loud sloppy sounds as my tongue lapped at her.

Both women were purring and sharing bliss.

I raised myself up to her and pushed my cock into Lisas mouth and began fucking her head as Kim&Alan watched.

I pushed deeper and deeper until my balls found her chin as she gagged and choked and tears streaming from her eyes.

My hands on the back of her head fucking her mouth like a crazed man.

As i returned to my knees in front of Lisa laying in front of me i noticed Alan looking at me as i was about to fuck Lisa for them to watch.

He looked at me and then at Lisa and paused for a moment and i asked would you like to fuck her?

I wasnt sure if he and Kim were ready for full sex but at this moment they made the decision.

Kim knodded yes to Alan and and we switched places me in front of his little 22 year old wife.

And he in front of my sex starved 45 year old about to fuck this guy half her age!!

Alan was about 6 or 7 inches and thick, and as he rubbed his cock on Lisas cunt lips i knew she was going to enjoy this.

As i moved over to Kim i leaned over to kiss her and she raised her left hand up to my cheek and kissed me hard pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I moved back from her lips as she and i both looked over to see Alan plunge his cock deep into Lisa!!

Her cunt emptied all its air from his cock and made a loud squishy pussy fart!!

As Alan began a steady fucking in and out of Lisa I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down Kimberelys pussy lips.

I didnt want to push into her untill i knew she was ready for me too. I wanted her to have time to back out and not be pressured.

But as are so many decisions we make they are made for us.

She arched her mound to meet my cock with her clitoris and her hole was so large and wet i slid into her!!

She let out a ohhhhhhhhh!!! as two thirds of my cock stretched and fell into her well used hole.

I knew instantly this girl had done some fucking in her days from the way her tight cunt took me fully into her.

Her arms went around my neck and locked as her legs went around and she locked them around me and with that we began all 4 of us...fucking!!!!!!!!!!

I said out loud dont worry about cumming ive been fixed and Lisa has also so its safe to cum inside and no worry.

With Kims young long legs up and around me i had full access to her cunt and i fucked her for a good 20 min. her climaxing 4 times squirting twice in a gushing screaming climax.

I heard Lisa cum over and over as Alan pulled out and shot cum all over her stomach, pussy tits and face...he gave her a real load

As i came i grabbed Kimberlys ass and lifted it off the bed and blasted off up into her belly filling her big pussy with hot thick cum.

As we lay there we all promised to be lifelong friends and meet regullary.

We talked about sex and all aggreed on anal, fisting and watersports in the future and i will tell you more about this in future stories, your friends Lisa&Bob

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