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[Story] Experiment

Her friend Beth looked puzzled, "You used to be able to do all that on line and now you have to go in?"
"That's right", said Jennifer. "There are so many applicants and so few loans that now there's some sort of interview process. It can't amount to much and I'm good at that stuff. I'm supposed to be at room 103C in the basement of the Admin Building at 9:00 tonight. I know it seems weird but whatever…"

Jen walked down the shadowy stairs to the basement offices in the old admin building. The steam radiators made it very warm and damp and she could feel little trickles of sweat run out of h... Continue»
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[Story] Best birthday ever

Holly opened her door and threw her backpack onto her bed as she walked into the bathroom. It was a Friday afternoon, and she had to go out to Laura's 18th birthday party in 30 minutes. Holly also had to drive, which would take 15 or so minutes, so she freshened up a little and got out the door. She picked up Rachel and Maddie, and they headed to Laura's house. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Laura, as well as more than 40 other people, s**ttered throughout the house. The beer was already brought in large quantities, and Laura was almost halfway through her shots. Being the last of he... Continue»
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[Story] Strafe muss sein!

Mit Absicht hatte ich es wirklich nicht gemacht, es ist mir einfach passiert. Mein Bekanntenkreis kennt mich als bekennender Tollpatsch, aber die Frau war wenig erfreut, dass ich sie von hinten einfach über den Haufen gerannt hatte, so dass ihr der Absatz ihres linken Schuhs abgebrochen war. Ich selbst hatte Glück, dass nicht mehr passiert war wie etwa ein verstauchter Knöchel. Als sie sich umdrehte, hatte ich ein ungutes Gefühl in der Magengegend. Ihr Blick war streng und unnahbar. Wie sie mich anfuhr, verstärkte dieses Empfinden zusätzlich. „Du Nichtnutz! Sie dir an, was du gemacht hast!“, f... Continue»
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[Story] Meine Herrin war eine strenge Meisterin

Meine Herrin war eine strenge Meisterin, die es mit meiner Sklavenausbildung sehr ernst nahm. Sie hatte mich gefunden, sie besaß einen guten Blick für Männer wie mich, die auf eine starke Führung angewiesen sind und sich von der eigenen Unterwerfung angezogen fühlen. Damals stand ich hilflos neben ihr, bereit zu helfen, aber zu zurückhaltend, um es zu tun. Meiner Herrin war der Fahrradreifen geplatzt, just in diesem Moment fuhr sie an mir vorbei und rollte kurz darauf ratternd auf der Felge. Wie gesagt, ich wollte ihr helfen, ich war nur zu unbeholfen dafür. Das hatte einen Grund, denn meine H... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 22/23

Woodenly Elaine made her way up the stairs. She held the railing, steadying herself. Her legs were like jelly and she had to stop a couple of times. Despite the feeling of taking one step forward, two steps back, she was wiping her feet on the mat and sliding her key into the front door in less than a minute.

I wish I could stop thinking. Maybe I could take a nap...

Inside the apartment Elaine was somewhat surprised. Her roommates were on speed! Or at least that's how it seemed. Before Elaine stepped two feet inside the door Chelsea raced past, handing her a glass of wine. Had she been ... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 23/23

Elaine watched as Gary refolded the contract and slipped it into his jacket pocket. She shivered. The ink was barely dry. She hadn't had time to say a prayer before it was gone.

Gary turned to her and slowly smiled. "I should say something profound, shouldn't I?"

Elaine nodded. "Y... Yes."

"In a minute." Reaching behind her head, he slid his fingers into her silky hair and said, "I want to kiss you first."

Elaine's scalp prickled. Her eyes closed, a shudder running through her body. Gary's grip tightened, but Elaine was shocked that it wasn't painful. It made her dizzy.

Maybe ... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 19/23

Climbing the stairs to her apartment, Elaine was tired but in a good mood. Snippets of her conversations with Leah and Gary had kept her smiling all day. It wasn't until she'd arrived on the landing outside her front door that she was jolted by the memory of her roommate's kiss.

What was that about?

Elaine wasn't sure, but she thought Kendra had kissed her because of 'stress' and 'high emotion'. Then again, maybe Kendra had always been attracted to Elaine, and her teasing sarcastic manner was a smokescreen.

Or, I'm going crazy, Elaine thought, shaking her head.

Turning the key i... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 20/23

Dated this day, the 5th of May, 2006

For the purpose of providing a framework over which both parties have equal control, this contract informally binds the signatories below to its contents. Either party may 'opt out' of this agreement at any time. 'Opting out' may be defined as ceasing to observe this contract in any way. It is binding only insofar as it is accepted to be.

Gary Paul Duke (known in this contract as 'the Dominant'), hereby offers Elaine Milanovic (known in this contract as 'the Submissive'), his guidance and dominance over her, for the period beginning on Friday the 5th... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 21/23

Elaine trotted to the bathroom, her anxiety mounting. Quickly she used the toilet, cleaned thoroughly and washed her hands and her new plug. Her excitement was evident in the reflection above the sink. Her nipples were so hard. She couldn't believe she was going to do this now. Looking at her watch, Elaine noted she was down to twenty-five minutes. She had second thoughts.

Maybe I shouldn't do this... What if someone comes home?

She sighed and dried everything off. In two minds, she trudged from the bathroom back to her bedroom. Passing the front door, she stopped for a moment, staring a... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 16/23

When Elaine woke the next morning, she was shocked. Her bed sheet was wound around one of her ankles and she was sprawled sideways across her bed, completely naked. She was laying in a wet patch the size of Kansas and she ached all over. She made herself a promise.

Never again would she challenge herself to 'see how many times she could cum'. After four or five she'd lost count and could only estimate that it was the sixth or seventh that had knocked her into u*********sness. Sitting up, she adjusted the pillows and got comfortable, glancing at her door. Thank God it was still locked. She'd... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 17/23

Elaine was trying to concentrate on finishing her breakfast but it wasn't easy. It was Monday, she was ready for work with a half hour to spare, and was busy eating her toasted muesli while Kendra and Chelsea chatted about the guys they met the night before.

Elaine wasn't really listening. Thoughts were running through her mind. Thoughts of seeing Gary and of what he might do to her, or make her do. They were the same thoughts that had occurred to her when she'd woken up before her alarm that morning. Remembering what she'd almost done in those few minutes had only made her hotter.

A sl*... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 18/23

Elaine grabbed Kendra's arm before they entered the clinic. She looked around before hissing, "I thought we were going to see an Ob-Gyn..."

Kendra shook Elaine's grip. "I've seen an Ob-Gyn. This is the doctor. You know, The Doctor. I'm getting rid of it. Jeez, Elaine. What did you think I needed? My hand held in the waiting room?"

Elaine's eyes narrowed. "You could've just been honest."

"This is my decision. I don't need anyone else telling me what to do."

"Jesus, Kendra. I agree with you. It's your decision. But before you make it, you should at least be informed. It's traumatic f... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 14/23

Elaine touched up her lipstick and went to the toilet again. She'd eaten little and her stomach warred against her. When she returned, she slid twenty bucks and her front door key into her pocket and stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, taking a deep breath. Her heart was thumping and she couldn't stop trembling. Her reflection stared back at her.

I don't know if I can do this.

The faces of her roommates appeared at her door. "What's taking so long?" asked Kendra.

"You're going to be late," Chelsea warned.

Elaine looked at her watch. "I still have a few minutes."

"You're... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 15/23

"I still can't believe he was so cute," said Kendra.

"'Cute' is so not how I'd describe him," said Chelsea. "He wasn't a boy, he was a man."

"You guys," Elaine said, shaking her head. She was enjoying the banter more than she thought she would. She hadn't been able to talk about much on the walk home, and even now a couple of hours later, the whole thing seemed a blur. The three of them had demolished Chelsea's delicious risotto in silence, and were sitting around the kitchen table, sipping glasses of wine and rubbing their full tummies.

"Well! It's not like you get dates all the time... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 11/23

Elaine was suddenly attacked by a severe case of hyperventilation. Her heart rate skyrocketed and her chest tightened, making her fight for air. I just wanted to know 'hypothetically', not 'actually'! her mind screamed as she typed desperately. "I'm sorry! That's not what I meant!"

A second later, Gary messaged her back. "Let's pause for a moment."

Sitting back in her chair, Elaine closed her eyes as smaller and smaller butterflies attacked her stomach. The grip on her chest slowly loosened, and though her hands continued to tremble, she was able to breathe. When she opened her eyes, she... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 12/23

After booting up the Internet and logging on to Messenger, Elaine was notified of two new messages in her email box.

She knew one was from herself. She'd emailed a whole host of links she'd unearthed after Googling the names 'Gloria Brame' and 'Jay Wiseman' on the library's computer earlier in the day. They were the authors that had set Gary on his path. Between classes she'd had a bit of spare time and the library seemed to be the logical and safest place to go. At the time she hadn't been so sure whether it had been better to be ogled by the geeks or by the general population of the colle... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 13/23

Despite the late night, the next morning Elaine felt energised and bounced out of bed in a good mood. A long hot shower was in order, and she indulged herself. Emerging with wet hair, a smile, and wrapped in a soft towel, Elaine made coffee while her roommates slept. She hadn't even heard them come in, and it didn't bother her one bit. She felt like she was walking on air!

What's wrong with me? she wondered, giggling quietly. Carrying her coffee to the lounge room, she postponed getting dressed, instead slipping her favourite U2 Live DVD into the machine, resisting the temptation to crank i... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 8/23

"And I mean it," said Gary. "I don't want to hear any more self-deprecating remarks, okay? Things like, 'I can't do it, ' or 'I'm not good enough, ' or 'I'm not pretty.' They're all out, got it?"

Elaine blinked. "Yes, Sir," she typed back quickly. She waited for him to respond, sensing he was gathering his thoughts. It gave her a moment to make a decision. She'd walk taller after tonight. She almost giggled as she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. She tried to relax while she waited.

He used silence very effectively.

"I have passionate convictions."

Elaine felt her head nodding. "Y... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 9/23

It was still dark. And silent. It felt like about four A.M. Elaine was lying on her stomach. She couldn't see the alarm clock, but she didn't want to know the time. One hand was between her legs, but it wasn't moving. It was... reassuring. She wasn't really aware of it.

Remembering the fleeting images she'd dreamed, she put them together in her mind. Gary had picked her up after college. He was waiting for her, leaning on some nondescript sports car. He'd embraced her and she'd melted. His hands had stolen down to her ass to squeeze the firm, supple flesh concealed under her mini. Just bef... Continue»
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[Story] Culture Shock 10/23

12.06 A.M.. Elaine's teeth were brushed, skin moisturised, ready for sl**p. Kneeling tall on her bed in the dark, she'd opened the sliding window widely. With her elbows resting on the windowsill, she smelled the fresh air. A warm breeze caressed her face, billowing the gauzy curtains.

Street lamps and house lights dotted the hills that rolled into the distance and Elaine stared. Her room was on the opposite side to the quadrangle and looked away from the city. Until then Elaine had wished she had a view of the bright colourful lights and the promise of excitement. But it wasn't the city sh... Continue»
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