Holiday part !

About two years ago I went on a trip to Spain and stayed at this lovely yet very dull resort in Alicante at the Costa Blanca. I spend most my days either at the beach or at the pool but there was just no action to be found (if you catch my drift)even the times I went shopping nothing.
One day I went shopping and met two lovely older ladies named Diane and Jessica who stayed at the same resort as me, we had lunch together and they told me that the buzz around the resort was that they nurse at the first aid centre was gay. I played it off cool but later that day I took a casual stroll past the first aid centre. I peaked inside and saw him, he looked actually pretty good, well hot was more like it!
He noticed me and asked if he could help me with anything I told him I was just wandering about, we talked for a while and he told me his name was Remy and he was from the U.K. I left it at that for that night.
The next day I walked over again to see wether he was in or not and there he was,I went back to my bungalow and took half a viagra while I was waiting for it to kick in I prepared for him:)
About thirty minutes later I stormed in and knocked on his desk I told him I needed help because I was hurting, he took me into the examination room it was a small room with a two examination tables next to eachother in the middle, he told me to sit down on the examination table while he closed the door he asked me with his back towards me where the pain was, by the time he turned around I sat naked from the waist down on the table, I leaned back a little as he stared at me and my throbbing hard cock I told him that my cock was hurting and it wouldn't come down, He asked me if I had taken any medication or d**gs the last couple of hours as he was putting on those latex gloves they use....I told him I didn't take any and he told me to lay back so I did, as soon as he touched my cock i sighed he asked me: did I hurt you? I looked him in the eyes and told him it was the opposite and moaned as he kneaded my cock a little firmer.
"ooh it's like that!"he said,
"mmnnnmmm yeah just like that" I replied
"in that case I know just what to do with you" he said as he winked at me he grabbed my cock firmly at the base with one hand and slapped my cock around with his other hand, "mhhhhmmm harder mmmmhhhmm yes harder ooooh yeah "I moaned, he stopped hitting spitted in his gloved hand and softly rubbed my cock and balls.
He took his gloves off and as he stood there I loosened his belt and unzipped his pants he kissed me and took my shirt off, I layed back a little and looked him over he had a nice athletic build and a beautiful shaved cock,he came closer his dick still not fully erect he grabbed my hard cock again and I leaned over to get a hold on his.
With one hand under his balls cupping his cock toward my mouth and my other hard on his abs I pulled him towards me, his cock was now getting hard fast I felt it growing in my mouth and tasted his salty precum, I felt him kissing and licking my cock now too, I took his hard cock out and looked at it. It was a big, veiny, uncut and curving upwards a little with some nice big balls,now me myself I'm about seven and a half inches but his cock was at least eight and nice and thick too!!!!
I closed my lips around his shaft again and bit him softly and teasingly while I sucked on his cock, I tried to get all off that cock in but it was quite the challenge to take him deep, I felt Remy,s tongue going down my taint and across my hole I gagged on his dick and took it out" aaaah yeah lick it babe, lick my pussy",I said as I took his balls in my mouth.I felt his tongue violently licking my taint and my ass ,he spreaded my cheeks apart and he stuck his tongue inside...."mmmmhmmm oooohhh yeaahhh babe what a nice cunt" he said, my pussy was shivering because I knew what was coming.
"let me open that pussy for you babe" he said, he sucked on his middle finger and stuck it in my ass "awwwww yes yes ooooh it's yours" I moaned and took his big monster again ,I felt his meat throbbing in my throat as he slowly rhythmically fucked my mouth. He sucked my cock now as he fingered my bootyhole, slowly stretching it up for his cock.
It felt soooo good I wanted it all!!!
I let his dick slip out my mouth and cried "fuck me baby, fuck me" he spanked my cheeks and said "wow you're so hot I'm probably gonna cum in five minutes"
"you better not" I smiled
I crawled over him so I was in reverse cow girl and held his fleshbat still slippery from all the throatfucking up, he grabbed my ass and spread my cheecks and helped me guide his cock against my hole.....I closed my eyes relaxed and pushed back a little, Ouch!!!his head stretched my pussy up as he slowly dipped his tip in and out of me, Wow what a cock I wanted more so i pushed back some more feeling his cock filling my pussy "aaaahhhhh oooh yeah that's it take it babe" Remy moaned, I pushed down even further and felt how his big thick cock slid deeper in me, I started riding him taking his cock deeper in with every pump, inch by inch until my booty touched his abs, Remy was now slowly thrusting in and pulling out quick almost until the tip was out and then sliding back in." harder Fuck me Harder "
He now held me by my waist so i couldn't move and hammered his cock upward , I felt his big hard cock rushing inside throbbing and thrusting with every hit his balls hitting mine he kept ramming like this for sometime after that he grabbed my thighs and pulled me back so i laid with my back on his chest and held still."phew !I gotta keep from cumming" he panted,
I felt his cock dance inside me I knew he was about to cum, I started gyrating on his cock teasing him to shoot his load in me!
He grabbed my cock again and played with it "come on don't make me cum yet " he begged but at the same time he started positioning me to take it doggystyle, I looked over my shoulder and said "mhhm so you wanna fuck me like a bitch huh??" sitting there on all fours I triumphantly stuck my ass in the air and whispered "C'mon than big boy show me what you've got"
"Wow what a sexy cunt get that bunny ass ready babe, I'm gonna spoil you" and he pulled me back , his big cock sliding in and out with ease now he started fucking me with a vengeance, "mmhmm you like that you dirty slut?"
"ooh yeah fuck me hard babe fuck me like a whore, gimme that cock gimme all of that huge cock"
As he fucked my ass I felt surges of pleasure all over my body It felt incredible I looked up and saw my own reflexion in the mirror that stood there.
I saw his hot ripped body sweating, pounding my pussy, droplets of sweat falling from his forehead on my back.
looking at myself I felt like such an utter slut ,sexy, kinky, but a little embaressed by what a shameless cumwhore I can be, It turned me on though so much even I felt a tingle in my prostate that kept growing as i watched myself getting fucked like a piece of thrash.
"Keep fucking me babe mhhhmmm" I didn't feel my prostate alone anymore my whole inside was now boiling , with every thrust of his huge cock I felt the pressure in me built up untill I exploded!!!
"aaww yeah I'm cumming "I cried, I felt my ass tightening up around his big dick ,it kinda hurt but in a good way , he took my dick and pulled it backwards while i came as he kept slowly pumping my ass.
"I'm gonna cum too babe I'm gonna cum!!!" he cried , I kicked loose and turned around grabbed his cock and started sucking him off again, the taste of my own pussy mixed with precum was intoxicating ,I looked him in his eyes and he sighed "ooh you're gonna get it babe mmmmhmmm"
"I wanna tate your cum babe give your load to your little slut" he slapped his cock in my face as I tried to take it back in I licked his balls and a big squirt of precum gushed out, I took hold of his big slimy rod and sucked him back in
His cock started shocking and vibrating in my mouth I relaxed my grip on his cock and felt him cumming , four big squirts of thick cum shot out in my mouth I almost chocked I pulled his cock out and another stream of hot slimy goo gushed out over my face, "aaarghhh aaaahhh I'm cumming" Remy moaned as another spurt came out I took his cock back in and kept sucking his cock off the sweet salty taste of his cum filled my mouth,Remy moaned and his body shocked as I kept on sucking until no more came out and then took his cock out and licked the cum off my face, yummy.
We fell back tired, hungry and satisfied he smiled at me and said "wow finally a patient with actual troubles I think I'll have to inspect your bungalow sometime later to see what caused this super serious condition you're in hahaha!"
I'll tell you guys about that one later ,

bye bye sweet dreams
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