List of punishments for a slavegirl

This is not a story, but a list of ideas for punishments of a slavegirl.
The degree of the punishment should be adjusted by amount and severity.
This list is divided by painful and humiliating punishments.
However, these punishments should only be used for girls who desire to be treated like a slavegirl.

If you feel inspired by some of the punishments, please feel free to send me some pictures of your session ;-)

As this list is by far not completed, feel free to add other punishments in the comments and I might post a more complete list later.

***** List of painful punishments:

1. blindfold her, beat her with several instruments (whip, cane, belt, wooden spoon, paddle, hand, ...) 10x with each instrument, she has to guess which instrument you used, if wrong start over

2. put a ring or leash around her neck and lock it to a wall in such a height so she can not sit or stand and leave her in this uncomfortable position for a certain time

3. put clamps to her body, especially nipples and clit, use a whip to whip them off one by one, each time you managed to remove one make sure she thanks you gratefully for that

4. give her electro shocks while she blows your dick

5. give her a clit or nipple piercing for her birthday

6. use hot sauce or this Chinese dragon salve on her nipples, if she deserves a severe punishment use it on her clit or ass

7. let her ride a wooden pony or put a rope through her clit and pull it

8. make her push out 10 candles with her clit or titts

9. tie her hands above her head and hang her to the ceiling, leave her hanging for a long time, you may also give her a full body whipping

10. shock titts, ass and pussy until she cries

11. let her roll the dice 3 times, first number: how many strokes multiplied by 10, second number: instrument (1=cane, 2=whip, 3=paddle, 4=hand, 5=flogger, 6=as you like), third number: which part of her body (1=pussy, 2 titts, 3=ass, 4=belly, 5=back, 6=as you like)

12. use some stinging nettles on her skin

13. put some thumbtacks to her panties, bra and/or shoes and let her walk for a while

14. drop hot wax on her skin, especially pussy, nipples and asshole, use a whip to remove the wax

15. shot with a paint ball gun at her until her skin is covered with paint

16. tie her wrists to her nipple rings (right wrist left nipple, left wrist right nipple) and let her ride your cock tied like that

17. tie her spread-eagled to the ground in the garden and leave her in the sun for several hours until her firmly shaved pussy is sunburned, you can also put something underneath her ass so that she has to push her pussy towards the sun, use oil to intensify the sunburn, fuck her pussy hard

18. put thumbtacks to a table, tie her legs to the table legs, her hands behind her back, put a leash around her neck and tie it to the other side of the table so that she is f***ed to lay down with her titts on the thumbtacks, fuck her in all holes

19. let her watch her favorite TV show in an uncomfortable position (like kneeling on rice grains, standing in high heels with her feet tied,...)

20. she has to kneel in front of you, head to the ground, ass in the air, legs spread, you watch football, basketball, ..., every time when a the name of one special player is mentioned on the TV she receives one stroke on her ass with the cane

21. let her give you a blow job, she is supposed to finish the job within 5 minutes, for each minute that she needs longer she receives 10 strokes on her pussy

22. put a rubber band between your fingers, hold it close towards her and flip it precisely to the desired target

23. use a toothbrush on her clit, intensify it by also using toothpaste with mint

24. put weight to her nipples and her pussy lips, let her crawl

25. let her attach 100 clamps to her body while you watch her, she has to masturbate in front of you with the clamps on, for each clamp that falls off until she comes she will receive 10 strokes with the whip

***** List of humiliating punishments:

26. let her starve for one day and for dinner you tie her to the chair, put delicious food in front of her but in such a distance that she can not reach it, she has to watch you eat, you punish her for not finishing her food, for example by letting her starve a second day

27. cum over her food

28. let her shower using only cold water

29. tie her to a chair and make her watch you fucking a younger girl, make her clean you dick, let the young girl spit in her face before she leaves

30. put love-balls or a plug inside her and make her go to her sports, fitness center, dancing, ...

31. do not allow her to wear bra or panties, send her to a sex-shop and let her buy several things (new whip, handcuffs, a leash,...), whatever makes her pussy dripping wet

32. tie her naked in the car, blindfold her, turn on the music loud, drive somewhere, go out of the car and leave her alone in the car for a while, you can additionally use a spreader bar or make her ride on a vibrator

33. tie her up, cum all over her face and leave her alone

34. tape a feed hopper to her mouth and make her drink every single drop of your piss

35. blindfold her and make her masturbate for you

36. do not allow her to cum when you fuck her

37. tie her up real tight and make her cum 10x in a row without a break

38. let her tied for the night

39. make her sl**p beside the bed or the lower and at your feet

40. let her only crawl for a whole day

41. let strangers use her

42. ask humiliating questions

43. make her to put on a gag, blindfold, a spreader bar and handcuffs behind her back, she should wait for you like that until you come home, use her

44. make her drink 1 or 2 liters of water, tee, ... and do not allow her to use the toilet for a certain time, let her additionally do some exercises for you

45. let her lick your dick clean after you fucked her in the ass

46. cum on the floor and make her lick it up every single drop

47. let her lick your ass

48. slap her face and spit on her while you facefuck her

49. let her eat from the floor

50. make her clean the toilet with her tongue

51. make her wear a collar in public

52. put a remote controlled vibrator or electro shocker to her pussy or ass and go shopping or to the movies

53. use her mouth as an ashtray

54. let her write an embarrassing essay about what a dirty fuck slut she is, how much she needs the punishment, how much she deserves to be used and abused, how much she likes to be dominated by you, let her read the essay to you, judge it with the help of the whip

55. let her crawl naked in the snow around the house, throw some snowballs at her

56. tie her to a table, invite a second whore and let her sit on her face while you fuck her ass

57. invite a second dominant whore, she strokes your sluts ass with a cane, while your slut deepthroats you

58. go to a bdsm club, hang her upside-down to the ceiling, legs spread, tie her hands behind her back, put a ring gag to her mouth and let everybody use her face and slap her pussy

59. let her cook a nice meal for you, while she only receives dry bread and water

60. tie her naked to the table, blindfold her, prepare some sushi on her body, invite friends for a sushi party

61. tie her up and leave her naked without paying any attention to her, you may also put her to a cage

62. let her chose 7 numbers between 1 and 61, punish her according to the number of this list, one punishment a day for one week

94% (101/6)
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1 day ago
Great list to use on ones slavegirl
19 days ago
YEA BABY,KINKY FREAKY minds think a like sweetie
26 days ago
1 month ago
you have some very good ideas.
2 months ago
All seem great ideas , I assume you are not suggesting all should be done daily. The tacks in the high heels and long walks is a great way to control a wayward girl - you need to be careful how long the tacks are protruding , the idea is pain and discomfort , not torture. Long walks or prolonged wear is a good learning curve.
3 months ago
4. - give her electroshock while blow your dick
Seems not smart to much. I will never try this with my slut
4 months ago
Again so glad I'm a good girl
4 months ago
Instead of 'hot sauce' you should look into 'figging'
5 months ago
Lots of fun, nasty stuff.
5 months ago
Not really a favorite but it's interesting to see how others minds seem to work.
5 months ago
thanks !
6 months ago
7 months ago
tacks in shoes was one of them
7 months ago
You forgot to devise tortures for the Soles of her Feet. Thin leather whips. A slim Birch Rod. Hot wax applied after a good Sole whipping. After the Soles have been waxed, Remove wax with a wire brush. Fashion insoles for her 6inch heels out of the reverse side of a chair mat. Lock her heels on so she cant remove them and then take her for a 5mile walk.
7 months ago
Fair play' but what do you do when she's really naughty ?
7 months ago
63. Make her fuck and suck dirty old perverts like myself
7 months ago
genau das brauchen sklavenfotzen !
7 months ago
Omg I need all of these!!!!!!!!!
8 months ago
yes yes yes yes yes love it, punish that dirty little cum whore
8 months ago
Hang her upside down and put a dripping candle in her cunt and arse. The hot wax will run down the candle and between her lips, over her clit and down her ass crack. Eventually it will cover her crotch completely. It will form a layer over and around her clit and between her cunt lips. When the candle is gone grab the wax and pull it away from her crotch. You might even do this when she hasn't shaved for a while. Long enough for her pubic hairs to stay in the pulled wax.
8 months ago
yes. I want to be blind folded and fuck myself for you while you slap me and spit on me and fuck my face, and then cum on me and leave me there.
8 months ago
#54.....make her post it on facebook ;)
8 months ago
#44, I regularly play a similar game, I take my wife out for a nights drinking, she's dressed like a whore (as always), but I forbid her from using the toilet at all, if she needs to piss she either holds it in, or if it becomes too much, then she must piss through her panties and dress, either standing up or sitting down, her choice, but the outcome is fantastic for me and VERY humilating for her, especially when people start to notice that she's pissed herself.
8 months ago
Like it, some new ones there I have to try
11 months ago
There are sooooo many painsluts, use them
1 year ago
Can all these punishments be used on a sissy like me?????
1 year ago
Excellent list with great ideas! Thank you for it!
1 year ago
lovely list will have to try some of them
1 year ago
merci pour toutes ses bonnes idees
1 year ago
Nice post xD gave some food for thaugt hehehe