A Thanksgiving Gift

“Hello?” Hugh walked in the house, hoping to be greeted by his mother. He was there the day before Thankksigiving to help his mother with the big meal. His s****r was bringing her fiancee and he wanted to get there early because his mom always appreciated the help. He was 30 years old, a good looking boy who stood 6 ft tall and was hung like a horse. He liked staying at his mother’s house. She always had the most comfortable beds and he enjoyed mastrurbating in them.

MOre and more he had come to look at his mother differently. Her name was Alana. SHe was 50 years old and had beautiful skin, always with a little tan to it and heavenly boobs that seemed to be as firm as they were in her 30s. The idea of bedding her had begun to creep in his mind during his fantasies, especially when he was staying over. She was divorced from his dad, which didn;t bother him at all, except for the fact that she was lonely.


Alana had promised to bake him his favorite pie for Thanksgiving, a homemade sweet potato pie with delicious crust that only she knew how to make.
He kicked off his shoes. The house seemed to be empty, so he put up his groceries into the refrigerator and pantry. Just as he was closing the door to the fridge, he heard a loud moaning coming from upstairs.

He couldn’t believe his ears. Few things turned him on more than to hear the sound of sex. IN fact, his upstairs neighbors in his apartment were constantly fucking on the weekends and he would sit there with his big dick in his hands, imaging fucking wildly with them. He eased closer, hoping to hear more moans and as if on command, another moan floated down the stairs. This time it was louder.

His heart beat quickly. He recognized the sound of his mother’s voice. He felt an immediate rise in his pants. It didn’t take much for HUgh to get erect, but the sound of pleasuring moans made his pants tight all of a sudden.

He followed the sounds as they got louder and louder. He raced up the stairs as quietly and quickly as possible, with every step he approached the sweet sound. He reached his mother’s bedroom and saw Alana through the crack in the door.

Her fire red, dripping wet bush was staring him in the face. Alana was rubbing her clit with her fingers. He could see they looked like she was rubbing baby oil on her pussy, because she was wet from her thighs to the top of her bush.
Her pretty toes were curled up. She was spread eagle on the bed and Hugh had a perfect view of her gorgeous bush. She was panting, eyes were closed and her hard nipples were pointing toward the ceiling as she arched her back.

Hugh couldn’t move a muscle, except the one muscle in his body that was poking out in front of him, trying to bust through his jeans. His cock was pressing against his zipper, ready to be free. He couldn’t help but tut push himself through the door, which caused it to squeak. He couldn’t stop the rusty hinge from making the noise and he was horrified. At the sound of the door, his mother jumped up and screamed at the top of her lungs. She threw the covers over herself.

“Hey. Hey it’s alright mama It’s me, Hugh.”

She had buried herself under the covers trying to hide from the shadowy intruder in her door frame. SHe peeked over the sheets and saw her son standing over her. Her panic turned to anger.

“Hugh, why didn't you ring the doorbell?”.

“Because you said you were expecting me.”

"Well, I was, I am but...”

“Are you upset I came early? I’m sure glad I got to see you coming.”

“John Hugh Davis, stop it!”

He reached down and turned on her light. Her pretty red hair was tussled. He smiled at her, lovingly. Her cheeks were red from the activity. She appeared to be glowing from sex. In her rush to cover her bare chest, she had not quite covered her lady bits. Her pretty pussy was sticking out under the covers.

He stared at it, unable to control himself. Yes, his mother was 50 years old but her curvy body drove him crazy. Her legs were perfectly thick. He couldnt believe that after all his fantasizing, he was getting to see her in her pleasured glory. He wanted to jump on top of her and bury his head in her mounds of boobs. He stood there staring at her like a k** who’s just discovered a lifetime supply of candy.

His mother glanced at his crotch, because his cock was standing at attention, still trying to break free from the zipper.
“Good grief, son, you’re...you’;re huge.”

“Ha.” Hugh looked down at his bulging manhood and adjusted himself because the tip of his cock was straining against his zipper.

“Yeah, you make me huge, mama.”

“Shoot. Whatever.” She turned her head away form him but he leaned down over her anyway and kissed her ear. “I’m crazy about you. You are perfection.” He wispered in her ear, sending a shiver through her body. SHe jerked away uncomfortably, more from shock than anything. He always kissed her on her head, but the hot whisper of his lips againts her ear was almost too much to process.

ANd he had never kissed her right after she’d masturbated. SHe wondered if he had seen what she was doing,

SHe felt his hand reach up her leg and graze her hairy bush, which was dripping in her cream,. It was too much for her. Even if she was divorced and alone and without a strapping man to pleasure her, she didn’t know what to do with this sitiuation, with her sun rubbing around her kitty cat.

She flung herself off the bed and covered her front with the sheet. The tops of her beatiful boobs were poking over the sheet but she ran to the bathroom anyway. Hugh stared at her fleshy ass bounce up and down on her trot to the bathroom. She slammed the door and locked it. The next thing he heard was the sound of th shower running.

“Damn it. What was I thinking?” Hugh said to himself.He felt like a fool, but his dick was still ridiculously hard. He needed relief.

He smelled his fingers. His mother’s pussy perfume smelled delicious. He tasted its sweetness. Hugh could masterbate anywhere and any time, He ripped open the covers, hoping to find a wet spot where Alana had been lying. He unzipped his pants and began jerking his big dick. He felt like he could shoot a rope of cream, so fired up was he at the thought of pounding his mama’s fire red bush.

He was reclined in the same spot she had just vacated, IN a few minutes he was moaning and writhing in pleasure. He knew his mother took long showers, so he wasn’t worried about her interrupting him as he had done her. He was ready to explode. He pounded his meat more, stroking himself more and more as he thought about that ref bush. He slowed down twice, right before he came, just to enjoy the moment and to smell his wet fingers.

He was about to go. He couldn’t hold it anymore. He started moaning aloud and talking to himself, which always helped him work up a good load.

“Oh, mama, I love you. I want to be inside you. Fucking that pretty pink pussy.
You like that? You like that big dick, mama?” He could hold it no longer. HIs eyes were closed as he shot a load so biug that it flew over his head onto the pillows above him. It was one of the biggest loads he’s ever shot. He opened his eyes when some of it hit his face, He saw his mother standing next to the bed leaning over her nightstand, with her arms wrapped around a towel.
This time, it was Hugh’s turn to be embarrassed, but he was so relieved that he couldn’t be. PLus, upon seeing her son’s cum all over her pillows, she accidentally dropped the towel covering her luscious boobs.
He raised his eyebrows.
“If I’d known you’d let me see those pretty titties, I would have jerked off in front of you years ago.”
“Ha. Hugh, you’re wicked.”
“Yes, ma’am, I am.”
Her silver dollar nipples shook as she chuckled. Hugh couldn’t take his eyes off her hourglass body shape framd in a red hear and a red bush.
“Good night, you are a hot woman, Alana Davis.”
SHe rolled her eyes and walked away from him. “I just needed to get a towel, that’s all.”
“No, mama, you just needed to get some lovin’.”

She walked slowly, knowing full well that her son was staring at her pretty ass. She didn’t close the bathroom door this time. She just walked in the shower and slipped behind the frosted glass.

HUgh sighed a big sigh. She had changed a little, calmed down upon seeing her son whip his man meat in her bed.

He felt partly relieved. Without telling her directly, he had showed her how he felt for her.

For her part, Alana always knew they had a special bond, but hearing him call her name as he orgasmed made her tingle. She lathered herself with soap. SHe felt so good that she wanted to hum. The idea of a man wanting to bed her was exciting. She hadn’t been on a date in months and months. Her work kept her busy and she was lonely after her husband left. She would talk to Hugh about it sometimes but she had no idea, no inkling, that her son could possibly want her. She kept thinking about the image of him pulling his prick and it sent chills through her pelvis.

AFter scrubbing her body and thinking more about her son, the water got a little too hot for those thoughts, so she had to turn the knob for cool and as she did so, she saw a figure move in front of the frosted glass. She recognized the naked outline of her son. SHe peeked out the door to see him wiping himself off with a wash cloth, rubbing the semen from the side of his shaft.

“Come here, sweetheart. Let mama help you.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He right beside her in the shower before she could blink. He squeezed her hips and pulled her close She looked in his eyes and he leaned down toward her. He kissed her lips and pulled her closer, gently. She felt his big hands on her body and it made her want to collapse.

He slid his tongue in her mouth and she followed his lead. She moved his hand down to her bush.

“Is that what you wanted to touch, darling?”

Hugh gulped with her hand pushing his to rub her kitty. “Yes, ma’am. That’s it. It’s amazing.”

He slid his finger in and out of her pussy lips being as gentle as he could be. She let out a high-pitched but faint noise, like a squeal almost. He r body was filled with warmth and she twitched in pleasure as her son fingered her gently.

She let him kiss her as he rubbed her slippery spot. After a few moments of what seemed like floating on clouds, she grabbed his shaft and began stroking it. As a 30-yr old, he didn’t need long to get hard after an orgasm. He was so taken by her grabbing his prick that he said, “I LOVE you, mommy!”

“I love you too, my darling son.”

He picked her up carefully and lay her down in the shower floor, careful to place her back on the bath mat. He spread her legs wide open and began kissing her coined shaped nipples, which were standing erect, letting the warm water from the shower head hit her.

“I want to be inside you, momma.”

She nodded her head yes and spread her legs as far as she could get them. Hugh pulled his turgid cock onto her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down the outside of her pleasure mound. He gently rubbed her clitoris with his mushroom head and she bowed up her back. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She reached around and took hold of his hard prick.

“Darling, you have such a big...penis. I had no idea. I want it. Be good to your mama.”

She guided it to her dripping wet opening. “There, baby, now fuck me, fuck your sweet mama.”

“But I want to make love to you,” HUgh said, thrusting inside her, allowing the top two inches to penetrate her lips.

“Oh, darling , we’ll have time for that making love, sweetie, but just pump me for now. I haven’t had such a big penis in me in ages and I need to be rocked until I come.”

SHe positioned her hips to allow him full access to thrust in and out of her. Hugh never had to be convinced how to use his manhood to pleasure a woman and since this was such a dream and he didn;t know if he’d ever have another chance, he went for it. He began pounding her pussy, as she had requested, letting his thighs slap against hers in the shower. He had a euphoric look in eyes, as if he’d just won the lottery and was enjoying his first million.

As he thrust in and out of her, she began to shiver, to squirm in pleasure. Her pussy got wetter and wetter as Hugh thrust inside her.

“Oh, baby, I love it. You fuck me so good.” Alana said.

“I love you, Momma.”

“I love you too, son”

He began grunting as she moaned loudly, every thrust coming faster and faster until he screamed, “I’m coming, I’m coming, Momma!”

“That’s my beautiful boy. Come inside me, come on baby. Don’t pull out. Give me that hotness.”

He shot what felt like bucketfuls of semen inside her and when he pulled out he was dripping everywhere, his juice mingled with hers. And then he collapsed in her arms, letting the warm water pour all over his back. She put his head in between her breasts just the way he’d hoped to do.

After a few moments, she urged him to get up.

“Honey, your s****r will be here any minute. Come on. We need to get dressed before she her fiancee arrive.” Hugh stood up and let her dry him off, looking the very picture of satisfaction.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Mom, we;re here! What are you doing?”
It was his s****r.

Alana looked at him and then shouted.

“Be out in a minute honey!”

She got dressed and went to distract the s****r while HUgh got ready. Before she left, she kissed him deeply and said, “we’ll find another time to talk, sweetheart, ok?”

She winked and walked downstairs.

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What a great story I love incest with my Mother also ! Please readmy storiies about incest with my sister and mother ! please leave comments !
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very nice.
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very hot holiday story!
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Very nice gift from a mother to her son.