Becca B. Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my story you can go here to read it. I forgot to mention that this is my first attempt at writing. (

As we lay on the floor recovering with light kissing and rubbing she said “that was the best cum I’ve had in a long, long time”. First of many I said but we need to discuss things before we get somewhere we both do not want to be. “What do you mean?” she asked. Let’s just make sure we are on the same page about our relationship/friendship going forward. I know you’re not looking for a relationship right now and I’m not sure I want one either, “Yes on the first statement and why on the last one, you’re young handsome and working your way up in a major company. (She started kissing my neck distracting me but making me feel so good) Yes and that’s why, I don’t need any distractions or drama from some girl wanting a free ticket out of mommy and daddy’s house just to get out. She laughed at that comment and said “I guess some things don’t change. “ She said you’re right; I’m not ready for anything that resembles a relationship.” We are both adults and we can enjoy adult fun can’t we? Yes we can, I said. With that I smacked her on her ass and rolled her over gave her a big hard kiss and said I need a drink, want one? I have beer, water, some red wine that that a rep. gave me and probably some sodas. She said “I’ll have a glass of wine, Thanks”. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a towel and looked back through the doorway and threw the towel for her to clean up with. I walked back into the living room and she was sitting on the edge of the couch removing her stockings, She stood up reaching down to get her blouse to put back on and I said wait, She said she was a little cool and I could tell she was being a little modest as well. I said I have a shirt you can wear. I went into my bedroom and got a old lounging T-shirt that I wear and gave it to her. She was holding her blouse up to semi cover her chest and pussy. I turned my back to get a big draw of beer and to give her some time to put the shirt on. I pulled my easy chair back to its proper location and grabbed my boxer briefs and put them back on. I sit down and asked her to sit with me. She was hesitant, be she did. I leaned back and she adjusted herself where her legs was hanging over the right side of the chair arms and she leaned into me with her right shoulder and looked at me and said ‘this is nice”, Yes it is I responded as I handed her the glass of wine and I reached over to get my beer and she took a sip and I took another big gulp of beer and I sat it back down and grabbed the remote turned the TV on just to have something going on in the background. I sit the remote down and she gave me her wine glass and I sit it down, I placed my right hand on her thigh and she looked into my eye and I kissed her and she responded back and when we broke I kissed her on her neck and she let out a sigh of passion and was enjoying as much as I was. “This feels really nice” she said, I didn’t stop and moved back to her lips and we enjoyed a long but passionate kiss.
After the kiss I asked her, what do you like? “What do you mean” she asked, I said what do you like sexually? I could see her blush, and she said “my sex life wasn’t much to talk about, She said that her sexual experience from Tim was a little petting maybe give and receive two to three minutes of oral and maybe 5 minutes of actual fucking in the dark. I could feel her embarrassment, I said don’t feel embarrassed that most marriages fall into a routine. She said at first it was great but she was so naive and that later in the marriage that when she felt like she was missing and wanting more but that Tim would have nothing but the same ole same ole or so.”Maybe you can wake my passions up” she said. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and stood up and asked where the bathroom was that she needed to go. Down the hall, first door to the right. I watched her walk and it was the first time I got to see her shapely ass looked like, I was full and nicely shaped and with the right amount of wiggle. I said nice ass and she lifted my shirt and smacked herself on the right cheek and said you too with that she went into the bathroom.
I took a sip of my beer and picked up the remote to turn the TV to some type of a music station and she walked out and up to me and she said “stand up” I looked at her confusingly and did as she asked, She give me a quick kiss and squatted and had my underwear off before I realized what was happening. She placed her hand on my chest and firmly pushed me back down and said “I need to practice, a lot” and she grabbed my dick and lightly stroked it as I scooted to the edge of the chair and took my soft to stiffening cock in her mouth and the warmth of her mouth was all it took to get me hard. She put her had at the base of my cock and pulled her head back to just the head and she ran her tongue around the edge, I couldn’t help but to raise my hips to shove my dick back into her mouth to get her lips and tongue away from the sensitive area of my cock. She pulled back to the head and again wrapped her tongue around the head and I had to sit down and it pulled my cock out of her mouth she made a slurping sound as my cock came out of her mouth and I said “Damn! That felt so good. She moved her hand that was on the base of my cock and grabbed the saliva and was working it into my cock and she said you have a nice dick and it tastes sweet too. I blushed then and said I could let you do that forever and she said “that wouldn’t be fair to me” and started sucking again. This time she knew my sensitive spot and she would bob her head up and down and every seven to ten head bobs she would suck to the tip and swirl her tongue around the head and would drive me crazy. I was sweating and trying my damnedest not to cum. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I pulled her and give her kiss and stood her up and I removed the shirt she had on and we embraced again and this time I placed my left had on her tit and she released her lips to get a sigh and to catch her breath I ran my tongue up her throat and kissed my way down to her chest then to her right tit and I licked her nipple and ran my tongue around her areola and sucked her tit into my mouth and she pressed my head tight against her tit wanting me to take more in my mouth as possible. My right hand was kneading her left tit and nipple and I switch sides with my mouth and she reached down with her right hand and held my cock and squeezed it as I was going back and fourth on her beautiful tits. It was my turn to push her down in the chair, She let out a little squeal as I scared her. I reached down and grabbed her by the ankles and pulled ass to the edge. I noticed that her feet were small and her toes were panted the same color as her hands and with the same perfect tailored condition. I placed her right ankle on my shoulder and I grabbed her left ankle and I placed my tongue on the bottom of her foot at the top of her heel and to the bottom of her arch. I licked in one stroke length to the tip of her toes. She pressed her right ankle into my shoulder to get some leverage and arched her back and let out a long moan and came back down. She said with heavy breath “my feet are so sensitive and that I almost came when you did that, “I then took her big toe in my mouth and sucked it and she pulled it out real quick and said “Oh God!” I Knelt down and her legs was resting on each shoulder and I bent down and kissed the right side of her inner thigh and again she let out another sigh and I made my way to her treasure. Her scent was most pleasant scent I have ever smelled. I took my hand and lightly rubbed her pussy and she pressed it against my hand and I placed my middle finger just inside her folds and she arched her back and let out a moan she tried to get my hand deeper when she relaxed her back. I kissed her left pussy lip then the right and I inhaled as much of her scent as possible. She was grinding and pushing against my mouth trying to get me to go faster and harder. I spread her lips exposing her pink pussy and I kissed her opening and then I puckered my lips sucked in her juices straight from her pussy. She tasted like fresh sweet honey and I couldn’t get enough of this woman. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could and was lapping her as fast as I could. All this time she had her hand on my head pulling me in as tight as possible, she moaning and arching her back to feeling of my tongue and mouth. She reached down and spread her lips giving me the clue to start working on her clit, I placed my tongue at her opening and I licked to the left side of her clit, she moaned in agony when I stopped short of her clit. I then did the same thing to the right side of clit and this time she pressed hard into my face wanting me to stay there. I pulled back and she said in a low voice, I need it now, please suck my clit. I again placed my tongue at her opening and licked all the way up to her clit and when I reached it I pressed my tongue hard against it at the same time I stuck two fingers in her pussy. She dug both feet into each of my shoulders and arched her back as far as possible. She was soaked through and through ,I never took my tongue off of her clit, She lowered herself back down and I started working my tongue up , down, around, and sucking her clit while I pumped two fingers into her willing pussy, I could feel her muscles grabbing my fingers and I could tell she was close. I asked her was she ready for my cock and she said”Oh yes, Please fuck me! I gave her clit one more circle and I raised up and rubbed my cock up and down her slit and patted her clit with the head of my dick and she again said put it in, Fuck me, I need it so bad. I placed the head at her opening, I stopped and looked into her eyes and she looked back, I eased just the tip into her and she started breathing heavy and we never left eye contact I pushed the head just past the opening and she had a look of relief and passion and I kept pushing and she wrapped her legs around me pulling me as I was pushing and I reached the bottom of my shaft and I gave a little extra push and she let out a loud moan and held me tight and I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my cock trying to pull my cock off. She was so hot and so wet I didn’t want to move. She was actually fucking me with her pussy muscles. I pulled back to where the head of my cock was just inside her pussy and she was trying to pull me back inside and I rubbing her clit with my thumb and I started pushing my cock back into her fiery pussy with a slow but steady motion and I stopped halfway and I pulled out completely , I grabbed my cock and it felt like it was on fire it was so hot and I placed it onto her swollen clit and she let out a loud moan and said “It’s so hot.” I left my cock rubbing on her clit and the outside of her pussy and pulled her up to me and we kissed hard, fast with a starving attitude, We broke our kiss and she said” Please fuck me” I leaned back and grabbed my soaked cock and this time I put it to her pussy opening and with one hard fast push I buried my cock to the hilt, she arched her back and pressed her feet on the floor and said “YES!”. I started fucking her with a hard but not fast motion and she was grabbing my side ,my neck her tits, she would rub my chest while we both were moaning and grunting with pure pleasure. I started to pick up the pace and I was sweating and it was dripping onto her stomach and she reached up with her hands to wipe the sweat off and rubbed it onto her tits and I could feel her pussy to start to spasm and grip my cock and she said” I’m cumming I’m cumming “and I started to go faster and harder and she was bucking and grabbing my sides real hard and trying to pull me inside her and I couldn’t hold out much longer and I could feel the pressure building as my nuts started to draw and I said I’m going to cum and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me tight and I let loose my first jet and I could feel her pussy muscles to start milking my cock as she started to cum again as I sent several more shots of cum deep into her pussy. After what seemed like every ounce of fluid of my body shot through my dick I was so lightheaded I fell forward onto her chest and face was nestled into her cleavage, I cupped her right tit and kissed and sucked her nipple into my mouth she let out a sharp moan and pushed my head back a little and said “Oh my God, I’m so sensitive”, when she did that her pussy muscle pushed my softening dick out of her pussy. We stayed like that until we got our breath and she reached over and gave me what was left of my beer and I chugged the last 3 swallows down and I reached for the towel that I gave her before and she used it to wipe my dripping cum out of her pussy and I grabbed her hand pulled her up and led her to the bed room where we laid out under the ceiling fan to cool off and to regain our strength. I was on my back spread out cooling and she was resting on her side with her head on my arm with one leg drooped over my leg her hand would switch up between holding my cock and balls. Out of the blue she said “I want to watch a porno movie, do you have any?” I said no but I know where to get some. “I’ve never seen one and I want to watch and learn and try about the sex I’ve missed in my life. I said that I was willing to get her anything she wanted but I know of a place we could go and have the privacy we both needed. I said that we could go tomorrow afternoon that it’s about an hours drive and it also has more than movies, It’s an upscale private type of store and it also has toys, clothes and even has marriage counseling for sexual advice. She was excited and said she couldn’t wait. We laid there for about 20 minutes kissing, snuggling, and talking and she said “I’m hungry, what do you have to eat?” I chuckled and said not much; remember, I’m a bachelor and that I could go get us something. “Nonsense she said, I use to be a house wife I can make a meal out of cardboard and noodles and laughed. But first I need to shower, I pointed to the master bath and I said I’ll go get your bag, It’s still in the car.
I went and retrieved her bag and put it on the bed and she was already in the shower and I peeked in and told her that it was on the bed and she thanked me and said”join me.” I said that I probably get it up so quick after cumming twice in so little time and she said she giggle and said that she probably knew that. With that I kicked off my gym shorts and stepped into the shower, she was lathering up her legs and washing them when I moved in behind her and cupped her wet soapy breast and she turned her head and we kissed and it was so nice as the warm water ran over us, I broke the kiss and started to rinse off to wash, We switched places, I washed and she rinsed and she wet her hair to wash, she flipped her hair back and looked up at me, she looked more sexier that I have ever seen her before. Her hair, the way it laid back and with her natural glow and the water running off her made me never want to forget that image, She said “what’s wrong,” I said you are the most sexiest woman I have ever seen, She blushed and said “thank you very much” and she cupped my balls and kissed me deeply and it made my dick stir alive again and she pulled back and said, “I thought you couldn’t get it back up so quick.” I said you got it up but I doubt it could finish strong, she laughed and said “well let me see what I can do, just sit back and enjoy. She put some soap in her hands and begin lathering me up, She was massaging my balls and pumping my slick dick with her soft hands and I was rubbing her ass, tits, and every now and then she kiss me and lick my nipple . It didn’t take long and I let her know I was about to cum and she knelt down and pointing my dick at her tits and said” I want to feel your cum on me again.” I said I’m cumming as she kept pumping , I would be lying if I said there was a huge amount but it was just a small amount but when I came I swore it felt like it was just was much as I did when I filled her pussy . I looked down watching the mature beauty concentrating on my cock and I was in awe, She rubbed what little cum came out with the head of my dick into her hard nipples. It was my turn to pull back due to sensitivity. She looked up and said “I do believe it’s empty now and she gave the head of my dick a kiss and told it thank you. She stood up washed the cum off of her tits and washed her hair and we both finished quickly as we were running out of hot water. We dried each other off and I pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top shirt as she finished her hair. I went to the kitchen to grab another beer and to reminisce to what just happened. About halfway finished of my beer she came walking into the kitchen wearing a Tight white sleeveless shirt and a pair of tight short black leggings. She looked absolutely hot. She said lets see what we can find for dinner.
I actually had enough stuff for her to whip up a nice meal that consisted of a salad and chicken spaghetti. It was a wonderful meal compared to my normal eating out of can or box meal. We gathered the dishes and cleaned the stove and table of and loaded the dishwasher and I said I’m ready for desert. She stated she was stuffed and I said not that kind of desert. She looked at me with a thinking look and I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table and kissed the side of her neck and raised her shirt off took a nipple into my mouth and kneaded the other one in my hand and she was moaning and pressing her chest to my wanting mouth, I reached the top of her leggings and peeled them off and laid her back on the table and spread her legs. I pulled up a chair and It was just the right height to sit down and have her pussy at mouth level. I scooted forward and pulled her closer to the edge and I started kissing the inside of her legs up to her belly button down to the inside of her other leg then back up to the small hair patch above her pussy and I licked the edges and down to her lips. I started planting small kisses to the outside of her pussy and slowly breathing hot breath on and around her pussy. She was moaning and rolling her head back and forth and kneading her own tits. I spread her pussy and sucked on her pussy lips and lightly kissing her hooded clit. I moved back and forth from lips to light kisses on her clit, she was moaning and telling me to suck her clit. I said to spread her pussy for me. She reached down with both hands and spread it nice and wide. I licked my way from her thumb down to the top of her pussy and inhaled a deep breath of her sweet scent and plunged my mouth over her clit and used my tongue to press her clit hard against her body and she let out another deep moan of pleasure and at the same time I inserted two fingers into her pussy and she drew her legs up and spread them as far as possible and giving me full access to her body. I started sucking and licking her clit with all my might, I would suck and use my tongue at the same time then I would break suction and just use my tongue then I would finger bang her with different speeds and intervals. We went at this for about ten minutes and I could tell she was close as her pussy started grabbing my fingers and she said she was going to cum. I broke suction with my mouth and started rubbing her clit with my thumb and I plunged my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper into her pussy and yelled that she was cumming! I kept going and letting her sweet nectar coat my tongue. She was bucking and breathing hard but I kept forcing my tongue as deep into her pussy as far as possible. She was holding my head and I was not about to stop. I could feel her pussy muscles starting to spasm again and went as deep as I could while my thumb was working her clit and she started bucking and grinding my tongue. I could feel her wetness expand as she was calling out my name; she finally said “stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore.” I pulled back walked around and bent down to kiss her almost as deep as I was in her pussy and she kissed back with hard breathing and totally spent. I helped her off the table and almost had to carry her to the couch and she laid back and I went to get her a bottle, Her head was thrown back and she was trying to catch her breath, I opened the bottle and let a little bit of cold water spill onto her chest and she let out a sharp gasp and said”pay backs are hell” and got a sip and sit it on the end table. I said want me to get your shit or blanket? I guess her modesty left as she waved me off while getting another sip of water. I knelt down and said that was the best desert I have ever had and she said “that was the best lickety –split I have ever had. I busted out laughing and she said “what’s so funny?” I said I haven’t heard it called that before. We both laughed as I picked up her legs to sit under them. It was still early evening and we talked until it was time to go to bed.

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3 years ago
Very hot story love it. So hot.
3 years ago
Very good. Is there going to be more?