Becca B.-Part 1

I worked for a national market chain, I started working there when I was 16 and I worked there through school and community college where I took a course in business Mgt. The company promoted me into what was called fast track and I was promoted into different positions as I mastered the last. I was in my mid 20's and I was the youngest ever to be promoted to Store Manager, I was transferred to another location and this is when I first met Becca, She was a very pretty woman, She was tall and was always dressed very conservative usually in a long dress that came down to her ankles, pantyhose and slip and medium height heels, the type of clothing that women would wear to church. She was always dressed to perfection, Her hair as usual very pretty and not one strand out of place, makeup just in the right places and she always worn the perfect amount of perfume that made you just want to inhale deeply as she walked by.
She was married and had 2 sons and her oldest (David) was working at the store when I started there. I never thought anything sexual of her; she was friendly and always had something nice to say to anyone and everyone. We would always make small talk when she would pick up or drop off David. I started noticing a change in her demeanor, she just didn't have that pep and the glow of her smile was faded. One day I asked her in our small talk sessions if she was feeling okay, I said something to the affect that she seemed under the weather. She let out a big sigh and asked if there was somewhere private we could talk, I said sure, we could talk in my office. I gave her a cold bottle of water and she smiled and then I saw the tears in her eyes. She took another deep sigh and a long second, she said that Tim (her husband) wanted a divorce that he had been seeing another woman and that he had moved out. I told her that I was sorry and if there was anything I could do for her to not hesitate to ask, I gave her my business card and wrote my home and cell numbers on the back. We both got up and I gave her a hug and she put both arms around me and squeezed me for what seemed like 30 seconds and that's when things changed.
Her softness, her scent, her warmth, her skin just intoxicated me. I didn't want to move, I wanted to hold her forever. I squeezed back and she pulled back and said thank you, I needed to tell someone. She then said that Tim will make her out to be that bad one and the cause of the divorce and that she has done nothing but been a good wife and mother to him and his k**s. I assured her that I would not say anything to anyone about this and told her that I didn't have experience in situations like this but that I was a good listener that all she had to do was to call me. She hugged me again and gave me a little kiss on the cheek that left a little smudge of her lightly colored lipstick and she reached up and rubbed it in with her thumb and said thank you that she might have to do that because she didn't have many friends to turn to. She f***ed a smile and said thank you again while wiping a lone tear.
She left and I inhaled as much as her sent as I could in one long inhale. I immediately got a ragging hard on, the kind that feels like it's going to split into. My dick was throbbing, pulsating and burning to be relieved. I quickly locked the door and pulled my dick out and starting pumping fast and hard while Becca's scent still lingering in my office and my nostrils it didn't take more that a couple of minutes and I was shooting the most, hardest and longest cum I ever had. It was leaning on the front of my desk and I had cum everywhere, on the floor the back of the door my hand. I was spent and still had all day to go. I could not get her out of my mind from then on.

She called me many times before and during the divorce and we talked and It took all I had to pay attention to what she was saying instead wanting to blow my load to the sound of her voice.
After her divorce she called me and said she was home alone she was celebrating and that she wanted to get d***k that she was drinking wine. I told her she deserved to celebrate that it was her time to finally do what she wanted to do. She said you're right. I'm going to get d***k, walk around my house naked and do what the hell I want to do. I got an instant hard on and I couldn't help myself and had to pull my pants down and start pumping my rock hard cock. She stated that I have been a real good friend during this time to her when everyone else looked the other way. I thanked her and told her to go enjoy her evening trying to get off the phone to get some relief. She said I intend to enjoy every minute of the night and the week and the month and year and matter of fact the rest of my life. With that she said one day I want to thank you for helping me through tough times but tonight she was going to have quality lone time. Thoughts and images were going through my head and dick trying to comprehend her meaning and all I wanted to do was to hang up the damn phone and to beat this throbbing cock. We said our goodbyes and I didn't last long after that. Woke up several times during the night thinking about her and our phone call and each time I had to masturbate while trying to picture her in my mind what she looked like naked. Each time I made a mess. Finally exhausted I drifted off to sl**p with her in my dreams.
A couple of days past since our last phone conservation she called me and we were talking about this and that and out of the blue she asked me if I was still seeing my latest girlfriend, I said no I didn't have a girlfriend that Emily was just a friend that came by every so often if you know what I mean. I blushed after I realized what I just had said to her and she said with a sarcasm laugh, No I don't know what you mean, Me and Tim haven't had sex since I found out he was cheating on me and that was a year before he filed for divorce. I said I'm so sorry while dirty thoughts and images started going through my mind. She then said that I haven't even masturbated since I celebrated the other night. She heard me sigh out loud and asked me If she was making me uncomfortable and I said that I wasn’t use to her talking like that but assured her that I was okay with it and that she was going to make me excited if she didn’t stop with a little chuckle at the end. We continued talking about how well she was doing and that she handling everything so well being alone after so long of marriage. She said that she got married young and that she has never had time to spend and enjoy life for herself.
She then took our small talk into a different direction and that she stated that she had never been with another man than Tim and she was ready to live life to the fullest. She said thinking about it is making her excited and she was ready to start and what she said next was the something every young man wants to hear from beautiful mature woman. She said I want you to be the first man to be with me since my divorce. I said that I needed to make a confession, I said that I have been fantasying about her since the day you hugged me in my office and that I have been having nothing but thoughts of you and only you. She said that she was flattered and very excited that someone can think of her that way and it was making her wet, I told her that I was excited as well and that I was hard and that I was actually stroking my cock as we spoke. She said that she too had a confession that she was rubbing herself through her panties. I then asked if she wanted to get off over the phone or could I watch her do it. Mmmmm was her answer, I told her that I would be over as quick as I could and she said that her son was suppose to over later to pick up some clothes that I could come by to pick her up and go back to your place. I showered and headed over there and she was outside and she looked absolutely stunning. Unlike her normal long dress she was wearing a red skirt that just above her knees and a white blouse and black hose and 6 inch heels. I pulled up and she put an overnight bag in the back seat and got the front in a pretty quick move and said that her son was on the way and could be here at anytime and we and we need to kind of hurry. She told him that she had some unfinished business with her lawyer and that she would be staying with a friend overnight. We got down the road and had to stop at a stop sign and that’s when we locked eyes for the first time and she slid over next to me and we kissed, it was a fast but very heavy kiss with a quick tongue dance and she pulled back, she was breathless and so was I. She stayed right beside me and she slid her and up to my raging hard cock and purred. I used my right hand and put it on her thigh and slowly rubbing my way up her thigh until I felt lace and flesh and I thought my rock hard cock couldn’t get any harder but it was burning and pulsating and was dying to be touched by hot flesh. I reached her silky panties and rubbed her pussy from the outside and she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard into her wet panty clad pussy and moaned and squeezed tightly. She said you are the only the 2nd man to ever touch me and you made me cum with your first touch.
We made it back to my place and we walked in and as soon as I shut the door our mouths were exploring each other as deep as we could go. She broke our kiss and I went straight for the nape of her neck kissing and nibbling as much as I could. I did not want to take my lips off of this woman and I tried my hardest not to. She reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off and immediately started kissing and hugging my chest as I was in heaven. I then said well we are here I want to do what we talked about over the phone. She looked at me with confusion; I said I wanted to watch you get off, Remember? She said that she has never done that before in front of someone and didn’t know if she had the nerve. I kissed her again but lightly and this time I put my hand on her right breast and she melted into my hands. I started with the top button on her blouse as she looked me in the eye as I undid the next one then the next until her shirt was open but not yet exposing her bra. I slipped the blouse off of shoulders and finally dropped it to the floor. Her chest was breathing heavy as I cupped her bra clad breast and I could see and feel her nipples trying to escape their imprisoned confinement. I kissed the base of her neck where it meets the shoulder and I could feel her wanting to be molded by my hands and mouth. I reached down and found the zipper on the side of her hip for her skirt while I was nibbling her neck I reached the bottom of the zipper and I slid her skirt off and it fell to the floor. She stepped over the gathered skirt at her feet and I stepped back to admire the most beautiful site I have ever seen. She had on a white lacy bra with matching panties with black thigh high stockings and high heels. We embraced again and I kissed my way down to the cleavage of her breast and I unhooked the clasp on her bra reviling the most perfect set of tits I ever have seen, They were C-cup and did not sag an inch, her areolas were bright pink and her nipples were big and just a pink that was surrounded by milky white flesh. I knelt down and pulled grabbed the top of her panties and slowly slid them down, behind them was a tightly trimmed bush above a nice shave pussy. Her pussy lips were full and juicy and they were hiding all but a pee k of labia. Her scent was amazing, I stood up and led her to my couch and sat her down, I pulled my easy chair over in front of her and said well I’m waiting.
With a deep breath she leaned back and looked me in the eye and spread her legs and stared massaging the side of her breast and slowly brushing over her nipples and roll them between her fingers. Her breathing was heavy and filled with excitement. Her right hand slowly made its way down her stomach as her left hand still kneading her beautiful tits. All this time my eyes never ventured from most beautiful site I have ever laid eyes on, my own hand was busy rubbing and squeezing my bursting cock through my jeans. Her eyes never leaving my and mine never leaving her. She was lightly moaning as her hand found its way to her pussy, She rubbed the sides of her lips then spreading them for me and showing me her wetness, She then inserted her middle finger into her pussy, She closed her eyes and let out a deep moan, she pulled out her finger and it was so wet it was almost dripping, She the used her wet finger and pressed it to her clit. She started to use her wet finger and started massaging her clit. She would dip her finger in her pussy and then back to her clit, her rhythm was getting faster and faster and I knew she wouldn’t last to long so I stood up and kicked off my shoes and remove my pants and underwear simultaneously and for the first time she got to see my raging hard cock. Her eyes locked onto my cock as I was watching her fingers work her pussy. I was jerking like a mad man and her breathing was increasing more and more and all of a sudden she tensed up and said I’m Cumming I’m Cumming !! I said don’t stop, keep fingering your pussy. She slid down with her ass hanging off the couch and laid back and put two fingers into her pussy and started pumping away as I stepped in front as I was pumping my cock for all it was worth. She started bucking and cumming again and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I started cumming and the first stream landed on her stomach, the second stream landed on at the top of her left thigh where the stocking meets flesh and the third stream landed at the crease of her leg and pelvic. I knelt down on one knee and pulled her to me and pulled her on top of me on the floor and embraced her on the floor. We kissed long and hard as I squeezed her ass while we rubbed my cum into each other, we were both spent but not for long.

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Wow that was hot.
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Very good,lived it