A Surprise BJ

"Oh my God! That girl's booty is SO fat!" laughed Rico as Elyse walked by. "You think you can get with that, T? Elyse Greer is the FINEST girl at Sanctuary High School. If you got with her, you would be top dog around here."

Those words stuck with me all my junior and senior years of high school. Elyse really was one of the most beautiful girls at SHS, but that is not why she was the most desirable; guys wanted her because they couldn't have her. Elyse was a good girl in the body every bad girl wanted. She had the most perfect DD tits that would make Pam Anderson cry and butt so juicy and bouncy, Jennifer Lopez would bow down. To top it all, she had morals. She said she didn't want to "get involved" in high school and was waiting for the "right guy" to come along and whoo her into his arms and all that other Twilight-high-school-girl-dream shit. Even though I always tried to flirt and talk with Elyse, I never got to know her until I graduated.

It was a hot one in 2006. The SHS senior class trip was always to Cancun, Mexico, but since that white girl went missing, the plans had to change. The new destination was Panama City Beach which is never disappointing.

The buses were scheduled to leave at 3:00 Saturday afternoon but who in their right mind actually expects 100 18 year olds to show up anywhere on time, so the bus wouldn't start up til around 5:30. While waiting for the rest of my graduating class to arrive, I went around to the tennis courts to smoke a little weed before the trip. Since the courts were so far from the buses, I didn't think anyone would head way back there. Half way through my joint, I heard footsteps approaching so I hid in the woods.

"Come on out Turtle. I know you're back here. I smell the weed. I've been watching you." Elyse called out from the center of the courts. Slowly, I emerged from the woods and waved her over to me.

"I hope you didn't tell nobody. I just wanna have fun on this trip, that's all." I asked desperately.

"You're fine. And to prove my loyalty to you..." she snatched the joint and to a long hit, then held and blew the smoke in the air. "You should take a hit from my bowl on the trip. I've got some GDP that will leave you reaching for the stars."

This was amazing! The sexiest girl in school smoked weed, and good weed at that.

"I never thought you'd smoke. You were too much of a goody-goody the past 4 years."

"No, you thoughtI was a goody-goody. I just pretended to be a good girl to keep my nose clean, which, by the way, we be heavily powdered during the trip." she said exhaling more smoke. "Here. Finish this." she said passing the joint.

"Damn." I said bewilderd. This girl was into the same shit I was but just as sneaky, if not, more. I closed my eyes, leaned on the fence, and took another big hit. Then my pants fell.

"What the fuck?!" I damn near yelled as my flaccid cock disappeared into her mouth. The sexiest girl in school basically just invited me to get fucked up on the senior class trip and is my sucking my dick without permission! If my nappy black hair wasn't getting caught in the fence, I would have sworn I passed out and missed the bus dreaming about this day. I checked my watch; 3:56.

" Wee gah tam" she said with a stuffed mouth.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." I said. Hell, I like my women to focus on my dick. Never have I had such an amazing blowjob. Elyse slobbered on my dick like a king size candy bar. She licked my balls as her saliva dripped from them. She sucked the tip and slid her tongue into my foreskin and loved on my cockhead. I tapped her head when I was ready to bust and she started to suck faster so I relaxed and released.

"You know I didn't want to get involved in high school and I swear, you are the only guy who respected that. Yes, I am a virgin, but I have been practicing on a dildo for years at home waiting for a moment to use them on you. Prepare for the best trip of you life, Turtle. These next 5 days, you are mine." She said as she pulled me to the charter buses waiting in the parking lot.
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Lucky ass!
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haha nice story! lets hear what happens next!