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How to SelfSuck

Over the last several years I've uploaded my autofellatio content to several sites: flickr, xtube, xhamster, etc. On every site, I'm asked somewhat regularly for advice on how to autofellate. I wish every man could perform autofellatio, so of course I'm happy to share my experiences! I'd love nothing more than to help inspire others to achieve this most erotic act.

After I decided to seriously try selfsucking, it took a couple of weeks of patient, regular stretching to loosen my back up enough to make the required frontbend. If there's one thing to remember, it's

***BE PATIENT*** (yet pe... Continue»
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[Story] Sucking Own Cock at Work (SelfSucking)

I was really horny at work one day and I started to rub my cock over my pants while I was in my office. Before I knew it I had my pants off and cock out. I put my self in a front bend/pretzel position with my legs behind my head, ass out in the air, and a clear view of my hard cock, smooth balls, and clean ass. At that point my eight inch cock was right in front of my moist mouth! So I did what any guy would ... I plunged my hard cock in my warm mouth and started sucking. I kept sucking my cock and using my legs to push my head on to my cock and it went deeper into my mouth.

As I sucked an... Continue»
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[Story] Catching My Daughter & Her Friend Masturbating

All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said…read on!

It’s not very often that my workday is finished before “well after” the dinner hour. It had been an exceptional day, with everything going as planned , and I was looking forward to getting home earlier than normal and having a little “alone time” before my daughter or wife got home. My plans were being drawn out in my head, as I drove those last few bl... Continue»
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[Story] My dream realized

I consider myself straight but I have lately been thinking more and more about another man's cock; I guess you could say that I am bi-curious? This is an account of what transpired for me when I finally got to experience 'the dark side'

About a year ago I invited a buddy (Jess) over to hang out while my wife was away for work. We sat around drank some beers and chatted about previous experiences from before we were both settled down with ladies. I remember that we were staring to get a little d***k when he asked if I was interested in seeing a few pictures of his ex-girlfriend friend. A... Continue»
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