gloryhole adventure

going into the bathroom, i expected nothing more than to empty my piss-filled cock. never planned anything that im about to tell u...

only 3 stalls and 3 urinals in this bathroom, so it was kinda small. it was very clean, no messes on the floor or anything. at first i thought i was alone, but then i heard a slight grunt from the middle stall. standing at the urinal in the far corner, i peeked around to see where it came from. i noticed a man in the middle stall, pants dropped to the floor. i was curious to see what was going on, because was kinky about this sort of thing. through the crack in the door, i looked in from a distance. this man was in the midst of rubbing out a nice cum load. we made quick eye contact, and i got nervous and looked away. just then, i heard the man start talking.

"have u finished peeing yet??" he asked.
"actually i havent even started yet. i was checking on the noise i heard from this stall."
"well if u want u can step inside here with me for a little bit..."
i couldnt answer immediately, but eventually gave in and accepted.

he unlocked the door, and i stepped in with him. sitting on the toilet, this mans cock was throbbing, and i couldnt stop staring. he told me to come closer, so i eased towards him. he began undoing my pants, and then pulled them down quickly, unleashing the hard cock that i was hiding.

"u still hav to pee, right? so go ahead and pee." the man said.

i let out my stream, aiming down to the toilet. i was pissing all over his cock, and he loved it. i got so turned on by this, and realized its time to have some fun...

after i finished, he thanked me, then started stroking again. i got on my knees, removed his hand, and started sucking on his big piss covered cock. i was deep throating him, inching his cock further and further down my throat. he was loving this, holding my head down. suddenly a man walked into the bathroom, immediately hopping into the stall to the left. it was right then that i noticed a big hole in the wall, about penis heighth. i thought to myself "perfect". the mans cock still in my mouth, i looked to the wall to see a pair of wandering eyes... he was watching me giving head to a complete stranger in the stall. looking down towards the ground, the man was knealing to get a good view, and i could see him pulling out his cock slowly. i told him that if he wants, he can slide his meaty cock through the hole when he gets it nice and hard. he began stroking it harder, and i went back to gobbling up this other mans shaft. not a minute later, a monster cock slid through the hole, ready for some action. i was too late, the man whos cock i was sucking got to it first. he gripped the penis, and started stroking it aggressively...

"dont stop sucking my cock, ill take care of this one myself." he whispered to me.

i loved the site of this man stroking a huge cock. they were both moaning hard. harder and harder, he was stroking this mans dick so good. then, a big grunt was let out, followed by drips of precum, and then big powerful streams of hot thick cum. this man was releasing a strong orgasm. id never seen a cock like this cum so much. he sprayed the floor right next to me, getting little bits of cum on me. after his release, he packed it in and left quickly.

we were alone again...
i stood up, and got closer to the stranger, pressing my cock up towards his face. he stuck it in his mouth and started slurping on it. this was my first blowjob from another man, and it was absolutely breathtaking. as he sucked my cock, i turned my head around to notice that his cock was shooting a big stream of piss all over the floor. his boner must hav given him more power to piss, cuz he was almost hitting the door. i reached around and grabbed his cock, aiming his squirt gun all over the bathroom walls and floor. my hand gripped tightly on his thick cock, i could feel all the piss flowing through his cock...AMAZING. he emptied his tank, leaving a slippery mess all over the floor.

2 more lucky guys walked into the bathroom just then. both headed to the urinals, they noticed the piss all over the floor, and then each man changed direction, going into the 2 stalls to the left and the right of us. no hesitation, both men stuck their unerect cocks through the holes for our taking. i grabbed one, and the other man grabbed one as well.

"ok, boys, empty ur tanks." i said to the both of them.

at that point, both penises began urinating, letting it all drizzle on the floor. as their streams got stronger and stronger, we aimed the cocks at each other, letting the 2 men piss all over each others cocks. they finished, leaving each other soaked in fresh body waste.

the man i had a hold of pulled his cock back through the hole, and knealed down so he could watch some action. i had a full view of him jerking off his cock, through the opening under the stall wall. the other man left his cock in so we could jerk it for him. still getting my dick sucked on, i pulled it out of his mouth. he stood up, and i took a seat on the toilet. he got on his knees and started sucking the cock sticking through the hole. with the man on the other side watching and wanking, i started stroking mine myself. a couple of minutes went by with nonstop masturbation and sucking. i was looking to the left, watching this man knealling and stroking his meat furiously. just then he started to cum, squirting it all over the floor. it looked like it felt great, and it started getting me closer and closer. the man in my stall was still blowing the gloryhole cock when i told him i was about to cum. i stood up quickly, put my cock up next to the other cock through the hole, and started letting it out. i was aiming my shots all over the mans dick, getting it covered in thick creamy cum. after i emptied my cock, the other man went right back into his blowjob, sucking off all my cum from the other dick. he stood up, and started frotting with the other man. with his hand around the gloryhole cock and his own, he was grinding them together. i sat back and watched the finale, still coming down off of my cumshot. the gloryhole cock started cumming, followed by simultaneous shots from the other cock. they were cumming at the same time...i had never witnessed this before, and i loved it. after the cum stopped drenching the floor, i packed it in and walked out, leaving a wet sticky mess all over the floor for another man to walk in on.

ive always wanted to go back to this special bathroom again, hoping it would be even better than the last...

94% (17/1)
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1 month ago
good god!
4 months ago
You are a very nasty cock sucker..!
1 year ago
I love the story! please write more!
2 years ago
2 years ago
You are my kind of nasty pervert. Love it.
2 years ago
nasty story
3 years ago
Very hot!