Tribute 3

after our last session, me and JC decided to do something again very soon...

when I got back from vacation, I simply had to invite him over. I didn't touch my cock once while I was gone, so I was FULLY loaded. I texted him asking if he wanted to play tonight, he accepted and headed to my place. I was watching some porn to get my cock ready for when he showed up. I heard a knock, answered, and he quickly slid through the opening. we greeted, and jumped right to the computer. I told him I hadn't played with my cock in over a week, and he told me he was jerking off at the moment I texted him, and he didn't cum yet...

we were both excited. we were looking at some DP vids. I went to the other room for a brief second, and when I returned I saw JC sitting comfy in my chair, pants off, stroking his cock. when he looked back at me he saw I was holding a new fleshlight... I handed it to him, letting him break it in. I pulled my cock out as well, so he could look at mine too. I scrolled through some more DP vids while he sat there, fucking my fleshlight. I reached over and said "lemme help u out" and grabbed the fleshlight. he put his hands down and let me take over. I quickly started pumping his cock hard, and grabbing his balls with my other hand. without even touching my cock, I was drooling precum all over the floor. I reach my finger back and touch his asshole while still gripping his balls. he moans harder and says he's gonna cum really hard. I push the fleshlight deep over his cock and let him fill it with all his cum. I felt his ass twitch as he was shooting rope after rope. after his last bit of cum released, I pulled the fleshlight off, and immediately shoved my cock inside it. mmm it felt so warm since it was full of fresh cum. I leaned back on the floor, pumping myself. JC was in awe watching me, and wanted to help. he got down, and told me not to stop pumping my cock. I didn't stop. he grabbed my balls tight and started squeezing them good. he propped my hips up so my cock was aiming directly at our faces. he told me to cum all over our faces. he was fingering my ass while I pumped myself, getting ready to explode. he shoved his finger in really deep, and i said I was gonna cum. I pulled the fleshlight off, and gripped my cock hard. as I shot my first couple ropes, he pulled his finger out, and opened his mouth wide. I aimed my dick at his face, giving him a good facial. both of our faces were covered now, so we sucked our faces clean...

after a couple of hours chilling, we got horny again...
stay tuned for tribute 4
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6 months ago
hot story
2 years ago
2 years ago
mmm both of us screwing a nasty fleshlight at the same time. sounds hot
2 years ago
ooooh ballin i loved it when you pulled that fleshlight off my cock and shoved your nice cock into that goey hole. they need to make a two man fleshlight so we can shove in our cocks together. i will be on the look out for one ;)
2 years ago
Shit, this got an old man hard! Thx.