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an old friend ;-)

after coming home from yet another semester at college, it was time to relax. I had a friend back in town too, so we decided to meet up cuz it had been a while. I had been friends with him for many years, bt the last time I saw him was about 2 years ago.

we met up. it was cool. back in the day we used to always hang out in the basement at his house. it was like a movie theatre with big mattresses on the floor instead of seats. we were watchin a movie, drinking a couple beers. the lights were dim, but not completely off. I thought about a particular moment that happened years ago with us. we were hangin out basically in the same spot, chillin. we ended up both pullin our pants down and measuring cocks, as curious as we were. I grabbed his cock, and he ended up getting hard. then it was awkward cuz we were k**s, so that was the end of that...

while thinking about this old memory, my cock started getting a lil hard. I looked over at B and said "check this out". he looked, and I pulled my cock out briefly, then put it back. his eyes opened wide, and said "oh yeah? check this out!" and did the exact same. I laughed and said we should compare dicks again... he agreed. we propped up next to each other and pulled our pants down. we put our cocks next to each other, and I grabbed his cock really fast, saying "remember last time?? uh ohh"... he giggled, bt didn't really react at all, letting me hold onto his cock. he started getting a lil hard, bt I didn't let go this time. I slowly jerked his cock real softly, and suddenly his cock sprung to full throttle. it was really thick. way bigger than I remember last. I said wow, u got a big cock! he said ya, now lets see urs all the way. I let go of his cock, and leaned back a lil. he pushed me back to the ground. as I lay there, he grabbed my semi hard cock and gripped it. he jerked it a lil, getting it fully hard. and all of a sudden, he shoved my cock right into his mouth. I moaned. he asked if it was ok, and I begged him not to stop. as he started really sucking my cock good, I couldn't help bt tell him to put a finger in my ass. he did it. I was really enjoying this. he pulled my cock out of his mouth, bt jerked it incredibly hard. he was pumping my cock so hard, and I was gonna cum soon. I pushed him away and put my legs and hips up so that I could cum on my face. he positioned behind my ass, staring at my asshole while jerking himself off. as I shot my first rope onto my face, he said he was gonna cum, and pointed his cock directly above my asshole. I felt his cum shoot into my ass as it twitched from my own orgasm. I covered my face, and I could feel so much hot cum drooling down my ass. we layed there for a moment, and talked about doing it again very soon.
Posted by ballin420 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I was rock hard during the story! good stuff!
2 years ago
yummi story shot ropes of cum all over the place!
2 years ago
shot cum on myself and ate it reading this story mmm