spying on my s****r PART 2

(this is a continuation from part 1...obviously)

I followed her into her room and closed the door. I was nervous and didn't quite know what to say or do. standing there for a moment, she looks back at me and tells me to sit down on the chair by the side of the bed. still wearing her towel, she sat on the side of the bed, facing me. she chuckled, and said don't ever tell anybody about this. I agreed. she pulled her towel down past her tits, unleashing them for my viewing pleasure. my eyes were wide open. I said her tits were amazing in every way. she thanked me as she caressed them in front of me. she let the rest of the towel fall to the floor, and scooted to the back of her bed. she spread her legs at me... my jaw dropped as I stared at her pussy. it was much hairier than from what I could see from the window earlier, bt still so hot!! she put an index finger on it and gently rubbed her glazing pussy lips. she looked up at me and said "lemme see that big cock again!" I hopped up and pulled my pants down in front of her, letting my cock spring up. she moaned a lil bit, staring at my cock, and started touching herself faster. she looked up again and asked if I would eat her pussy. I jumped on the bed and assumed my position. as I got closer to her pussy she said actually I wana 69.. I agreed and layed on my back. she climbed on top of me and assumed her position. I touched her pussy for a moment, feeling how wet it was. she was practically dripping already. I grabbed her ass cheeks and stuck my face deep into her crotch. not a moment later I felt my s****rs mouth slide down my cock slowly, and back up. she licked some precum off the tip, and immediately started deep throating me. I moaned so hard, and went back to sucking her clit. I was 69ing with my s****r, and loved every moment of it. I loved the feeling of her tits rubbing my stomach every time she put my cock deep into her throat.

she sat up for a moment, sitting in reverse cowgirl position. she looked back at me, smiled, and positioned herself upright to insert my cock into her pussy. she slid my entire cock deep inside her, and we both moaned. she said don't cum inside me!! I chuckled and agreed. she started riding me good...my cock was so deep! she adjusted herself to face me, still riding on top of me. I reached up and grabbed her tits. squeezing them, rubbing her nipples as she rode my cock. I could see drips of pussy cum sliding down my cock as she rode me...it was thick n creamy...

she sat up, leaned back in her bed, and told me to pound her. I got on top of her, and shoved my cock inside her again. I started pounding her hard, letting her know how bad I wanted her pussy. she told me "keep that up and ill be cumming all over the place.." I loved the thought of that, and started pounding harder. she moaned hard and screamed "I'm gonna cum!!" I popped my dick out, and she dug her fingers into her pussy. I grabbed my cock and jerked it. she started to squirt a lil bit. I got some on my cock, and she had a lot on her body. I was so horny now. I got on top of her like I was gonna 69 her, and stuck my asshole down to her face. she started licking my ass, while I took 2 fingers and stuck them in her soaking pussy. she was licking my ass, and milking my cock at the same time. I was digging my fingers in her pussy, fingering her hard to make her squirt again. she moaned harder and harder, and I felt my fingers getting wetter and wetter until they were pushed out by a huge gush of cum. it shot up at my face, soaking me. at the same time I was about to cum from her continuously licking my ass and jerking my cock at the same time. I popped up and faced her, then stuck my dick at her face and said, "u gave me a facial so I'm gonna give u a facial too.." she moaned and opened her mouth for me, awaiting my cum load. I shot a cpl ropes, hitting her in the eye and mouth. then 2 more, almost covering her face. she loved all of my cum, and I kept giving her more. I shot such a fat load on her face. she licked up all that she could, moaned a lil bit more and thanked me. she popped up and told me to get in the shower with her now. I agreed and we went to the bathroom. she got in, and told me to watch this. she got on her back in the shower, and propped her hips up against the wall. she opened her mouth and started pissing on herself. I moaned and immediately felt my cock getting hard again!! she looked back at me and said, "I hope u got a full bladder in there..." and winked at me.

I smiled at her....

stay tuned for part 3...
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1 day ago
Very hot reading, hurry up a write part3 please
1 month ago
holy shit! unbelievably hot!
8 months ago
that is so fucking hot have to read more
1 year ago
that was hot
1 year ago
dirty lil fucker...
1 year ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
THAT was totally HOT!!! can't wait for pt three!!
2 years ago
looking foward to part 3