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after exchanging hot and nasty messages with a friend from the site, we decided to meet up for a night...

we decided to meet up at a drive in movie theatre.. just to cover up how crazy it might be. we met up, he hopped in my big SUV. I got blacked out windows and full DVD system in my car, so definitely in my car ;-). we chatted for a minute, just catching up. then we decided to get a lil nasty. I reached over n gripped his soft cock, still with his basketball shorts on. he moaned, and said let's watch a naughty vid here. I pulled out my secret stash of hardcore scenes. we watches for a cpl minutes, sometimes rewinding at some of the cumshots...

my cock was raging, I bet his was nice and hard too. I'd only seen pics of his cock online, so I was pretty excited. he offered to get in the very back of the car, and I accepted. as we got into the back, I told him I had to pee so bad and was gonna step out real quick. he grabbed me an said no get back here. I obeyed. I got in the back and laid back. he reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I started peeing. in my briefs, I was just lettin it go. with his hand right around my shaft, he pulled it out and sprayed himself for a second. it felt great as I finished up. he pulled his pants down, letting me see his rock hard cock. I sat up and laid him on his back. I reached down and grabbed his balls, massaging them hard. then I stuck my finger lower and tickled his tight asshole. mmm he moaned. I stuck my finger deep into his ass. I pulled out, and immediately grabbed his cock, jerking it good. I got down and started sucking it. I was sucking his cock so hard, deepthroating good. he said he was gonna cum and tried to pull his cock out of my mouth, bt I held it in, making him squirt his hot gooey cum all in my mouth. after he ejected the last bits, I spit his cum on my cock, and lubed my cock with it. he reached down and started jerking me hard. I couldn't take much more before I blew my load. he put his face down by mine, and I propped my hips up to give us both a facial. I jerked my cock so hard, and he put a finger in my ass while I jerked. he put his finger in really deep and I started to shoot. we both opened our mouths wide, getting bits of my thick cum in each of our mouths and faces...
Posted by ballin420 2 years ago
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11 months ago
mmmm ya suck me lick me rim me!
11 months ago
fuckin hot i want to do that and more to u
1 year ago
hot man really hot!
2 years ago
Thanks for the facial. I can still taste it!!! I want to piss all over your cock and asshole next time. Your such a nasty fucker.