spying on my s****r

for a couple of days, I was staying at my parents house. I usually hate it cuz it's always so boring. my s****r still lives there, cuz she just turned 18 and is not yet graduated from high school yet. she always seems to hang in her room most of the time...not too social with the rest of the f****y. whatever..

one night, I was just hangin out, drinking a few beers at the house while my parents went out for the night. she was in her room, doing whatever she does. I was gonna pack it in and go to bed, so I took the dogs out back to wander for a moment. in the corner of the house there's a window into my s****rs room. it's always pitch black in that area. I saw a glow coming from in her room, so I checked it out real quick...kinda spying on my s****r...wierd.

as I peak in, I see my s*s walking out of her bathroom in her underwear. a skimpy bra and some lace panties. now ill admit, my s*s has a banging body. a round, filled out ass and a pair of luscious tits, definitely DD, bt I've never really checked. I never see her like this, and it made me wana stick around for a moment...and I'm thankful I did...

she jumped onto her bed, and got to her computer. her computer was hooked up to her tv so the screen was displayed larger - I do it too, it's pretty nice. I can't really see the screen, bt she is basically facing directly at me, bt unable to see me of course. she situated herself on her bed, and kinda spread her legs a lil bit. suddenly she rips off her bra, unleashing her incredible set of tits. I've never once seen her tits full on...small nipples, no sag at all. they looked fake almost, bt I know they're natural cuz she doesn't hav that money, plus she just turned 18 not long ago. I was turned on, I couldn't stop looking. she played with them for a bit, squeezing them, sucking her nipples. then she took one hand and gently went down to her panties. gently rubbing her clit with one hand, the other still on her tits. she brings her other hand down, and pulls her panties to the side, flashing her tight pussy lips. I could tell she was pretty wet already. she took 2 fingers and stuck them deep in her pussy. she took them out after one insertion, and stuck them right into her mouth, sucking her pussy juice. she then removed her panties, giving me full view of her pussy. she was a lil hairy, bt it was neatly groomed, just the way I love it. I was seeing my s****r completely naked, and my cock was getting so hard. her eyes were locked on her tv screen, some good porn clearly. she put her fingers back in her pussy, and fingered herself softly. she seemed to love the taste of her pussy, cuz she was consistently putting her fingers in her pussy, then back in her mouth. she then re situated herself, bracing her hips up, exposing her asshole to me, and continues fingering herself. her other hand jumped down to her ass, clenching her cheeks. still fingering good, a lil harder and faster than when she started. she took her other finger. sucked it, and brought it to her asshole, and started rubbing it. she quickens her pace, now fingering her pussy with one hand and fingering her asshole with the other. I could see drips of cum sliding from her pussy, down her ass, and onto her bed sheets. I could tell she was moaning hard from her facial expressions, I wish I could hav heard her. finger fucking herself really hard now, she was 3 fingers deep. the 2 fingers from her ass quickly popped out, and went into her mouth. back to 2 fingers in her dripping wet pussy, she was fucking herself so hard. all of a sudden she pulls out her fingers, and is followed by a huge gush of cum, squirting all over herself. wow. she squirted hard. her asshole was twitching, and she was rubbing her tits, coming down off of that orgasm. she was sucking the cum off her body, finding every last drop. I was in awe. squirting is my biggest turn on, and seeing my s****r gush was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen. she popped up, and went back into her bathroom, and jumped in the shower to wash off all the cum residue. I quickly went into my room, cuz I really needed to pump my cock after seeing that. I ripped off my pants and started stroking. my cock was raging, bigger than I had ever seen for some reason. as I was reaching my orgasm. I suddenly heard a knock at my door. it was my s****r, bt I was too close to stop, and jus kept pounding. as I was beginning to blow my wad, she opened the door... as I started shooting my first cpl ropes, I looked back at her staring at me. she was only wearing a towel, and her eyes widened, gazing at the moment. I was cumming so hard, and she was watching every second of it. I was so embarrassed, bt it felt so good that I didn't care. as I blew out my last couple jizz shots, she chuckles at me and says, wow! now that is how a man should cum. I kinda chuckled too and replied, ya u got that right. we both giggled. she was still staring at my freshly glazed cock, still hard as ever. she told me to follow her back to her room, cuz she wanted to now show me how a woman should cum. my eyes widened, I jumped up, followed her to her room, and locked the door behind me....

stay tuned for what happened next...
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1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
very HOT, on my way to part 2
2 years ago
2 years ago
I Used To Spy On My Mom And 2 Sisters when I was Younger too.Used to sniff their dirty panties all the time too.I drilled a hole in the bathroom wall and would sneak peeks at whoever was in the bathroom showering or bathing,My Mom or My Sisters.I Love To watch My Mom when she would Bath,Loved to watch her wash her sweet hairy pussy.Watch her use her finger washing her sweet hary pussy.Then I`d go in the bathroom later and sniff the panties she had on that day.Man I Loved her panties.They always Smelled So Sweet And Musky Got Me Rock Hard All The Time. i Loved Her Panties The Best.
2 years ago
Very hot start! Thanks!
2 years ago
i wanna watch,where is the rest of the story
2 years ago
nasty sister, can i do her too??
2 years ago
Hurry please. ;-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
can't wait to read more