great night

every night i walk home from work. its a pretty long walk, but ive figured out all the shortcuts to make it quicker. the apartment complex next door to mine gives me a good alley behind it where i can cut straight to my complex. its kinda scary walkin through sometimes cuz its so dark, but i take it either way. there are rows of windows for each room along the back side of the building, and like everybody else, u cant help but glance inside as u walk by. most nights were pretty calm, not much action in the rooms, but this past night really shocked me...

as i entered the alley on my way home, i noticed a man staring into a window very cautiously. he definitely couldnt see me from the darkness, so i tiptoed closer and closer, hoping he wouldnt hear me either. i approached a dumpster about 10 feet behind the man, and just watched, wondering what he was watching. all i could see was the outline of his body from the light in the room. it looked like he was twitching, but soon i noticed it was a was a jerking. this peeping tom was totally playing with his cock while staring into the room. there must hav been something crazy going on in there... i was still sitting, still watching this man pump his cock hard. i wish i could see his cock, but i had a bad angle. then, it looked like he had his orgasm, cuz he quickly just lifted his pants, and took off. i went up to the window and immediately noticed that the glass was still dripping with cum. so much cum!!! i also noticed a man in the room, it looked like he was going to bed, nothing special. i must have missed all the action.

the next night, same routine, i was walkin through the alley, and decided i wanted to try my luck at the 'special' window. i stopped, and peeked through. the blinds were somewhat closed, but i could still see inside. i also noticed the cum from the night before had almost stained the glass, leaving an outline of the trail. suddenly a guy walked out of the bathroom, only wearing a towel around his waist. i decided to watch him for a while. he sat at his computer, and hopped on the internet. he clicked a link and a porn site popped up. i noticed it was xhamster, and that really caught my eye. he was scrolling through of big cocks. i suddenly became aroused, and very interested in what was going to happen next...

he stood up, and removed his towel, now completely naked. i could only see his ass, but when he sat back down and adjusted his position, i saw his cock, hard as a rock. it looked bigger than mine, and my cock is 8" hard. it was a glorious sight, this guy had a fucking hot cock. he slowly jerked it, still scrolling through pictures of dicks. then he got to the videos...he picked one, and luckily it was a cumshot compilation. this was incredible, i didnt know whether to watch the dicks on the video, or this guy's massive cock getting jerked. i was so horny, so i pulled my cock out and let it sit. i was so focued on the guy in the room, i was so obsessed with his cock. by now, he was really pumping it, like he wanted to cum any second. he pulled a toy out of his desk drawer, and put lube on it. it was a homemade fleshlight! he put his dick inside it, and started fucking it really hard. he was nailing it so hard, and i loved every second. another 30 seconds in, he quickly pulled the toy off, and put his hands to the side. just then little drips of cum were oozing out of his cock, and then all of a sudden, huge ropes of cum were flying all over the floor. i expected him to cum quite a bit from the size of his cock and balls, but this was legendary. i was so turned on, but when i looked back, another man was walking the alley, so i put my hard cock away, and fled the scene. i ran back to my apartment, and decided to have myself a little 'alone' time of my own...

stay tuned for how my adventure went... ;)
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