gloryhole adventure 2

it was getting dark outside, and i needed to release some pressure in my being in the right part of town, i decided to go to a porn shop/video booth.

as i pull into the parking lot, theres a good number of cars. i went inside, and there were a bunch of ppl - mainly guys - in the shop. it was very quiet, so i went straight into the viewing area. i grabbed the open booth directly in the middle of the room. i locked the door, took a seat, and listened to my surroundings for a moment. i knew there was something interesting going on in the booth to the left of me, cuz i could hear intense moaning...i peaked thru the hole because it wasnt closed, meaning he must want me to watch him. thru the hole i saw 1 man, pants off, legs spread. i could only see his backside cuz he was facing the opposite direction, watching his video. i could see what he was watching, a webcam recording of a blonde girl fingering herself. i could see his arm, pumping away at his cock, yet i still couldnt get a glimpse of it. he began moaning much harder, so i figured he was about to cum. and i was right, he came so HARD. he lifted his hips in the air, and shot 3 huge ropes of cum all over the screen, then continued jerking his cock til he got all his creamy cum out. fucking HOT. with a fresh cum covered screen, he got up, zipped up, n left. i laid back n let my cock throb, i didnt wana jerk it yet cuz i wanted to build up a bunch of cum...

no more than 2 mins later, another man came into the room that the previous man had just left from. he sat down, and as he scrolled thru videos, he noticed the cum all over the screen. he pulled his limp cock out, n started rubbing it on the screen, getting cum all over his cock. this man had a hot cock, and i loved looking at it. he got his cock nice n hard, then started browsing vids. i looked away for a moment to glance over at the room on the other side of me. i peaked in, and saw a white guy slobbering over this black mans cock. there were 2 guys in the booth, looked like they planned on meeting there for that exact reason. the black cock was nice, the cocksucker could only get about half of it in his mouth before almost gagging. bt he was sucking his cock good, really getting into it. suddenly he hops up from sucking, points his cock at the other, then shoots his creamy load all over the black guys cock and balls, and with no hesitation, jumps back down to the cock, and back in his mouth, now freshly covered with cum. another minute passes of hard cocksucking, when the black man hops up. holding the other mans face to his cock, he cums all over his face, getting in his eye, and all over his mouth. it was such a hot sight, both men had great cumshots.

my cock was now begging me to play with him. i took my pants off to let him out. i was really hoping someone would be watching me...i scrolled thru some videos, and came across a cumshot compilation of numerous guys shooting heavy loads. i was in the mood to suck so much cock, and this video was getting me so horny. a cpl mins into the video, i was jerking my cock so hard. pumping up and down, my cock was loving it. i was pointing my cock at the video, letting drips of precum get all over the floor. i got off my chair to lay on the floor instead. i wanted to lay in my own cum, and let fellow viewers get a better look at my cock. as i was getting settled, i peaked thru to the room next door again. there was a different man in this room. he was propped up against the wall, legs in the air, jerking his cock like he was about to cum all over his own face. i could tell he was a lil pervert, it was so obvious by how hard he pumped his cock. suddenly i felt a terrible urge to pee, and its very hard to hold it in when u hav a fully erect cock. i couldnt hold it, so i was about to just pee all over my room floor. then i realized i didnt wana lay in my piss, so i quickly stuck my rock hard cock into the gloryhole, and started pissing all over the man inside, covering him and his room with hot piss. i doubt he wanted it, bt he didnt question me at all.

i went back to jerking off...i laid on the ground, spread my legs, and began pumping my cock more. the next scene of the video was a man doing a hands free cumshot. as cum started leaking out of his tip, he quickly grabbed his shaft and jerked it so hard, squirting out huge ropes of cum. it was so hot that i had to restart the scene over and over. precum still dripping all over the floor, i lifted my legs and started touching my asshole. it started with touching, then quickly progressed to 1 finger, and then to where i was full on fingering my asshole hard with 2 fingers. it felt so good, my asshole was getting so wet. my cock was throbbing, and i was ready to cum. i took my fingers out of my ass, put my legs down, and started my grand finale. now using long strokes to jerk my 8 inch cock, my body began to clench up, and i could feel an orgasm rising. i slowed my jerk, and started shooting spurts. 1 spurt, 2 spurts, with ooze leaking out. then 3 spurts, 4 spurts, and an enormous 5th spurt that landed all over my face. i couldnt stop cumming...6 spurts, 7 spurts. OMG this was my biggest cumshot ever. 8 spurts, and gradually becoming less powerful. i let go of my cock, and let the last 2 spurts ooze out of my huge cock. now laying on the floor, cum covered body, and a twitching asshole, i relax for a second. i look up to see a pair of eyes staring at me with enjoyment. he experienced the whole cumshot, and loved every bit of it. im glad someone was able to see it, cuz it was the best feeling in the world.

i would love to continue the rest of this story, bt part 3 will be on the way shortly.
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1 year ago
hot stuff!
2 years ago
im still awsiting for number 3 ;)
2 years ago
Wow. That was hot. The part where you pissed on the guy who was jerking off onto his own face was great. Would love for someone to piss on my ass and let it run down over my cock and balls into my mouth.
I love laying in pools of cum at the book store and rubbing the cum all over my cock, balls and ass. I always leave my door unlocked so anyone can cum in and do whatever they want to me.
2 years ago
good story ballin...i got to try this!