2nd gay experience...

Laying in my bed, i invite my friend over to hang for a couple of hours. By the time he gets to the house, im still laying in my bed, so he hops right in on the opposite side. We greet and talk for a bit, nothing special. We were both wearing basketball shorts, so it was pretty easy to notice any 'unusual' bulge...

I sat up and looked over at my friend, still stretched out on the bed, and noticed him scratch his cock. I pointed out the fact that i saw his bulge, and he asked if i liked it, in a joking matter. I was scared for a second, surprised and in awe. I told him he had a big dick. He looked at me, smiled, and started pulling down his shorts. I watched, waiting to see what happened next. I noticed he was wearing briefs, and as he pulled his shorts further down, his cock was coming more in to my sights. Shorts down, his cock sprung out from under, glistening in the sunlight from my window. I stared for a while, investigating... It wasnt fully erect, but still standing upright, barely bent at the tip. A nice, hairy cock...at least 6-7 inches, with more to grow ;-). He put his hands behind his head, totally relaxed. He lets out a big sigh, and just then, starts peeing. A big jet of piss started shooting out the tip of his hot cock, straight upward about a foot, then falls, splattering all over himself and my bed. i was shocked at what was happening. I liked that he just surprised me like this. I watched as his cock swung around uncontrollably as he continued peeing. I came closer, and slowly reached out to grab it. As i grip my hand around it, he groans slightly with pleasure. Feeling the flow of piss run through his cock turned me on instantly. I aimed his cock at our faces. I let him spray my face and mouth, then i let him spray his own face, and he loved it. As his tank emptied gradually, i began stroking his huge dick, making him squirt the last little amounts of piss. He then got on top of me, 69 style. i had his hairy dick right in my face. he feels the outside of my shorts, noticing how hard my dick was, and immediately rips it outta my shorts and into his hand. so i f***ed his dick in my mouth, and let him start fucking my mouth while he jerks me off. Little did he know that i had to pee too...he started sucking my dick, OMG he was so good. slowly going up n down on my cock while he fucks my face. the moment he deepthroats me was the moment i let out my load of pee. it shocked him for a second. he aimed my stream all over his face, spraying himself. he would spray himself, then shove it back in his mouth and let me pee in his mouth and down his throat. i pulled his dick outta my mouth, and started jerking it so hard. he loved it, and i wanted him to cum all over my face. still peeing in his mouth, i felt him tense up a bit, like he was gonna blow...i kept jerking, and suddenly i was getting hit with hot creamy ropes of cum. he was shooting a big cumshot all over my face...i shoved his cock back in my mouth, and felt at least 3 more spurts of cum shoot down my throat. after emptying my tank, i rolled him over, got on top and started jerking my cock. i was so horny that it only took about 15 seconds before i was about to cum, so i aimed at his cock, and sprayed it, covering it in creamy cum. now drenched in cum, his dick lay, still hard. so i got down and started sucking his cock, slurping down all of my cum along with it.

Part 2 on the way....
91% (8/1)
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1 month ago
soooo hot! love the piss
2 years ago
i would piss all over your mouth, and fuck your asshole.
2 years ago
Great story. The first time someone pissed in my mouth was at a adult theater. I was sucking him off when he started pissing in my mouth. I didn't want piss all over my clothes so I just swallowed it.