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[Story] adult theatre

i decided to meet up with a couple of friends from xham at a nearby adult theatre. i pulled up and went in to browse around since they hadn't arrived yet. i got in and immediately my eyes were drawn to the dildo and fleshlight shelf on the wall. just walking over to them and seeing glimpses of porn everywhere started to get me horny. looking at a couple of fleshlights, my cock was growing fast, when both of my buddies strolled in together. we greeted, and immediately JC was eager to go back to the viewing booths. we casually walked back there, and when we entered, there were 3 guys sitting on ... Continue»
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[Story] true story with friend 2

my buddy told me he wanted to hang out again....sounds good to me!! i knew right away that we were gonna jerk ourselves off like last time, and lucky for him i had been saving a load for about 3 days. i told him id be over in a couple of hours. immediately i got on the internet and starting watching some porn to really get my cock ready. as usual, cumshot vids were my go-to, and i was really in the mood make my buddy cum. after watching a couple of cumpilation vids on xham, i packed it in and headed out to his place.
when i arrived, he let me in and we went and sat on his couch (and i immedia... Continue»
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[Story] gym adventure #2

another late night workout. again, i went at about 1:30-2am to get sweaty. surprisingly, it was a bit busier than last time. as usual, i played some basketball, and hit the weights for about an hour.

i got back to the locker room, and by now it was pretty empty, as expected. nobody in the changing room, but i heard some of the showers on. i got completely naked, and headed to the showers. normally ill wrap up in a towel, but hoping to get something special tonight, i went naked. i even touched my cock a little bit to get it semi hard, but not blatently obvious. i entered into the hot tub a... Continue»
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[Story] true story with a friend

one of my old friends hit me up to chill the other day. I haven't seen him in a while since we don't work together anymore. I agreed to hang with him, and headed over to his apartment.
I arrived, and we chilled for a bit, playing some video games. after that, we turned on the tv for a bit. there was a sex scene in that movie we were watching, and after it ended, my buddy said "check this out." he pulled his computer out and quickly pulled up a porn clip that the sex scene reminded him of. we watched it, and it got me thinking...
I grabbed the computer, and said "lemme show u a REAL porn sit... Continue»
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[Story] gym adventure

last night, i decided to go to the 24 hour fitness right by my house for a latenight workout. i like to go late around 1 or 2 in the morning, cuz theres no ever anybody else. i began with a little basketball warmup, then hit the weights and ran for about an hr. i got back into the locker room, and decided to get in the hot tub and shower. i love being able to walk around the room naked, too. i stripped down to nothing, and sat on the bench. i was getting my dick a little thick for while i walked around the room. i threw my towel over my shoulder, and headed towards the hot tub. i could feel my... Continue»
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[Story] my 1st cock treat

after a long night of drinking and a next-morning hangover, me and my buddy Z from school wanted to hang out n chill for a bit. At my house, we sat around, watching a movie. There was a part in the movie where the main characters have sex, so we got to see some nice titties. after the scene, Z looked over and said, I'd like to cum on some titties like hers.. I replied me too. check out these titties too, as I walked to the computer. I pulled up some pics of a cpl hot babes, and he popped next to me with his eyes wide open. my cock was getting hard as we scrolled through pics. we stumbled acros... Continue»
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[Story] shemale adventure

I was at the bar for the night. relaxing, putting down a couple drinks. I had started talking to another guy at the bar. we had a lot in common. after a good couple of laughs, a woman came up and joined in. we were suprised, she was really hot! we sat around for a cpl minutes, talking and laughing. as the bar was closing, me and my buddy needed to find cabs to get home. the woman offered to give us a lift, and we saw no problem, and agreed. on our way back, she said she wanted to drink more, and I said I had some beer at my place. so we all decided to go there for a little bit.
as we get set... Continue»
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[Story] tribute 4

we lay there, talking about sex. JC told me his friend kristy wanted to hang out with him. he told her she could hang with us, and she was already on her way...

I remembered kristy from the video booth night that we all had, but there were so many cocks at one time that I couldn't really remember her sweetness. a couple moments passed waiting for her. JC went to the bathroom for a second. immediately when he closed the door, she knocked. I answered, greeted her, and invited her in. much sexier than I remember...we sat down, and I bumped my computer, taking off the screensaver, unleashing th... Continue»
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[Story] Tribute 3

after our last session, me and JC decided to do something again very soon...

when I got back from vacation, I simply had to invite him over. I didn't touch my cock once while I was gone, so I was FULLY loaded. I texted him asking if he wanted to play tonight, he accepted and headed to my place. I was watching some porn to get my cock ready for when he showed up. I heard a knock, answered, and he quickly slid through the opening. we greeted, and jumped right to the computer. I told him I hadn't played with my cock in over a week, and he told me he was jerking off at the moment I texted him, ... Continue»
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an old friend ;-)

after coming home from yet another semester at college, it was time to relax. I had a friend back in town too, so we decided to meet up cuz it had been a while. I had been friends with him for many years, bt the last time I saw him was about 2 years ago.

we met up. it was cool. back in the day we used to always hang out in the basement at his house. it was like a movie theatre with big mattresses on the floor instead of seats. we were watchin a movie, drinking a couple beers. the lights were dim, but not completely off. I thought about a particular moment that happened years ago with us. w... Continue»
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[Story] spying on my s****r PART 2

(this is a continuation from part 1...obviously)

I followed her into her room and closed the door. I was nervous and didn't quite know what to say or do. standing there for a moment, she looks back at me and tells me to sit down on the chair by the side of the bed. still wearing her towel, she sat on the side of the bed, facing me. she chuckled, and said don't ever tell anybody about this. I agreed. she pulled her towel down past her tits, unleashing them for my viewing pleasure. my eyes were wide open. I said her tits were amazing in every way. she thanked me as she caressed them in front ... Continue»
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tribute 1

after exchanging hot and nasty messages with a friend from the site, we decided to meet up for a night...

we decided to meet up at a drive in movie theatre.. just to cover up how crazy it might be. we met up, he hopped in my big SUV. I got blacked out windows and full DVD system in my car, so definitely in my car ;-). we chatted for a minute, just catching up. then we decided to get a lil nasty. I reached over n gripped his soft cock, still with his basketball shorts on. he moaned, and said let's watch a naughty vid here. I pulled out my secret stash of hardcore scenes. we watches for a cpl... Continue»
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[Story] spying on my s****r

for a couple of days, I was staying at my parents house. I usually hate it cuz it's always so boring. my s****r still lives there, cuz she just turned 18 and is not yet graduated from high school yet. she always seems to hang in her room most of the time...not too social with the rest of the f****y. whatever..

one night, I was just hangin out, drinking a few beers at the house while my parents went out for the night. she was in her room, doing whatever she does. I was gonna pack it in and go to bed, so I took the dogs out back to wander for a moment. in the corner of the house there's a win... Continue»
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[Story] great night

every night i walk home from work. its a pretty long walk, but ive figured out all the shortcuts to make it quicker. the apartment complex next door to mine gives me a good alley behind it where i can cut straight to my complex. its kinda scary walkin through sometimes cuz its so dark, but i take it either way. there are rows of windows for each room along the back side of the building, and like everybody else, u cant help but glance inside as u walk by. most nights were pretty calm, not much action in the rooms, but this past night really shocked me...

as i entered the alley on my way home... Continue»
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[Story] gloryhole adventure 2

it was getting dark outside, and i needed to release some pressure in my being in the right part of town, i decided to go to a porn shop/video booth.

as i pull into the parking lot, theres a good number of cars. i went inside, and there were a bunch of ppl - mainly guys - in the shop. it was very quiet, so i went straight into the viewing area. i grabbed the open booth directly in the middle of the room. i locked the door, took a seat, and listened to my surroundings for a moment. i knew there was something interesting going on in the booth to the left of me, cuz i could hear int... Continue»
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[Story] 2nd gay experience...

Laying in my bed, i invite my friend over to hang for a couple of hours. By the time he gets to the house, im still laying in my bed, so he hops right in on the opposite side. We greet and talk for a bit, nothing special. We were both wearing basketball shorts, so it was pretty easy to notice any 'unusual' bulge...

I sat up and looked over at my friend, still stretched out on the bed, and noticed him scratch his cock. I pointed out the fact that i saw his bulge, and he asked if i liked it, in a joking matter. I was scared for a second, surprised and in awe. I told him he had a big dick. He ... Continue»
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[Story] gloryhole adventure

going into the bathroom, i expected nothing more than to empty my piss-filled cock. never planned anything that im about to tell u...

only 3 stalls and 3 urinals in this bathroom, so it was kinda small. it was very clean, no messes on the floor or anything. at first i thought i was alone, but then i heard a slight grunt from the middle stall. standing at the urinal in the far corner, i peeked around to see where it came from. i noticed a man in the middle stall, pants dropped to the floor. i was curious to see what was going on, because was kinky about this sort of thing. through the crack ... Continue»
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