A Sexual Movement - Part 1

The Warm Up

Kisses placed lightly at first on your lips, cheeks, eyes, ears and neck.
Caresses (you are clothed) fingers run through your hair, brushing down your neck, across both breasts, tickling your mouth lips, stroking your shoulders, back and arms.
When Warmed Up
Kisses prolong in length and urgency, your mouth opens wider letting the kisses become deeper with tongues being f***ed against one another. Teeth nip and bite lips, tongues are sucked then lick lips, eyelids and neck and ears.
Clothes will become loosened the flesh underneath stroked, fondled, tickled and pinched. Each breast in turn shall be cupped, stroked and released from their bra the attention paid to them extensive. The nipples played with lovingly, become aroused and engorged by fingers initially but then when licking your neck the mouth and tongue continue down to firstly lightly move across a nipple and then to suck and lap hard on beautiful excited breasts.
Your breath will be quickening and a dampness and yearning is building between your legs as you become more and more turned on. Groins and hips are churning and grinding against one another and both of persons are surrendering to overwhelming sexual desire, the need to make love, to fuck, hard.

Getting Naked
Suddenly your clothes are ripped off, eyes gorge themselves on your body visually, the mind metaphysically. Your legs part fully wide open with real wanton invitation to be explored and satisfy the womanhood fully exposed to my ministrations.
Fingertips delicately trace a line from your breasts to pelvic bone with firmer pressure being applied there. You gasp and groan and ask for them to keep travelling but they’re taken away instead to grab a foot and begin massaging and after a while begin licking each toe. If you tickle you’ll be squirming if you’re not you’ll be in heaven.
Next keeping the tongue always attached to skin it is moved slowly up to ankle, shin and calve to knee and behind on up to thigh, all the while caressing and teasing with fingers before reaching buttock and inner thigh. There the journey briefly ends as the other foot is taken and it all begins again.

The Really Good Bit
Again the mouth and hands have reached the lower buttock and inner thigh. They now pinch, nip and rub slightly harder, firmer with more pressure, the aim to cause a reaction, increase sensual awareness. A choice is made and you are rolled onto your front, the whole of your butt is the target for the moment. Massage strokes a fully applied, fists are kneading the soft flesh getting into knotted areas and smoothing them out in an intense sometimes painful but thrilling manner.
Oh how you so want to feel that cock in your hand, mouth or mostly in your cunt. To thrill at its hardness intimately joined with you covered in your now freely flowing juices…
Once any knot goes the massage becomes more endurable but in a highly erotic way, for the focal point has switched to the cleft of each cheek and also down in between the juncture of both thighs. This change brings unexpected shudders as first your asshole is fleetingly swept as the fingers travel down, yes down the grove to move over and across both pussy lips.
Ah at last you’re sex has been felt a huge wave of desire floods through your body as the movement is repeated with the fingers lingering slightly longer. Hips are pushed against the digits, u*********sly your back has arched. You bite your own lips as an ardent fever flood through your sexual areas threatening to engulf you.
And all the while those damned fingers continue to tease and please, massage oil is only adding to pleasure, allowing easy unhindered silken passage of tips to press into a hole here, open lips there and mingle with fluids, committing only more fluids to appear as the hands glide ever over and on. Becoming more overpowering in time as the strokes steadily strengthen, gradually narrow focus onto and into cunt lips inside and out, the hardened clit,
Your choice…

Playful Time
A can of whipped cream chosen earlier by you now enters play, a dollop is sprayed onto each of your nipples in turn to be licked or sucked off, if you are able you can lick the cream off yourself too or you can suck the cream from your nipple off the tongue that slowly removed it and is now offered to you to french kiss and taste the mingle of cream and body...

And the night has only just begun... what a Sexual Movement is in store!

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