Hi would like to tell you about the first time i had some cock.i was at a party with some friends had way to much to drink and fell asl**p in the chair must have been after 2am when i woke i could see aguy sitting in a chair with what i thought was a woman sitting between his legs.I thought get in a bj,so i didnt let on i was awake and just watched.He must have been close has it didnt take long befor he shot his load,it was only then irealised it was a man doing the sucking.I waited for them to go to the bathroom then i disappeared.
I thought about what i had seen all week,i was turned on my wife had no idea as it wasnt somthing i was going to mention,lolon the following saturday night i was out again and chris the guy in the chair came over to me."u enjoy the show last week?"i didnt know what to say i must have been obviouse,"dont worry i wont say anything,but if u would like to have a go let me know will give you a few tips"with that he walked away,i was supprised to say the least,but the more beer i got the more interested i about 2am i went over and asked him if he was seriouse"fuck yes,only live 5min away""what if somone see's us"?i said. "meet me outside in 5min just walk towards the carpark"
Sure enough we were at his in 5 min,as soon as we walked in i had his cock out,dont know what got in me,he already had a semi on so it didnt take an expert to get him fully hard,i couldnt take much in my mouth never done it before,but fuck i waas turned on.he was bucking away at me,"dont cum in my mouth"i said "ok if you dont want me to i wont"i wa working his cock he was good to his word he told me he was cuming and i finished him off with my hand.there was cum every were.i said my fair wells and off i went.the wife really got a good fucking that night.needless to say that wasnt the end of my experiments with cock,but another time
87% (10/2)
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2 years ago
Well Done.
4 years ago
great story. I'm in Stockton you can message me. We can talk about fantasies
4 years ago
Good story! What happened next??
4 years ago
I liked it...please continue.