My first anal experience

anal sex is something still considered a our country its even worse but it had to be foreigner who indulged me in this experience.
i was 17 when i came across this british/afghan gal called Caroline who was so beautiful that i had to tell the driver of the bus i was in to stop.i alighted and quickly caught up with her.she was friendly and we quickly got into each other.Nairobi to a foreigner is a bit unfriendly and i guessed she noticed my effort to be just what was not on the menu, hard to resist.she was an air hostess and it was her first time i showed her around all the places which were a walking distance from her hotel and after a late lunch,she told me she was looking for weed.i knew where to get it and half an hour later we were in her hotel room rolling the joints.a couple of her friends joined us for the weed and after they left we started imbibing in jack daniels and coffee.she liked the way it felt,u know taking the spirit hard and following it with hot could literally feel the coffee going down the alimentary canal!!
on this king size bed,watching a bond movie(cant remember which one)already high on weed and jack daniels,the obvious had to happen.she started teasing me with her breasts which were natural and full with dark pinkish nipples,bringing them close to my mouth and quickly avoiding my bite.i tried to grab her and she quickly got off the bed and started a striptease which seriously now had my cock straining for freedom.i released my belt unzipped my jeans and was just in my boxers where she could also see my great jnr.i was now at the edge of the bed watching her butt gyrating so close to my face and whenever i send my hands to touch it she avoids my touch.that tease was just too much for me at that age and i just chased her around the room until i got her where i wanted, on bed.she made me sl**p on my back and started kissing me.we kissed so passionately and she was really surprised i was that good.she told me later that she really liked the way i kissed was really deep 'coz she was very beautiful and i couldnt believe i was making love to this woman i met today!
as she continued with planting kisses all over my body,i played with her pussy which was really now wet and kneading her sexy butt.we quickly reversed the roles and i started doing the same to her,licking her ears going down her long beautiful neck,to the jugs and their now erect nipples.bit those nipples until i could hear her was so sexy seeing her kind of driving my head towards the places she wanted me to lick and after the sexy flat belly,i had come to the wetness i was dreaming of when i saw her on the street.there the pussy i was so much thinking of on the bus was now in front of me.i made love to that hole putting all that rocco movies i saw into it.i felt her holding my head there and i my tongue was doing an overtime on her clit.she was getting closer and closer and pushing her pussy to meet my strokes and then finally she closed her thighs on my head which was now fully on her pussy and her cries of coming were followed with her lifting her body in an orgasmic arch.i could literally feel her convulsions which ran through her whole body and her gasping for breath at the same time trying to laugh and saying,'fuck you,fuck you!'i knew i had accomplished something here and that was actually a compliment.
i was still very hard by this time and i knew if i did anything stupid i'll ruin my perfomance.i let her recover from her orgasm and she quickly now wanted to show some appreciation.she started licking my ears which felt ticklish and an electric sensation ran down my spine.i was so horny and hard that by the time she started on my nipples i just let her skip the rest of the course and pushed her to my cock which she first gave butterfly kisses then she opened her mouth wide and eased it inside her warmth.with one hand she grabbed my butt and with the other she played with my balls as she started sucking on my now red hot cock.she gave my shaft a thorough lick and for a moment she would take my balls,each at a time and give them a good cock became bigger in her mouth as her tongue went up and down the shaft.i now held her head with my fingers running through her blond hair.i could see her watching me and noticing that i could no longer hold my sperm.i was trying to stop it but she went further and gave my balls another wash and followed that with a good suck on my head which soon i could no longer hold it and i filled her mouth with my hot salty sperm.she tried to gulp all of it but it was too much and it trickled down her sides of mouth onto her breasts.she milked my cock of every drop of my juice as i tried to catch some breath.she continued licking my head and that felt so nice until i started feeling re-energised for another session.she was surprised but i told her i wanted to take her pussy which she reassured after a break.
we had a break she wanted.actually it was a shower break.after cleaning our bodies of the first session's residues,we got into bed and i pushed her on her back and straight went for her fingers went inside her as i took her clit between my lips and i sucked it like there's no tomorrow.i could hear her squeling and panting,her moans growing louder and louder and her pussy getting wetter and wetter.suddenly she stopped me and grabbed my already hard cock licked it fiercely and then pushed me on my back.she quickly got on top of me and mashed her lips on cock was just inches away from her now wet pussy as we continued kissing,our tongues probing each others mouths.then she reached her hand to my hardness and slowly led it to the mouth of her wet cunt.i could now feel the heat of her cunt lips on my head as she slowly moved my full length into her sweet was so nice feeling her cunney lips and walls over my cock.she started moving up and down my fullness,working her pussy on my hard and full cock.we were panting away in a heated frenzy and her large pink nipples stiffened against my chest.her hips moved from side to side and then in a circular motion as i held firmly to her we moved in unison,my middle finger found the little puckered hole and i managed to slowly insert it in.she was now moving like an untamed horse and our tongues were in and out of each others mouths like crazy.Caroline was now gasping and moaning as she was getting closer to her orgasm and within a second she stopped abruptly,came to my side and laying on her side she took my cock and led me again inside her wet cunt.i liked that position as it gave me a good view of her beautiful full butt which was slurping on my belly with every stroke.not long after i could feel her moving to my balls stroking them and then that moment i was talking about arrived without notice and without my asking.she got hold of my cock,took it out of her pussy,placed a lot of spit on it and in her butt and next i felt my cock's head being pressed hard against a sheath of flesh i was to know later as asshole.she pressed it and held it there for a time until i could feel a muscle giving way and she yelped telling me to now go slowly.i felt this heat and tightness never experienced before.i followed her instructions carefully pushing an inch at a time until her sweet anus engulfed my cock fully.we started moving slowly and building up gradually feeling her anal cavity gripping my cock and i could feel my cock growing thicker and larger inside her.we felt like we were on another planet at this pleasure.she looked at me her eyes almost closed with the untold pleasure she was feeling.she reached for my mouth and i kissed her passionately for giving me this pleasure.i moved deeper and deeper in her ass and she was now freely moving her butt like cameron diaz in chalie's angels,gyrating her ass on my cock.i rode that exquisite bumhole,pumping her like a piston in an engine and at the same time playing with her clit.she was moaning and shrieking at this union which for me was really unbelievable.i was now reaching a point of no return and as i made her aware she told me to just hold it a bit as she led my hand on her clit and i played with it until she thrust her whole butthole on my cock and could hear her say with a hoarse voice like bonnie tyler,'fuck you,i'm coming,hakeem come with me pleeeeaase come inside my ass now'.i just let everything out there and then.i hadnt known anything like that before.we came together like no one of us had experienced before.i could feel her body go through all those convulsions and her anal walls gripping my spewing cock so tight like never before.she pushed her butt against my belly and i pushed harder against her butt until after all our juices had been drained i felt my cock pop out that sweetest hole i had ever known.she quickly turned and took my prick in her mouth,gave it a real tender licking,taking some of her anal and my juices down her mouth.she played with my cock for few minutes and then i could hear her sl**ping on my belly.
that was my first anal experience.we met again several times whenever she was in kenya until she got married in 2000.she still does get in touch with me but it is now more on friendly terms though she confided to me that she never gets to do those things she did with me.u never know one day she might come calling to recall those, 'once in a lifetime' moment!!
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2 years ago
3 years ago
very good story continue to write more.
3 years ago
WOW you've inspired me to write about my first anal experience! HOT story!
3 years ago
Good story man. The female asshole is a nice place to be!