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Will and I are on a business trip together trying to land a major sale with a key customer. We've been working very close together on this project for a long time. We are both in a meaningless marriage and we frequently voice our frustrations, but we always have kept things between us as friends and coworkers. Finally after weeks of preparation and long hours together, we finally land the sale after a long flight from home to our customer’s headquarters. As we leave the building, we high five each other and Will says we need to go out and celebrate the big sale we just made.

We go to a very nice restaurant that also has a live jazz band and small dance floor. We proceed to order drinks, toasting over and over as we enjoy our meal together. Will looks a little nervous; he lets his guard down and tells me I look lovely tonight. I blush and tell him thank you. Will says in his mind all he sees is my sexy legs in these high heels and they are driving him crazy. I am nothing if not a people pleaser so every time I catch him staring at them, so I make sure he gets a nice view of them under the table. After we finish dinner, Will orders us another bottle of wine.....our mood is very flirty by now as the jazz music plays away....

Will finally gets up the nerve and asks me to dance. After the cocktails we have shared my guard is completely down and I agree. At first he holds me loosely as we maneuver across and around the dance floor. He surprises me my dipping me at the end of the song and I laugh. He pulls me up and I lose my balance and fall in to him. The music begins again, a slow sultry number. He keeps me held tight against him and we sway slightly, barely moving. We stare in to each others eyes, messages of questioning and acceptance pass without even a word being spoken.

Finally as the song ends we slowly make our way back to the table with hands lightly linked. We pay the bill and walk out in to the crisp night. We turn the corner in to the darkened parking lot where the rental car awaits. Again our eyes meet and instantly awareness zings through me as I know where this is headed. Will leans down to kiss me and I eagerly meet his lips. It starts slow, an exploration, but the drinks or the strained marriages on both sides, whatever the blame can be, we begin kissing more and more aggressively, more fervently. He backs me up against the wall grinding his hips in to mine as we almost savagely kiss and nip at each other. Uncontrollable…an almost perfect description of the overwhelming feeling that we share.

His hands slide it way down my back to cup my ass, urging it forward toward his straining manhood trapped inside his pants. I wriggle against it and a hiss erupts from Will’s mouth. His hand travels up my side until it stops at the curve of my breast. Will slowly moves his thumb over my nipple that is straining through the fabric of my silk top. Slowly he captures it between two fingers rolling it back and forth driving me insane with the slowness of his touch. Finally he pinches it roughly and I bite down on his lip. Will pulls away and grins. A new facet of my usually quiet demeanor is shared with you…I like it rough.

87% (8/1)
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6 months ago
nice...what they said \/
2 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
Very nice !
Also hope there is a follow up story !
3 years ago
hope there's a sequel to this
3 years ago
A great start ....