Toiys with Tony

Nancy put the car in park and looked up at the third floor apartment where he waited for her. She shivered in her excitement. Tony had texted her earlier in the day that he had an amazing day planned for her. She knew there would be a lot of pleasure, maybe pain, and definitely adventure. She sent him a quick text to let him know she was there then got out of the car and took the stairs to his apartment quickly.
“You got here right on time,” Tony called out to her as she rounded the last stairwell and arrived at his door. She smiled and nodded as he pulled her in the door and kissed her deeply. Nancy smiled against his lips and told him how excited she had been all day to see him. They kissed more as he led her into the living room. His hands roamed all over her body as they continued kissing and smiling at each other. Few words were spoken, because few were needed. He asked if she was ready for the pleasure he had planned. Nancy quietly told him she was ready and trusted him completely. Tony smiled and told her to stay put. He went in to the bedroom and returned with a blindfold. He held it up and asked her if she would allow him the honor of complete trust. Nancy didn’t even hesitate.
“I am your to do with as you please,” she told him.
“Good girl,” Tony said as he tied on the leather blindfold and kissed her. He left her standing while his hand dealt with her clothes. He played with her nipples with his tongue while his fingers played with her pussy, flicking her clit and sliding through her slit slowly. Nancy moaned already enjoying herself and not even worrying about what might come next.
Pulling away Tony led Nancy carefully to the couch and pushed her down. He pulled her legs apart and planted his face in her pussy. Nancy raised her hips to meet his mouth, the blindness brought her enjoyment even faster. Tony loved pleasuring a woman with his tongue and he was very talented. In no time Nancy was grasping the cushions and screaming in orgasm. As she enjoyed aftershocks that shook her body, Tony told her how he planned to continue ravishing her and use her to fulfill his hidden passions. Nancy whispered, “Use me…I am yours.” Tony laughed deeply and pushes a vibrator in to her pussy. He commanded her to play with herself while he brought out his toys and finishes getting her pleasure kingdom ready. Nancy lay back on the couch and enjoyed the vibrations that racked her body. As Tony moves throughout the apartment he told Nancy that one reason he wanted her blindfolded is that some of the things he planned to do to her may be a little scary looking and he didn’t want her to be put off. Nancy is not even concerned by this admission, instead she tells him to bring it on. Tony knew that would be her reaction, and it pleases him that she is so willing to let him have full access to her body with no worries. Finally having gathered all his toys and tools he again settles between Nancy’s legs. He licks her pussy again then moves up to her nipples. He licked and bit and pulled at her breasts, while his fingers removed the vibrator from her pussy and worked the area with his fingers instead. As her continued to play her body, he told her what else he planned to do to her. He murmured that anytime she needed him to stop, to just tell him, otherwise he would continue to work her body and please them both.

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2 years ago
nice start but needs a whole lot more
3 years ago
So sexy... I wanted it to continue!