Tommy's Tongue

Nancy was horny as hell and getting no action, so she logged on the internet and found a message from Tommy, “wanna fuck tonight?” He was straight to the point, she’d give him that. And she liked that in a man. He was new and she normally was safe and careful. Held first meetings in public, no sex, but damn if she wasn’t dying for action and her regulars were all busy. This “Tommy” was online and mobile so she could send him a message…if nothing else she could get off by IM or phone. So she took a chance and sent him an IM.

Nancy: yes i wanna fuck.

Tommy: hot damn, when?

Nancy: now damn it come on!!!!

Tommy: i am already on the road i could be in your area in 45 minutes.

Nancy: why don’t i tell you a story as you drive this way

Tommy: tell me what you want to do babe

Nancy: well let’s say you are driving here...and you call to let me know you are about 30 minutes i start telling you how am already hot and wet

Tommy: you r so fucking hot…damn

Nancy: and i tell you how bad i want to fuck and i just can't wait...sooo i take out my toy and turn the vibe on...i rub lightly over my clit and it makes me shiver. then when i am so horny i cant wait anymore i plunge it deep inside me and let the vibe run thru me

Tommy: yes yes

Nancy: i move it slowly in and out, in and out. telling you how it feels and begging you to speed up and get here

Tommy: i walk in and find you naked and soaked

Nancy: nope not are stuck in traffic so i have to play by myself

Tommy: i'm flying down the road with a fucking hard on

Nancy: over the phone you tell me all the ways you want to fuck me...the best is in the i take my toy and run a bubble bath...i lay back and play with myself in the tub waiting on you still telling you about gets me so hot i cum on the toy...just as you walk in the take the toy and lick it...then lick me

Tommy: fuck yessssssss

Nancy: and pull my hips from the tub over the side...and lick me some more....its not comfortable but who use your fingers to plunge while your tongue caters to my clit...i cum hard all over your face...i pull you up and lick your lips and kiss you deep and hard. then i turn on the shower and pull you in with me...i rinse off the soapy bubbles and then bend down to my knees...i take your throbbing cock in my mouth and lick from tip to balls....the slide you in and out of my mouth

Nancy is turning herself on with the little story she is telling and decides to pull the toy our for real. She slides in over her slit, but doesn’t turn it on and doesn’t slip it inside. She is distracted from the story until the phone buzzes, showing a message from Tommy.

Tommy: what happened i am almost there

Nancy: sorry got distracted by the toy

Nancy turns on the vibrator and lays the pink pulsing dildo on her slit, still not going in. She arches her back slightly and spreads her legs allowing the pulsing vibe to carry her away.

Nancy: i continue to suck and blow and lick and take tiny nibbles across your shaft. then I stand up turn off the water and walk to the bedroom, dripping water across the hard wood floors. as i get to the bedroom I look back and see you still standing in the shower watching me. i smile and continue on to the bed.

Tommy: 5 minutes and you better be hot and wet cause i am hard and throbbing.

Nancy: i lay on my stomach across the bed, reaching underneath to massage my straining nipples. i raise myself up on my knees and spread my legs slightly so I can reach down and rub my clit while twisting my nipples.

Tommy: damn the red lights are killing me

As she types it, Nancy acts it out. She feels the wetness of her pussy cover her hands. She is ready for fucking. She spreads the lips of her pussy wide and plants the dildo slowly inside her. Lowering her hips she pulls the throbbing dildo deeper. Smiling, Nancy begins to slowly move up and down on the pink contraption that is pulsing and pleasing her tremendously. The phone buzzes a message alert but she doesn’t pay attention to it, continuing the rock and thrusting, with each downward motion taking the dildo deeper in to her wet and aching snatch.

“Damn” she hears behind her. She turns and looks over her left shoulder and sees a man with a distinct bulge in his pants standing in her bedroom door. She smiles and turns overspreading her legs wide and plunging the vibrator in and out of her twat angling it so he can watch it slide in and out. He literally pounces on her and grabs the vibrator from her. He lowers himself to his knees and places his mouth below the dildo, darting his tongue out over the lips of her pussy. Nancy lays her head back and spreads her legs wider giving him access to all her honey hole. Tommy pumps the trembling toy twice into her then pulls it out and replaces it with his fingers and tongue.

Starting with her clit and sweeping downward, Tommy slowly runs his tongue up and down. Then holding her lips apart with his fingers and begins to worry her clit with this tongue and teeth. Nancy’s hips come off the bed as she feels the beginnings of a massive orgasm. Tommy’s fingers and tongue continue their exploration, bringing Nancy to the edge over and over, then pulling away and waiting for her to beg for more. Finally he sticks his face in and blows on her clit and licks over and over until she falls over the cliff and into an amazing orgasm.

Smiling he kisses his way up to her breasts and licks her nipples. Nancy’s hands rub his back as he laves her aureoles with his tongue. When at last she recovers she winds her arms around Tommy and quickly flips him over. She smiles wickedly and lowers herself on to his straining cock. Tommy’s eyes close as she slowly rides his cock leaning forward and back, moving up and down on him.

Suddenly she stops and crawls off of him. He looks up surprised. She walks over to her mirror leaning against the wall and goes down on all fours. Tommy catches her eye in the mirror and winks. He joins her on the carpet, leveling himself he slams his cock in her from behind. Nancy yells “YES!” loudly as he continues to rock her from behind. Faster and faster, like rabbits he fucks her from behind. Spanks and pulling hair, grunting and begging for more, they rut like yard a****ls until he pulls out and spews cum all over her back and ass.

Nancy rests her head on her forearms and breathes deeply, slowly pulling oxygen into her hurting lungs. Finally she pushes him off and stands up. She gathers his clothes and tosses them to him.

“You better leave, my husband will be home soon,” she says as she makes her way in to the bathroom.

Tommy puts on his clothes and walks in to the bathroom. He pulls the shower curtain back and watches her bathe. Smiling he smacks her ass one last time and leaves, thankful that he had thought to message the spunky woman he met online the day before.

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