Party with Paul

Party with Paul
Nancy and her friends sat around the living room with their drinks in hand, laughing and joking along with the party hostess. Debbie played with the rabbit vibrator and joked, “This is definitely not your momma’s Tupperware party!”
Nancy laughed and nodded as she touched the rabbit vibe and felt the sensations flow through her fingers. More laughter and embarrassed giggles followed as the ladies passed the toys around and tried not to tell too much about their own collections back home, hidden under the bed, in the closet, and in their dresser drawers. Paul listened to the women in the living room as he lay in the bed waiting for Nancy to join him. She had called him earlier and purred in to the phone inviting him over for a night of play. He got hard just listening to her voice as she described what would happen at her home that night during the toy party, how women would be gathered in the living room, passing around various sex toys and lubricants. She lured him with the thought of him being privy to the private thoughts of women, knowing that as they discussed their innermost fantasies he would be listening and when they left, Nancy would come to him and juiced from the toys and stories she would become his own personal sex toy. Paul lies back on the bed, puts his hands behind his head and continues to listen, and get harder with all the giggles, gasps, and little moans coming from the other side of the door.
In the party Nancy enjoys her friend’s reactions to the toys and openness of the host. Some are blushing, shrinking back in to themselves, others are eager and willing to try the toys and taste the lotions being offered. What spurs her on is knowing Paul is in the bedroom, waiting and listening. She pushes the envelope with her shy friends and encourages her outrageous ones, enjoying herself and excited about what she will be doing later on.
Debbie is really having fun with the toys and eagerly tries anything the host brings out, vibrators, lubes, lotions, dildos; all pass through her hands first. The more she gets her hands on the wilder her comments become. Nancy begins to wonder how Debbie would react if she had her stay behind and asked her to join in on pleasuring Paul after the party. Nancy excuses herself and slips in to the bedroom. She shows Paul the dildo she is playing with, shows him how deep she can take it into her mouth, teasing him. He smiles and reaches for his zipper but she shakes her head no.
Softly she whispers, “How about I invite a friend to stay and join us?” Paul nods and she slips back out to the living room and hands off the dildo to the next person and joins Debbie on the loveseat. As the night goes on Nancy tells Debbie about her friend Paul and how he is a master at pleasuring women orally. Debbie’s husband isn’t in to eating pussy, Nancy knows, so every chance she gets Nancy throws in a comment about her pleasure with Paul and how good he is, egging Debbie on as they continue to play with toys. As the toy party draws to a close, and all the girls are filling out their order forms, Nancy makes her move and tells Debbie about Paul being in the bedroom, how he is waiting to pleasure them both is she is interested. Debbie is shocked and unsure, but also more than a little interested.
The hostess thanks Nancy for hosting the party and gives her a gift bag of lubes and toys. Nancy shuts the door behind her and turns to Debbie. She opens the gift bag and pulls out the fingertip vibrator and smiles. The bedroom door opens and Paul is standing there, shirtless, jeans riding low on his hips, zipper undone, smiling a big Cheshire grin. He looks at Debbie and nods; she is a little nervous, just sits and looks back at him, her eyes focused on the straining bulge in his pants.
“Debbie, meet Paul, my favorite sex partner,” Nancy laughs as she pours the remaining gifts on the table. She grabs the bottle of strawberry sex lotion and tosses it to Paul. Paul grabs the lotion out of the air and struts toward Nancy. He grabs her pulls her roughly toward him, kissing her hard and rough, then pushes her away.
“Listening to you ladies laugh and giggle all night has been torture. All night I wanted to join you all and show you why toys can never take the place of a real man. But I waited, knowing that all my pain and suffering would be worth it when Nancy was free. Debbie I’d love to help you out as well, but you can just watch if you want.”
Nancy looks at Debbie who was still glued to her seat. So she grabbs Paul back and pushes his pants down his legs, freeing his penis. Nancy kneels in front of him and applies the strawberry lotion, then licks it off as she takes him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Paul grabs her head and guides her while watching Debbie’s reactions. He stops Nancy, pulls her to her feet, and leads her to the couch beside Debbie. Nancy lifts her skirt and allows Paul to pull off her thong, stroking her pussy with his fingers. He pushes her back on to the couch and looks from her to Debbie. He hands Debbie the fingertip vibrator and winks. Then he kneels in front of Nancy and begins nuzzling her pussy, nipping at the outer edges. Squirming Nancy slides down more and opens her legs wider, inviting him to take what he wants, what they both want. Paul eagerly complies with Nancy’s unspoken request and begins to lick her with slow deliberate licks, going deeper with every trust of the tongue. He uses his hands to part the folds of her aching pussy and begins to suck on her clit, then lick her, then suck alternating and driving her crazy. Meanwhile Debbie sits and watches and begins to squirm herself. She picks up the fingertip massager and lifts her own skirt. As Paul thrusts his tongue Debbie matches it with her own thrust in to her wet pussy. Nancy watches Debbie and becomes even more excited. Paul grabs Debbie’s hand with her own and helps her thrust, eating Nancy fingering Debbie, he sends Nancy over the edge as she orgasms strong and hard. Nancy sits up and kisses him, licking away all the cum from his face, then walks over to the table and gets a vibrator from the gift bag. She returns to the couch and begins to pleasure herself as she watches Debbie, who has leaned back and is allowing Paul to finger her. He pushes hard against her clit with the massager, causing Debbie to moan. Paul looks at Nancy and she nods, encouraging him to go farther. Paul pulls his fingers from Debbie’s engorged twat and replaces it with is mouth. Debbie jerks upright, unsure, but melts again with the heavy licking and suckling she receives. Paul suddenly stops and lays back on the floor, pulling Debbie with him. He has her sit on his face so she rides his tongue. Nancy watches and is aroused even more. She joins them on the floor and as Debbie rides Paul’s tongue, she straddles him and begins to ride his cock. Both women riding and moaning send Paul over the deep end. All three of them cum within minutes of each other, each woman falling to either side of Paul. They each lay there panting, trying to regain their strength. Debbie is the first to move, she sits up jerkily and grabs her purse. She looks at Nancy and Paul then away. She seems frozen, then she sees her underwear laying on the floor. It seems to mobilize her she snatches them and begins to laugh. Unsure what is going on Nancy and Paul stand up and Nancy puts her hand on Debbie’s arm. Debbie turns and looks at Nancy and says, “Thank you, this has been the best Tupperware party I have ever been to.” She kisses Paul on the cheek and walks out the door. Nancy and Paul watch her go, and then turn to each other.
“So what other gifts did you get tonight?” Paul asks as he leads Nancy in to the bedroom where more pleasure awaits them both.

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