Alexs Anal Adventure

Alex’s Anal Adventure

Nancy was looking for something new something different, someone exciting and maybe a little dangerous. She was tired of the same old guys approaching her the same old way and expecting the same old thing. Tonight she vowed she would go out on a limb and be vivacious and seductive, put the tired school teacher in the closet and be the flirtatious bombshell she always wished she could be.

Straightening the cowl neck of her see through sweater dress she again peeks out the window to the empty road in front her home. She is a little nervous inviting a complete stranger to her home with only the intention of having sex with him. No dressing it up this was an invitation to fuck, no dinner or movie, no social niceties just come on over and fuck the hell out of me. What if he was some kind of freak, but well, in a way wasn’t that what she wanted? A freak that would make her naughtiest fantasies come true. Someone that would push her limits and sensibilities past reason to where she could find true delight. And that’s how she ended up here tonight, waiting for Alex, a stranger she met on some website who had promised her a night of raw sex and pleasure.

Moving from the living room window back to the chaise she sits down and curls her feet underneath her. Nancy has agonized over this rash decision the entire night before and barely slept a wink, her thoughts chasing each other through her brain all night. At 2 am she finally gave up any pretense of trying to sl**p and began to clean. Her house now sparkled but she was no closer to being relaxed than before. Maybe if she just closed her eyes a minute she would feel better.

Ten minutes later a quiet knock sounded and the door opens, admitting Alex into the house. He looks around wondering where the woman who had captured his thoughts and dreams for weeks is hiding. He saw her profile 3 weeks before and had been steadily trying to woo her since. From the first moment finding her obvious innocence in the description of herself and her experiences he knew he had to have her. To his delight their subsequent emails and phone calls proved she was as interested as he was. His only concern was her lack of experience; he didn’t want to hurt her physically or emotionally. And then he saw her reclined on the chaise, asl**p and looking alluring and innocent all at once. It was a heady combination and he could feel himself responding to the picture she made.

Quietly he walks over and leans down to get a closer look at her face. Her brow is scrunched as if in thought and he runs his finger across the worry lines on her forehead, easing them away. Gently he shifts her over to the back edge of the chaise and joins her on it. He holds her close and rubs her back, while pulling her closer to him. Her black sweater gapes open to reveal her unbound breasts. Her nipples strain upward, begging for his touch. He leans down and softly laps at them. Nancy wakes and snuggles deeper in to the warm blanket surrounding her. She stretches and soon realizes it isn’t a blanket at all. She jerks up and is surprised to find the man of her fantasies lying beside her. Before she can say anything Alex takes her nipple into his mouth and begins to suck and nibble. With his hand he begins stroking her ass. Nancy’s mind flies in a million directions from the sensations he is causing, to the fact her is here in her house, to the idea that at last her deepest fantasies are about to come true.

Continuing to suckle on her breasts, Alex grabs the hem of her sweater and pulls it up, releasing Nancy’s breast only long enough to pull the garment over her head and toss it to the floor. Giving her no time to react her latches back on to her nipple with his mouth and lowers his hands to her already wet pussy. Using his thumbs he slowly traces the outer edges, teasing and testing Nancy. Not wanting to wait anymore for what she is so hot far, Nancy arches he back and lifts her hips hoping to f***e his thumbs in to her aching pussy. Alex smiles as he sees how ready she is and stands up, leaving her completely naked on the couch. Nancy doesn’t even try to cover herself instead reaches out to him wanting to pull him back down.

He steps out of her reach and begins unbuttoning his shirt. He tugs the ends from the waistband of his pants and then skims it off his shoulders and lets it fall to the ground. Slowly he unzips his pants and lets them slide off, stepping out of them and his flip flops at the same time. Alex stands there letting Nancy look at him, knowing she will need time to adjust. When he sees her smile he knows she is ready. He reaches out to her and takes her hand. Alex roughly jerks her up to him and holds her tightly against him. He leans down and rains small kisses on Nancy’s neck up to her ear. Nancy shivers with delight as his hands roam her body and his mouth continues kissing its way across her face and down to her chest.

“You wanted something different, something wild? Well that’s what you are about to get,” Alex whispers to her. “Lead me to the washer and don’t ask any questions.”

Nancy looks at him questioning but follows his order and shows him to the laundry room. Alex looks around the room and finally moves toward the washer. He backs Nancy up against it, grinding his hips in to her as he kisses her hard. His tongue plunders her mouth and she feels lightheaded from the sensations attacking her from every direction. Alex’s hands grab Nancy’s wrists as he holds her securely between the cool metal of the washer and the warm skin of his body. Slowly he pulls back and stares into her eyes. Smiling he takes a step back and pulls her along. Alex turns Nancy and has her face the washer. He pushes her down until her breasts and stomach rest on the top of the washer.

“Stay,” he commands and then he steps back. Alex reaches up and turns the knobs on the washer to the spin cycle and then leaves the room with Nancy bent over the machine as it agitates. He returns and pats Nancy on the ass telling her she has been good to stay as he wanted. He begins rubbing her back and massages her shoulders as he presses her chest in to the washer. The movement of the appliance and the surge of anticipation cause Nancy to shiver. Alex’s hands lower to Nancy’s ass and he moulds her curvy ass with his hands. Nancy feels a liquid being applied to her rear end and begins to stand, but Alex whispers for her to not move and just enjoy. Uncertain she follows his orders and remains pressed to the machine.

Alex continues to spread the gel over Nancy’s ass and begins massaging it deeper, sliding his fingers in to her as he moves. Nancy is surprised but enjoys the sensation and moans aloud when plunges his finger deep in to her ass. He slowly moves in and out with his finger while reaching up to tug at Nancy’s hair. Leaning his hips in to her to anchor her in place, Alex removes his fingers and begins to slowly put the head of his cock in to Nancy’s ass. His hands reach up and grab her shoulders while he waits for her to adjust to his penetration. Nancy is surprised, but she enjoys the feeling and slowly leans back, letting Alex know she is ready for more. Carefully he rocks in to her slowly, still giving her time to adjust and expand to allow him in. When he is buried deep in her ass, he reaches around and starts the spin cycle over. Pressing Nancy back to the washer he begins to rock her from behind. In and out, up and down, Nancy is moved in every direction and is driven crazy by each and every movement. Grabbing Nancy’s shoulder with one hand Alex arches her back and pulls her toward him, with the other hand he slaps her on the rear, causing her to squeeze together her ass cheeks.

“That’s it,” Alex hisses out through his gritted teeth, “Squeeze my cock tight and show me you want it.”

“I love your cock in my ass,” Nancy wails, “Please don’t stop. Please fuck me harder.” Then Nancy yells, “I can’t hold it in much longer!”

“Cum, right now cum while my cock is buried deep in your ass,” Alex grunts as he slaps her ass again and again. Finally, not able to hold back Nancy screeches loudly and collapses forward on the still spinning washing machine. Alex pumps two more times and then pulls out, spraying his cum all over her ass and back. Softly he reaches around her and pulls her to him. He turns her around and lifts her up in his arms. Slowly while placing tiny kisses all around her face and neck he carries her to the chaise where he found her earlier and lays her down, covering her with a blanket.

“Thank you,” Nancy whispers as she watches him dress. He smirks at her and nods his head as he turns and walks to the door. “Will I see you again?” she calls as he walks out. The rev of his motorcycle is all the response she receives. Smiling she shrugs. It doesn’t matter if he comes back again, she’s had him once and she knows that because of this tall dark stranger, her sex life will never be boring again.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
pritty good it kept me intrested i will read more
gave it 6.5/10
3 years ago
Great story ! Looking forward to reading the others
3 years ago
Great Story. I hope every woman can truly enjoy the same sensation.