Camping with Chris

Camping with Chris
By Nancy

Camping is so not my favorite activity but my friends were so excited and I can never say no when they get that way. So off we go four girls, the four amigos, the four musketeers, well you get the picture…Amy, the stuck up bitchy one, Brenda, the aggie hippie, Diana the mother figure, and me, Nancy, the reformed virgin. How we got to be friends is anyone’s guess as different as night and day, but our group meshed and fast friends we became.

Destination Savannah, the four of us pile in to Amy’s blue convertible and we head toward the beach. Top down, hair blowing in the wind, and Joss Stone blaring from the CD player, what more could you want. About 2 hours in to the drive Amy spots a KOA sign on the side of the highway. She points, since speaking is utterly useless between the wind and the bump of the music, and everyone gives the thumbs up. Carelessly changing lanes, as Amy is so apt to do, she pulls over to take the exit. Horns blare and fingers are given by the red truck behind us, until they pull beside and Amy flashes her grin and waves at the two guys inside. They whistle and hoot again, this time not in anger. Laughing we all give a final wave and take the exit ramp toward camping bliss.

Pulling up to the office we all pile out slowly stretching out weary bones. All four of us are teachers and this is the first weekend of summer break. To reward ourselves we are taking a break from families and houses and k**s and pets and getting away. I leave the girls to their stretching and head in to the KOA office to check out their camp sites. I take my place in a short slow moving line and begin to examine the place we have chosen to stop. The office is neat and orderly; all four employees behind the desk are hard at work with customers. In front of me there are four groups waiting. The first is a harassed dad with a baby in his arms while mom is entertaining two more c***dren with crayons over by the wall. The second group is a threesome of young hard-bodied college boys with floppy hair and hats on backwards. Next is a retired couple who obviously belong to the huge RV parked outside with a sign proclaiming “I am spending my k**’s inheritance”. The final group is not actually a group, it’s a single man. He is reading a map and checking golf courses off a list as he compares distances and prices. I study the man in front of me as he looks over golfing options. He is tall about 5 feet 7 inches and has dark hair. From behind his shoulders appear strong and well formed beneath his loose fitting Atlanta Braves t-shirt. I continue my perusal and check out his worn khaki shorts, frayed at the edges from long wear. On his feet is a pair of brand new Nike shoes, no socks. As I begin my way back up he turns and catches me staring. I blush, as I tend to do, and he smiles and nods. I look away quickly trying to get out of the embarrassing moment.

“I don’t mind, I could feel your eyes and thought you may want a front view as well. Take your time I am in no hurry.”

Blushing furiously, I stare at him. His gleaming eyes challenge me. Slowly I raise my eyes to his hair and study his whole face carefully ignoring those deep dark eyes, then continue my study down his finely tuned chest to his shorts and the front of his lightly tanned legs and the tips of his Nikes. I shrug as if to say “Whatever” and then raise my eyes to meet his. Laughter lights his dark eyes as he raises an eyebrow and gives a little nod. I laugh and nod back.

He turns back and continues to look through the golf listings while waiting. The f****y in front finally corrals their young and head out followed by the young guys and the RV’ers. Finally the man in front of me takes his spot and I follow him taking the next window. Just as the lady is asking what type of site I am looking for, in walk the girls and Brenda loudly proclaims, “Get ready people we are here to party!” She saunters up to the desk and readily tells the clerk that she needs to put us in a spot where there are lots of single men. She lets everyone know she and Diana are spoken for but Amy and I are looking for love in all places, right or wrong. Amy and I look at each other and just shake our heads. Brenda is her own woman and no amount of hushing can stop her once she gets on a roll.

Beside me the man I was checking out, turns and looks over catching my eye. He winks and I smile back. He gathers his paperwork and walks over to me. “Chris, campsite 1025. I’ll be around all weekend.” Then he turns and leaves, with me watching every step of the way.

I turn back to see Amy, Brenda, and Diana along with the clerk watching me. I giggle and shake my head. “How close can we get to 1025?” I ask.

Later, we find our campsite, 1028, and begin unloading the tent and supplies. Diana is in charge of bedding, Amy the food, Brenda the dining tent, and somehow I get the sl**ping tent. Struggling with eight foot tent poles with my five foot four frame is quite a sight I am sure. Muttering a string of unladylike curses after getting my fingers pinched yet again I feel a presence behind me. I know right away who it is. I turn around.

“Chris are you gonna stand there all night or are you going to help me out here?’ I say testily. “Right now I am enjoying the view,” he replies. I shoot him a look and see his smile. “And what view is that?” I ask.

Slowly he reaches out and pulls the ties for my wrap around shirt. Somehow in my struggles they have become loosened and my shirt is gaping open. I look down and become mortified to see my black-see through lace bra on display. I grab at the strands, but Chris quietly turns me around and reties the string. In my ear he whispers that no one else has seen he wouldn’t have noticed himself if he wasn’t checking me out so closely. He chuckles as he pats me on the ass and says thanks for the show. I turn around to make a smart ass comment only to see him grabbing up tent poles and making quick work of assembling a tent that I couldn’t make heads or tales of. In no time he has the tent up and staked with the flap open and began helping Diana load in all the bedding. That task complete he heads over to help Amy set up the kitchen and checks with Brenda to make sure she has the dining canopy over the table where we can eat in the shade.

After charming his way around the camp site helping all my friends, Chris heads back over to where I am perched on a folding chair watching his every move. Smiling he squats down in front of me placing his large tanned hand on my knee for balance. Looking deep in to my eyes he lets his eyes wander down from my face to the front of my shirt. I look down and reach down to pull together the front of my shirt, making sure nothing is showing. Chris reaches out and pulls my hand away.

“That is too nice a view to hide away from the world,” he says as he grins wickedly. Boldly staring in my eyes he continues, “That’s going to be a mighty cramped tent tonight. I have plenty of room if you want to share…you know where I am.” He leans forward and places his lips right by my ear and whispers, “I am more than willing to party with you, your friends can have their own party without you.”

He pulls back and continues to look deep into my eyes. I lean up and whisper to him, “I’ll make do with my friends, thanks.” Then I stand up, making Chris loose his balance and take a tumble on to the ground. Surprised Chris stays sprawled on the ground for a few minutes. Shocked I quickly bend down to check him and make sure he isn’t hurt. He smiles and grabs my hand and pulls me down beside him.

“You will be much more comfortable with me down here,” he says laughingly. I lightly punch him in the arm, and Chris reaches over and begins to tickle me. Playing we roll across the ground tickling and laughing and making a mess of the campsite. Exhausted we stop rolling with me lying atop Chris.

“I told you you’d be more comfortable down here with me,” Chris says in a laughing voice. He reaches up and places a strong hand behind my head and guides me down to his waiting lips. Lightly, with the promise of more to come, Chris places kisses on my chin, cheeks, and finally with the barest of contact kisses my lips. I can feel his smile on my lips and the promise of a hard cock against my leg. I smile back and place both hands on his chest. I push up leaving him on ground. Chris puts his hands behind his head and crosses his legs at the ankles. He grins as I try to rearrange my top to cover my almost exposed breasts.

“Don’t cover those delectable things on my account,” Chris laughs. I shoot him a withering look and turn my back on him, only to confront my 3 friends watching with amusement.

“Think I’ll go for a walk,” I say as I start off down the trail to the bathhouse. As I leave I hear Chris’s deep chuckle along with snickers from the women I used to call my friends.

I walk to a stream surrounded with trees and find a boulder to drop on. I immediately begin to think about the man I walked away from and the feelings he has produced in me in such a short time. I remember his kiss and the feel of his hand on my neck and ribs, and how his hands felt as they skimmed my body. I feel my cheeks burning as I recall how I purposely arched my back at one point to place my breast squarely in his hand. As I sit there remembering the feelings and wondering how I am going to make it through this weekend without becoming the wanton slut I feel like being. Suddenly, as if appearing from my daydream, these same strong hands begin caressing my neck and back while a deep sexy voice tells me how wonderful my breast felt when I put it in his hand and how he would love to hold it and caress it and kiss it with out the barrier of clothing.

For just a minute, a breathe of time, I actually consider standing up and removing my shirt and turning in to his strong and willing arms. Instead I straighten my spine and take a step away. I look back over my shoulder and my eyes are caught as I see a clearly defined shape tenting beneath Chris’s shorts. Needy and horny as hell I sway toward him catching myself just before I give in to my desire. I look at him and can see he knows just how bad I need him. He takes a step closer and I put out my hand. For every step he takes forward, I take a step back until I am ankle deep in the river. He reaches out and grabs my arm and squeezes it tight. He yanks me toward him and wraps his arms tight around me.

I can barely breathe. He just looks at me, deep in to my eyes and continues to tighten the hold. I am getting scared and not sure if I can scream, not sure I want to. Just when I am about to faint from the tension and excitement, he loosens the hold and leans in for a light kiss. He pulls away and I follow. He walks out of the water lightly with hands around me and pulls me to the boulder. He sinks down beside it and I sink down to. He is barely holding me but I am squeezed just as tight as before. I am being controlled, not by him, but by my need for him.

He lies back on the ground not touching me at all, waiting for me to decide. I waiver but finally lay down arm across his chest, legs intertwined, and slowly lower my head to place small kisses along his neck and face. He twists his head to catch my lips, but I pull away. It’s my turn to be in charge. I grab his face in my hands and f***e him to be still. He knows at any time he could overpower me and take control, but he doesn’t. I grab his hands and f***e them above his head. Then I straddle his hips. I lean over him and place bites across his neck and chest.

“Don’t move,” I tell him. I release his hands and reach behind my back to untie my shirt. I release it slowly watching him as he gets a view of my triangular shaped black lace bra. My nipples stand proudly against the see through fabric and under my soaking wet pussy I can feel his cock rising. I lean down over his mouth and command him to open. With his hands still above his head resting on the sand I lower one breast into his mouth. He quickly bites down, shocking me causing me to jerk back. He holds on to the nipple through the fabric. I reach between his legs and grab hold of his now stiff cock and squeeze tightly, mercilessly. He lets go but not before his eyes have telegraphed his message clearly, “You may be in charge but only because I am letting you”.

I throw my head back and laugh throatily. Then reach behind my back to release the bra that holds back my creamy white breast. I lean down and take hold of his hands, my boobs swinging over his face. He sticks out a tongue and makes quick licks across my nipples, teasing. I bring his hand to my left breast and mold his hand to it. I f***e open his mouth and place my right breast on his open lips.

“Suck now,” I command him, and I am not disappointed. Soon I switch sides and let my other breast get the lovely licks and suckles. Gently I begin riding his stiff cock through his shorts, grinding down on him hard, making him gasp. He grabs my hips and pushes me off to the side. I sit up and look over at him, grinning. I grab my bra and shirt and put them back on. I stand up and begin to walk off, but he grabs my ankle.

“At midnight you will be in my tent riding this cock that you have awakened so well.”

I look at him, toss my hair to the side and give a smirk. “Maybe,” I say as I walk away hips swaying already counting the minutes until midnight when I would be getting that cock inside me and leaving no doubt in Chris’s mind as to who the boss really was.

Favorite quote for today: Blow jobs are like lasagna. Everyone thinks hers is the best and every guy will agree because he is getting what he likes and he didn't have to work for it. The problem is, most men have not had enough different people making lasagna for him to really know good and bad unless one is REALLY good and one is REALLY bad...
all the average lasagna gets marked as GOOD

100% (9/0)
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Love your style. Great story.
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You bring the lasagna, and I will bring everything else we need to camp