Jacking Off Jeff

Jacking off Jeff

From the minute he walked in the door Nancy planned to jump on Jeff. She planed to strip him, push him on the couch and make sure his every fantasy came true. She had been waiting for him for weeks, since their first encounter. He had made sure then she was well and truly fucked, this time she planned to return the favor.

He arrived at the house 10 minutes after she got home. She opened the door and waited for him to make his way up the walkway to the front door. As soon as he came in she closed the door and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a slow wet kiss. Slowly, as they continued to kiss, she led him over to the couch and pushed him down. Smiling she pulled off her bright pink sweater to reveal the white and black bra that molded itself to her like a second skin. Jeff reached out to touch her breasts and she smiled and swatted his hands away.

Straddling Jeff she lowers herself to feel his cock pressing up toward her through her pants. She again kisses him and rubs her hands across his chest and back. Leaning back she kisses his neck, and then places tiny nips along his chin leading back to his lips. While her mouth drinks from Jeff’s lips, Nancy’s hands begin to wander down his chest to the shorts that are pulling tight across his manhood that is straining toward her. Through his khakis Nancy begins to stroke Jeff, lightly, playfully, putting just enough pressure on his cock to make him draw in a breathe, but not enough to give him the satisfaction he desires.

“I’ve missed you,” Nancy whispers as she continues spreading kisses around his face and neck. “You can’t stay gone so long next time.”

“I know, I won’t, I promise,” Jeff says in a winded voice. Nancy smiles at his breathlessness and nips one more time at his bottom lip before standing up in front of him.

“Stand up,” she commands him. He follows orders nicely and stands before her stretching out his nearly 7 foot frame to its full height. “Now off with your shirt,” orders Nancy. Again he follows orders. Nancy runs her hands across Jeff’s chest and shoulders. She leans toward him placing tiny kisses across his chest and to each nipple. “Now the pants,” again Jeff follows orders removing his boxers and shorts in one fell swoop.

Smiling wickedly Nancy pushes Jeff down to the couch and drops to her knees in front of him. With her left hand she grabs his balls and with her right she steadies his hard pulsating cock, lining it up to match her perfectly formed O lips. Slowly she lets his cock slide through her waiting lips with the slightest pressure applied. When she has taken as much as she can in to her mouth and down her throat Nancy swirls her tongue around the tip and sides wetting his large dick. She carefully and slowly pulls her head back until it is almost completely removed from her mouth. With a chuckle at Jeff’s long sigh she places the softest bite on the head and repeats the process. After five strokes, the she speeds up adding a suck and tickle with each pull out. Jeff grabs her head and pulls at her hair, forcing his penis farther down her throat with each thrust. Laughing Nancy stands up and licks her lips. She turns and walks out of the room, confident Jeff will follow.

Of course he does and he finds her in her bedroom. The lights are low and the black silk sheets are glimmering in the soft light. She is once again on her knees this time in front of a mirror leaned in the corner of her room. He smiles now understanding the placement and why she never had it hung on the wall like he had suggested. Jeff walks over to her and with out a word grabs her behind her head and inserts his cock in her waiting mouth.

Nancy turns as Jeff is fucking her mouth to watch in the mirror. Watching herself suck him arouses her to a fever pitch. With one hand she grabs his ass to balance herself and with the other she unbuttons her pants and begins to finger herself. Jeff sees her in the mirror and pulls out.

“Give me your hands,” he commands. Nancy complies frustrated. He puts them behind her head, prisoner style. “You said this was my day, you cock slut and you can’t touch yourself until I am done.”

Roughly he grabs her hair and yanks her forward, pushing his bulging cock in to her mouth again. He holds her hands behind her head and continues to rock her mouth. Nancy looks in the mirror again being turned on by what she sees herself doing. In the mirror their eyes connect and hold. Jeff fucking her mouth and Nancy taking it all, finally he can wait no longer and with a violent yell he spills his seed deep in to her throat.

Spent he stumbles back, pulling his member from her mouth and flops back on the bed. Nancy slumps to the floor in front of the mirror. She looks at herself and marvels at what she has just done. Smiling she stands up and saunters to the bed, looks Jeff over, and crawls on top of his big male body to rest.

“Well,” she asks, “how long until you think you’ll be up and ready to roll. That was fun but honey I am wet as a water slide and I need some action too.”

Slapping her on the ass and dumping her to the side, Jeff stands up and walks to the living room. Nancy follows and watches him put his clothes back on. Confused she asks, “What’s going on?”

Jeff looks at her and grins, “This was my day remember….you got your toy, use it.” Dressed he walks to the door, opens it, and without a backwards glance shuts the door. Nancy stands shocked, rooted to the spot. She can not believe what just happened.

Slowly she turns around and heads in to her bedroom. She grabs the vibrating pink dildo from the toy bag beside her bed and turns it on. Slowly she begins rubbing her slit with the vibrating wall-banger, and then quickly she inserts it into her hole and fucks herself madly with it. In her mind she replays the fun with Jeff as her orgasms roll over her. “Not bad for a beginner,” she thinks to herself.

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