Bananas With Bill

Bananas with Bill

Nancy shivers as she sits waiting on the bar. She wants to get up and forget this whole charade. She is nervous and doesn’t even know why. Bill is her friend, her lover, her most trusted ally, she knows he will make this fantasy come alive for her but for some reason she is still worried. She hops down from the countertop bar and paces the kitchen waiting for him to arrive. Should she or shouldn’t she…she continues to ask the question, stopping by the bar she looks at the cool whip tub and the banana. She smiles and laughs as the kitchen door opens. She jumps from nervousness and surprise and there before her stands Bill.
Without a word she climbs up on the bar with nothing on but her necklace and a smile. Bill gazes at her, raking his eyes from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet as he slowly walks over to her. No words are spoken as he sticks his finger in the cool whip tub and snags a load of the sweet cold concoction. With his eyes on hers he places his finger lightly on the lips of her quivering pussy. He smiles as she shivers, from the cold of the cool whip and the excitement of his touch. Rubbing it slowly up and down her slit Bill watches Nancy close her eyes and give herself over to the sensation. Quickly Bill replaces his finger with his tongue, causing Nancy’s eyes to fly open. Carefully she sits up, not wanting to pull away. She watches as he licks the outer lips of her twat, fascinated with the way his tongue can make her whole body twitch with just one tiny lick. Bill looks up and catches her gaze. He uses his fingers to open her honey hole then he leans down and sticks his tongue against her clit and begins to circle it slowly. Laying back down Nancy grabs the sides of the bar and holds on while he tortures her with sweet ecstasy. Bill slides his finger down and begins to stroke her as his tongue continues to drive at her clit. Without warning he pulls away and stands back.
“No!” Nancy yells, forgetting the no talking rule they had set up prior to his arrival. She opens her eyes to find Bill holding the banana and tearing open the condom she had placed beside it earlier. Sheathing the banana he spreads Nancy’s legs open and begins to rub the fruit up and down over her needy twat. Then he pulls open the lips of her pussy and inserts the banana deep in to her. Nancy lifts her hips taking it deeper. Bill slowly strokes it in and out, knowing how this will drive Nancy crazy. She likes it hard and fast, but he makes her wait. Frustrated Nancy grabs at his hand but he knocks her hands away and continues the slow deliberate motion. Leaning down he touches his tongue to her clit as he continues to impale her with the banana. Nancy’s hips arch and he bites down on her clit. She whimpers and he knows she is close. He continues the slow licks on her clit but speeds the thrusting of the banana. Nancy undulates matching the motions taking the fruit deeper in to her with every f***eful stroke. Wildly, she grabs at his hair, his hands anything she can reach and urges him on with grunts and pleas for more. Finally she climaxes and her body goes slack on the bar top. Her legs shake and she can’t lift her head. She opens her eyes and sees Bill climbing up on the stool she used to get up to the counter top. She smiles as he grabs her hips and drags her down to the end of the countertop.
Quickly, before her tremors have gone he enters her and begins to pound at her. She wraps her legs around his waist and lifts her hips, pulling him deeper and making him loose his balance. He pushes her back and crawls on the countertop with her. Pulling up her legs to his shoulders and lifting her hips in his large capable hands he begins again. Nancy’s hands grab the microwave behind her and she uses it for balance as she moves beneath him. Again he almost falls off the counter, she laughs and points to the bedroom. He gets off the bar and pulls her down to the end to him. Lifting her Bill wraps Nancy’s legs around his waist and enters her slowly. Then he carries her in to her bedroom, each step thrusting him cock deeper into her. By the time they reach the bed Nancy is cumming again. He throws her on the bed and rolls her over. Massaging her ass he enters her from behind, looking in the mirror as she lowers her hand to play with her clit. Watching her toss her head and stroke him while he is inside her drives him to the edge. Together they orgasm and fall to the bed. Bill leans down and pulls up the blanket from the end of the bed. He wraps his arms around her and licks her nipples, sucking on them, worrying them with his teeth and tongue.
“Was that what you wanted?” he asks breaking the silence. Silently Nancy nods her head and smiles knowing this fantasy was not over yet and before it was, he would be the one laying atop the bar and she would be feasting on him.

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