The Final Part....

....thank fuck,I hear all you guys who've endured this rambling retelling of my very first bisexual/gay experience.I have to say I've so love reliving it as I've wrote about it and that's why it's taken me so long.

It maybe because it was only 9 years ago or perhaps because having any sexual interest or feeling for other/another men was so totally opposed to what i've felt for the vast majority of my life and how i saw myself that makes losing my virginity to a man far more significant than when I lost it to a girl at 15.

Also,back then I was a wee boy,it was my first time naked with another person,I was anxious,excited,nervous and prob lasted 5 mins at I was chuffed,relieved and glad I got rid of my virginity at last more than bowled over by the actual experience,that would come with subsequent encounters.

At 32,when I lost it to Mike I was a different person.Vastly experienced sexually (though only in str8,had 3somes,countless partners,lovers,one nighters with so many kinds of women.I was a man,masculine,a mans man,dominant,confident,totally at ease,sure of myself,comfortable within my own skin and totally sure that sucking my oldest friends cock would be fun,kind of kinky but most importantly cure me of my recent curiousity n fascination with naked men.i WASN'T gay or even bi,I was a real man that'd got a little obsessed n needed a little reality to get me back on the str8
and narrow.Sucking Mike's penis would be fun but would prove to me I wasn't into men.

The trouble was those pics online that'd got me horny n thinking about cock were nothing like the real thing.Fully clothed,on my knees and staring at Mikes naked body as he stood before me blew me away.Seeing his soft penis,the texture,the smell,how his balls hung was incredible.When I felt him growing in my hand,i was stunned.As he stiffened in my mouth I was in heaven and when I tasted that raw,meaty male flavour I was hopelessly addicted.

So much so I let him take me upstairs to my own bed,get me naked,kiss me passionately and intimately.He explored my body,allowed me however tentitavely to explore his.I think he guessed my true intent behind wanting to suck him off but he realised how it'd confuse me by feeling so good when i expected it to show me how str8 i was.I'm sure he planned to take control at that point and show me how sex with a man felt when I wasn't fully in control.He took advantage and I'm so glad he did.

I lay on my back,legs spread wide feeling incredibly exposed,totally open,vulnerable.Like most young girls must their first time yet I'd always been the dominant one,assertive,strong,assured,setting the pace,taking the lead,taking my pleasure and now I lay under Mike,his body pressing down on mine,his legs forcing mine to open wider,his mouth greedily seeking my aquiescent lips,tongue exploring,probing my mouth.

I felt almost powerless.I've been in a bar threatened and taunted by 8 other men and i've not shut up as I'd back myself to look after myself in any situation,I"m scared of no man.Never have been,in fact we both knew I'd batter Mike senseless in a fight yet there I lay as he gave into an intense passion,taken with lust and need.

I knew he badly wanted to fuck me.A few hours earlier as curious and keen to taste cock as i was,anal sex between men was abhorrent to me on every level yet kissing,being naked in bed together was unthinkable a matter of hours ago.As was feeling totally vulnerable and exposed.I was out my depth.never imagined going this far ever,way past my comfort zone.Unnerving but felt physically like nothing i'd ever known.I was overwhelmed,powerless in the face of his lust so i decided not to resist him at all,to submit to him totally and said so when he pulled his mouth from mine briefly.Said I wasn't keen to be fucked at all but would let him if he wanted.

Mind you,I'd always enjoyed fingering myself,loved anal play with women,fucking many a girls arse n had quite a few of theirs anal virginity too so maybe it wasnt such a surprise that as Mike vigourously fucked my hole wi two fingers I was loving it.My anus felt a little stretched n raw after but as he positioned himself with his head against my hole only a tiny bit of me still felt that anal sex btwn men was disgusting,99% of me was yearning for it (btw,this is where the previous story

Mike held that position and slowly slid his cock down btwn my cheeks then back up to the base of my balls before returning to my anus.I was apprehensive,I'd broken in enough women to know this'd be sore,possibly well painful but mostly what I wanted was to feel Mike,hard,erect inside me.

I looked down between my legs and was amazed at the massive erection I had yet was barely aware of,it's tip slick and shiney.Mike again teased my hole with his own hard on,which dwarfed in length n girth by mine as it may be it was all i was aware of.I reached down taking hold of him,rubbing his head into my hole,lubing him further,slipping back his foreskin which seemed to drive him too far as he took hold,positioned it properly and began to press it home.

As he pushed harder my anus seemed to resist stronger causing me to take a sharp breathe or two,to wince,to groan as discomfort turned to pain.I angled my hips,wiggled my hole,pushed onto his cock but my hole got pressed deeper into my body without my ring stretching any.

Finally Mike said 'never mind we'll try again some other time' to which I exclaimed 'what you better fuck me now,i need your cock' so he laughed out loud 'ok,babe you asked for it !!'.

It felt like he was trying to ram my arsehole up into my body n was hurting allright when i felt it begin to open,then a little wider till it felt like it ripped and mikes knob entered my rear end makimg me scream out loud.

My passage felt on fire with his swollen head inside it and my rim was convulsing around his shaft just behind his head and though it still hurt from being stretched i could feel his every throb of his cock through my sphincter.

After a while once the pain subsided and i relaxed around his knob he began to push his cock deeper.A little at a time then withdrawing,spreading the lube,allowing me to get used to it until eventually his full 6 inches filled,his balls hard against my cheeks.

I'd never felt anything like it,something so solid and hard inside,the heat,the way each throb and spasm felt electrifying,how at that moment i'd do anything for the man making me feel that way.He began to grind his and move inside me without withdrawing.I didnt know it then but his head must have been nudging my prostate making my entire body tingle and shake.Waves of pleasure coursed through my body like a climax,my cock rigid yet numb until I did orgasm beginning deep within then rushing thru my whole body,fireworks went off in my head and i became aware of mike stroking my cock hard,our bodies soaked with come as it gushed freely.

Once i recoved i could feel mike throbbing inside me.He began pulling out,thrusting deep,pulling out,thrusting deep,rythym steady,pace increasing just the same as me fucking a pussy.He"s fucking my pussy it suddenly dawned on me.The feel of my anus sliding on his shaft,his cock spasming,expanding,him tensing quickly ar he pounds my hole.He grunts,freezes then shudders wildly as he comes making me flutter inside,then his hot fluid seeds me.Mike collapses onto me,softening quickly.I grip his hips,pull him to me,clench my arsehole but his soft cock slips out.

We lay there a while our bodies close,I catch some come leaking from my hole and suck it off my finger.

I was sure of two things.One,I wanted to fuck mike bad.Two,str8,bi,gay whatever that was incredible and i wanted more,much and i got it.he stayed for 9 months and we had so much wild fun and mad antics :)
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cheers,glad you like it :)
1 year ago
thanks,glad you like it.always a little bit more pleased about that when the storys
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WOW! Sweet & hot :P