Putting On A Show.

One of the oddest and weirdly hottest experiences I can recall was back in my early 20's when I was living with my then gf Gemma in a bedsit,one room that was maybe twice the size of your ordinary bedroom.

Back then none of us worked but lived on the dole,scammed,bent the rules and indulged in large amounts of party chemicals.In fact,from wednesday or thursday to saturday night there were always people coming by,taking this and that,loud music,party time and my best mate Tom was there nearly all the time.

Of course the one downside to all this was getting time together and what normally happened as people drifted away n left us in peace we'd go to bed and fuck allday Sunday.

This one weekend Tom passed out in an armchair that was about 6ft from the bed and facing towards it.Snoring steady n loud,obviously ko'd I was expecting my fun having been gagging for it for 48 hours but she refused to play with someone else in the room no matter how much I tried to persuade her.She fell asl**p soon after leaving me wide awake and ultra horny so I figured let them both get into deep sl**p n I could then have a long,slow wank.

Our bed was like a large single and we slept close together so I figured I'd have to turn my back to Gemma to get room to have fun n not disturb her and although it meant facing Tom once he was sl**ping a bomb couldnt wake him.

We were both 100% str8 and the idea of him catching me wanking was embarrassing but in no way homoerotic.It was summer n about 4am by then so there was light beginning to creep through the curtains and warm the room so once I was sure they were both out cold I threw the covers off,got naked and began to attend to my 8 n a bit inches of acheing root.

I'm not one for just simple stroking to the finish line and enjoy playing,teasing,touching n fondling and pretty soon was milking a stream of precome when Tom took a coughing fit,stirred,opened his eyes to see me only feet away,naked and playing around with my large,throbbing cock !!!

I froze horrified,his expression looked startled for a second then he settled back,closed his eyes again n began to snore.

Maybe he hadnt truly woken and wasnt aware of hip surroundings let alone what he saw.I held my breathe aswell as my red hot spasming erection and didn't move a muscle for some minutes.

Slowly i convinced myself I got away with it,i was too horny and into it now to stop anyway so after what seemed like an hour but was probably minutes I tentatively started to play again and the longer Tom didnt stir but kept snoring the more adventurous I became.Precome lubed my arsehole nicely n eased the entry of a couple of fingers and soom Tom was all forgotten about.

With the excitement growing more intense as I vigourously finger fucked myself harder n faster when I glanced up into Tom's wide awake eyes.

Oh fuck,i couldnt be caught at a more compromising moment n again I froze with three fingers rammed up my back passage,cock at full attention.

I didnt move,I was so mortified I didnt know what to do.Time passed,Tom's gaze seemed to take in every detail of my nakedness and when my eyes finally met his i saw a look of approval,appreciation,fascination and even a certain excitement in them.

As I said neither of us had ever had the slightest interest in anything but women before but the bizarre halflight,very private situation,days on party d**gs made it seem totally unreal and I found myself enjoying the fact that seeing me like this was exciting and arousing him.

I turned towards him,open my legs wider so he could have a full view of my stretched hole with 3 fingers in and I saw his eyes widen so I began to fuck myself slowly by now the sun was making the view clearly n I just wanted him to see it all.

He moaned,shuffled in his seat due to being hard himself so I pulled out completely letting him view my stretched sphincter,my throbbing balls and hard cock fully.

I slowly and deliberately wanked myself off for probably an hour before blowing a huge load all over myself swallowing some rubbing the rest into my body.Not for one second did he or could he take his eyes off me nor did I want him to.

We smiled knowingly at each other,exchanged glances before both drifting off to sl**p.The next day we didnt talk of it or ever alluded to it in anyway.Just a bizarre yet perfect and incredibly hot moment that happened early one Sunday morning.

We never of spoke of it for nearly 15 years and then as we were playing around just before the very first time we had sex together.

But that's another story :)
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1 year ago
Damn hot fucking story! Now I want to read more!
1 year ago
Damm that was horny