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was my 30th birthday and had a wicked night out up the west wife was well pissed and out for the count .i was buzzin, horny as hell and found myself replying to the loot personals,feeling like doing somthing new,a crossdresser called peter sounded realy horny.
decieded to go back up the west end to buy some porn or maybee find a hooker.found myself in a kinky fetish shop and bought a very hot red latex bra and panties for the wife.
got home and she was still out for the count.imagine how exited i was when peter phoned.he was going to dress up all sexy for me and said i could come round at 2pm.
i took a long hot bath, shaved all over my body.rubbed in some oil and slipped into the kinky red latex and i felt so horny iknew this would be a birthday i would never foget.
i was very impressed with peters house as i arrived.i buzzed and the door opened.i was so nervous my heart was banging.
peter was standing in the kitchen,around 6,5 very tall and slim wearing all black,silk stockings, suspenders, a lovly sheer corset .patent high heels and tiny see through black knickers.
peter senced my nervousness and walked over and kissed me.his tounge going deep into my god he was as horny as me .i felt his cock pressing into my belly and reached down to touch him.i slipped my hand inside his knickers and felt his lovely smooth cock.
peter said" slow down a little" led me into the sitting room and poured me a drink. as we chatted a little he sat opposite,teasing and looking so hot.
peter took me upstairs and took off my clothes.when he saw what i was wearing he became all rough.pinchin my nipples hard and trying to finger my arse.i was soon on my back with my hands and feet tied. peter fucked my mouth and i egged him to come all over my face,just like they do in the movies.
i soon tasted his jucies leaking and took him deep in my throat.his come tasted so nice as he spurted all over my face.i licked and sucked him until he was dry
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4 years ago
Wow this was good you had me jacking off just to finish your story and than you add the addendum nice thanks
4 years ago
peter got me another drink and we had a smoke then laid back relaxing.feelig his lovly long legs in the silky stockings.we were soon hard.
i laid on top of peter,rubbing my cock on his until he told me he somtimes charged for male masssage and a client was due round in 15 mins
i could stay if i wanted.
peter dressed me in long red nighty,gave me a lovely long gothy wig to put on,some red lipstick and black eyeliner.
he told me to wait in another bedroom until he was ready.again my heart was banging wondering what was going to happen