Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 14

Daddy’s Little Girl Part 14

(A Playday with Ashlynn goes Wrong)

I was in LowsDepot, and not just to grab some toys. Its fall and I need to take care of some things around the house.

I had passed by the display with pesticides, bug traps, and Mousetraps, twice, before something caught my eye.

It looked like your everyday mousetrap, but it was much bigger. I pick one up and looked at it, there was a little locking device holding the Hammer, I pried it lose to test the strength of its spring.

Wow, this thing was no toy, not like a little mousetrap, this thing could break bone.

I put it down and walked away, that damned thing could really hurt a girl.

I finished up my shopping, picking up odds & ends, some lumber, heavy string.

I was just about to check out, when I walked quickly over and picked up two of the largest traps, paid and left.

A few days later, when Ashlynn came home from school I was waiting.

My cock hard, with anticipation.

She stood naked in front of what looked not unlike a pillory.

But instead of holes for head and hands, it had two rattraps secured in place. The heavy strings ran from each catch, then together down a hole to a trip, that when activated it would pull the strings, setting off both rattraps simultaneously.

That had been the hardest part, getting the traps timed to go off at the same time. I’d built the thing in one afternoon, but it took me the whole next day to get the timing right.

It just took a little fine tuning to work. Ash would set it off herself.

To insure the trap hammers struck just her nipples, it had a stop she would press against with her body. When it was pressed into place the devise would trigger the traps, rat trap hammers would close on Ashlynn’s nipple with enough f***e to break the bones of a large rat.

I told her she did not have to use it. I showed her how it worked; it broke a pencil going off. Ash jumped back going kind of pale. She slowly walked around it, running her hands along the sanded wood. “Daddy”, she asked, “you built this for me?” she looked up smiling.

I nodded.

“Thank you” she whispered, “Can you make it work again?”

I reset the traps. Ash stepped up to it. As I moved in to make one last adjustment, it when off.
It was like slow-motion, I saw the moment the strings pulled tight, the minuet movement of the catches releasing the hammers, their blurred movement as they snapped closed on the tender flesh that was my daughter’s nipples.

It was like Ash was fired from a cannon. Ashlynn had thrown herself to the floor in sobbing convulsions.
I moved to her thinking she was hurt, and then realized, it was orgasms. What I thought was sobbing, was orgasmic waves rippling across her body. I had leaned close to her, to check her and she sprang on me her arms and legs locking me in her embrace.

She has my arm pinned between us, her body quaking; I feel her cunt rubbing against the knuckles of my pinned hand.

I made a fist to raise my knuckles, I could feel wet cunt lips open to kiss my knuckle, then she’d ride down to rub her hard clit grinding my wet rough knuckle.

Gasping with each stroke, her head buried in my shoulder. She bit me, hard, if not for the thick black tee-shirt, she’d have drawn bl**d. A shuddering gasp, and then her little hand grabs my cock right through my pants.

Her eager hand trying to stroking my ridged cock.

“Ashlynn,” I try to push her away.

“Daddy, please”, she gasp, “Please, let me just it, please?”

“Your hands, just your hands, and no more” I answer.

She rolls me on my back, frantically working on my belt, to get my pants down.

Freeing my cock, I feel her long hair brush along my engorged head and down my shaft as my daughter pulls my clothing down my legs. And then she falls on me. I thought to take me in her mouth, but no.

I feel her hot breath on me as she hovers a breath away; I feel her lip brush the hair on my ball her hot damp breath on me. Then wet, her tongue, no.

I mover her hair away to see her mouth open, little rivulets running down her tongue dripping on my shaft, and then her nimble fingers running up and down me.

I lay my head back, her hand, hair, breath, and fingers, work her magic on my cock.

All I want in the world to the grad two hands full’s of Ashlynn’s hair, and shove my cock down my daughter’s willing throat; I try to lay still as she runs her finger over my cocks head.

Scoping up a bead of pre-cum on her finger, then licking it clean.

Looking me in the eye she opens her mouth as wide as she can, and lowers in to my cock head. Her blithe fingers dancing up and down my shaft.

My cock in her mouth, I feel just her hot breath enveloping its head.

She looks up eyes pleading. Hands teasingly stroking me, my ball tighten with each touch.

My cock aches for release. “One lick and I will cum”, I tell her, “one”.

She smiles up at me, her open mouth again encase my cock, but now instead of just her hot breath, I feel Ashlynn’s hot little tongue wrap the underside of me.

Her hot sweet tongue, slowly drawn up to the head, flicking off the tip, I explode in my daughter mouth.

Jetting globs of my hot release in to the back of her mouth and throat.

Ashlynn looks up at me her hands keep pumping, my jets still spray her.

She paints her face.

She proudly shows me, her mouth of cum.

Swallows, and with one hand still gripping me, she wipes her Daddy’s hot jizz from her face, licking her fingers clean.

“Go ahead, I tell her clean me”, I lay my head back defeated.

As Ashlynn mouth works to clean her daddy’s still hard cock clean, before she gives him a proper blow job this time.

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Yes, it's written, by me.
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great stuff keep it cumming!!