Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 12

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 12

(The Hotel)
After we pulled up in front of the Hotel, I looked into the back of the minivan at the two sl**ping beauties.
Connie, a sixty-three year old widowed sex-slave turned Dominatrix; that dress not to unlike a wicked witch, in a prim, high collared button down dress. Tonight button only from crotch up, revealing garters, seamed stockings and riding boots, all in black.
The other, my daughter Ashlynn, a s*******n year old sex slave, dressed as a fucktoy cheerleader. Her head rest on the inside of Connie’s thigh, hair disheveled, see-through skirt pushed up around her waist, see-through top pulled down just enough to cover one nipple. Her matching collar fastened, to tightly, around her neck.
Connie woke as I opened the door, “sit tight I’ll be right back” I told her, “try not to wake Ash, I’ll just carry her in”.
As I walked through the doors I could not help but think back to the lasted time I’d stayed here.
On my honeymoon with Jennifer, and she looked beautiful. Still wearing her white, floor length wedding dress. The entire ensemble looked quite demure. But as we’d rode up the elevator I had her remove parts of it in front of the young black bellmen. Her dress was layered, a stayed corset, with detachable bra, crinolines under a satin over slip, the backless dress was lacy and see-through giving a layered look; the high neck incorporated a satin choker over which she now wore my white leather collar.
First she removed the detachable bra, and then unfastened the slip and crinolines, letting them all fall the floor. As she stepped back, I picked up the mound of clothing, and handed them to the bellman.
Jennifer stood in the elevator corner, clad in a see-through gown, now reviling white pumps, stockings, garters, corset, and my leather collar, hard nipple set on firm breast, and a thin landing strip of pubic hair.
I turned to the bellmen and asked him “is she beautiful?” Wide eye not knowing what to say he just nodded. I told him I was glad he thought so, because I would like him to fuck her when we got to the room.
The bell dinged, the doors opened, I pulled from my pocket a white leather leash and snapped it to her collar, and lead her down the hall. The bellmen struggling behind us, trying to mind our bags, and the discarded pieces of wedding dress.
Jennifer and I, were there four days. Jennifer fucked most the male members of the staff and two of the female members. As he was leaving, that first night, I told the bellmen to let all the staff that would be interested, to just come up and knock like, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap. And they can fuck her too.
I had snapped two Instamatic photos right after we had gotten into the room, both of them showed Jennifer on her knees in front of the open windows, dressed in her bridal fuck outfit. Sucking the cock of the young bellmen, on the back of one I had Jennifer write the room number, and the words, I fucked him too, cum up anytime.
On the other photo she wrote, my first marred blow-job, the date, I didn’t learn his name, his cum was salty, and he fucked me against the window.
I handed my ID to the distinguished looking, fortyish black man working the front desk, after putting my info into the computer, and typing a little, a slow smile spread across his face. Looking up her said, Mr. Xxxx, you have a VIP stasis with us, you have been our guest before.
I told him he must be a mistaken. I had stayed there once before but that was over 20 years ago.
“Yes sir, Mr. Xxxx. Almost 21 years ago, will your wife be staying with you too?” he asked his smile grew.
And I got it, it was just like they say, it was like a light bulb clicked on. “No, no sadly Jennifer is not with us anymore. I lost her in a car accident, quite a few years ago”, I told him.
His face broke; I could see the sadness in his eyes as he looked at me. I knew he’d wanted to say something, but just didn’t know what. He then said, “I still have her picture”.
Smiling I said, “That was a fun few days wasn’t it”; she really had a good time. She would have been pleased that you remembered her, and even more so that you’ve kept the picture”.
After checking us in, he asked if he could help me with our bags. He got a girl to cover the desk for him, and walked out with us telling me, he would have the car parked for us; it was just part of the VIP treatment.
He eyed Connie with some interest; she had covered Ash with the long coat before I had come back out. When the Night-Clerk, saw Ashlynn I heard his breath catch in his throat. “She looks like her mother doesn’t she”, I said.
He put our few bags on the trolley, I swooped a groggy Ashlynn in my arms, I whispered to Ash “wake up baby we are at the hotel, I have someone I want you to meet. From the corner of my eye I saw ‘that’ grin light up Ashlynn’s face as she looked up at me, I smiled and nodded.
Connie walked a few steps behind, we made our way to the same elevator we’d rode up in so long ago with Jennifer.
As the doors closed, I set Ash on her feet letting the long coat fall to the floor, leaving her standing mostly naked in front of the former bellmen. “Ashlynn this is the first man your mother fuck after we were marred, we never learned his name”, you won’t ether. I pick up the long coat, and handed it to him, asking “can you stop the elevator?”
It took a minute for the Night-Clerk to register what I’d said; he was too busy drinking in the sight in front of him.
Even before he’d turned the key stopping the elevator Ash had drooped to her knees in front of the Night-Clerk. Fishing his cock out of his pants, Ash looked up at me and asked, “Condom?” “No baby, not with him, never with him”, it was only then I noticed she had already remover her fangs, I don’t even know when she did it.
I had for gotten how big a cock the Bellmen, had. Seeing him now I knew Ash was in for a treat.
She pounced on his cock like she had not already sucked and fuck four other guys limp, not 90 minutes ago.
But surprise, she could only get in about 7 inches of his cock before gagging. She tried four times before stopping, and looked up at me like I’d broken her favored toy.
The Night-Clerk said, “c***d, that’s OK, it’s not the first time a girls choked on that” he said proudly.
“Honey, your collar”, I said removing the over tight fitting restriction from her neck.
As soon she was freed Ashlynn had his cock balls deep in her face. By her third stroke the Night-Clerk had one hand on the trolley, the other the elevator rail in a death grip holding on for dear life, as And pump him, her hair flying. Fuck! I was so busy watching her throat bulging with his cock; I forgot to look at my watch.
It would not have mattered any way, Ash wanted to make this last. She kept stopping to lick his cock shaft, from head to balls, sucking his balls into her mouth, rubbing them on her face, licking his precum from the head, and then scull fucking herself on his cock again, only to stop when she felt him getting close.
After about 10 minutes, Night-Clerk said, lord god girl your killing me”.
“Ashlynn”, I snap “finish”.
So she did, head thrusting the Night-Clerks cock deep into her throat, until she felt him stiffen, then pulling out, until just his cock head was in her hot little mouth, Ash sucked out his goodness as she pumped his shaft with both hands.
“Jesus,” he said slumping in the corner. Looking at me, “she better then her momma”.
I nodded towards Ash kneeling at his feet; he looked down to her open mouth, a big grin on his face. Ashlynn swallowed her treasure, showed him how she’d like his gift to her, and politely said thank you. Then lunged forward, hugging him around his thigh pressing his cock into her hair, as she said “and thank you for saying I was a better cock sucker than mommy, I know that would make her proud”.
And I knew that it would.

(Our hotel Suite)
Our hotel suite was, very nice; two rooms branched off the main room, each bedroom with a king-sized bed, and master bath, sliding doors opening onto a large balcony. After showing us the room the Night-clerk bowed out, explaining he is not as young a man, as he was, and if we needed anything to call down.
The view sucked, it was just what I’d wanted, across from us was a towering office building, the rooms across, would look into ours, those above could look down on the Balcony, Ash would never know who, or how many people were watching her.
But first. Ashlynn’s see through sluty cheerleader uniform was a mess, and so was she. Disheveled hair, dried cum the old guy’s jizz leaking out her ass, she smelled of dirty used pussy. Seeing her in the light I was surprised, the Night-Clerk let her on his cock.
Ashlynn, you stink. Strip off those nasty clothes and get in the shower, wash everything, twice, I want you clean and pristine when room service gets here.
I wasn’t sure room service would run this late. It was about 2:30 A.M. when I called down to the front desk, the familiar Night-Clerks voice asked, “Mr. Xxxx how can I help you?”
Sorry, I know it’s late but can we still get room service? Oh and well you know the guy you send up is probably going to be a while, so it you have someone you can spare.
He explained the kitchen was normally closed this late, but, his son was cleaning in there. He could fix us something.
Could he fix us up some steaks, Philly Charred, maybe a small hamburger for Ash? She’s a teenage girl; she can always eat a burger. Fries all around, and a six-pack of beer, would be great.
He told me his son would bring it up in about 30 minutes.
Hey if you could show your son the way that would be great. Ashlynn love father son tag teams, and bring a steak and burger for yall too, put it all on the room.
Ash girl, hurry up you are going to have company in about 30 minutes.
About 20 minutes later Ash walks into the main room, naked, her hair damp but clean, all she had on was pumps. “Daddy I don’t have any clothes, and look at my collar mark”
I grabbed a hand full of hair, pulled her to the window, we could clearly see her naked reflection in it, “you like that mark don’t you, little slut?”
In that little girl voice she squeaked, “Yes sir”.
Good, tomorrow, we are going shopping and Ash, all you are going to be wearing is your long coat and that burse, until we buy you some clothes, the closest clean thing you have is over a hundred miles away.
Ash repeated, “A hundred miles away.” And then turning to look at me she asked, “Daddy can I get us some ice”.
Connie and I watcher walking naked up and down the hall, looking for the ice machine, she walked all the way to the end, and then back passed us to the elevators. “Daddy, where’s the ice machines?”
In our room honey, I told her, pointing to the ice maker.
Back in the room, she stuck her tongue out at me saying, “Daddy, you let me walk naked up and down the hall”.
“Yes, honey, but only because you wanted to, slut”, I mock back at her.
A tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap tap pause, tap, knock on the door interrupted our banter, Ashlynn squealed and did the stripper in heels run, to open the door and ask “is this cum-serve”.
Over dinner I had talked to the two, the k** was just sixteen; he worked hard in school, and nights with his dad. He was saving up for college. He had seen one girl, from school, but they had never really had sex. She’d given him one hand job, right before she had moved, but he just didn’t really have time right now for girls.
Ash looked at the Night-clerk, and asked “Is it OK for me to fuck your son. I am a dirty slut, and I want you both to use me till you run dry, but only if you say it’s OK, with you sir”.
“Young lady, that is why we are up here”, the Night-clerk said. “And you’re naked”
She looked down at herself like it was the first time she’d noticed and smiled. “Good” was all she said, then set down to eat.
Ash wolfed down her burger and most the fries. Before he was even finished she was crawling under the table to get at the Night-clerks sons cock.
The young man look powerfully uncomfortably, sitting at the table with us, as Ashlynn was trying to get his cock out of pants.
“Ashlynn, wait until, the k** finishes eating”, I command her. “Go out on the balcony and entertain yourself until we are done”.
Outside Ash pulled a chair up to the closed sliding glass door, placing her feet on the window, she went to work on her pussy, Connie look back at her and said, she is going to cum. I turned and mouthed, “No Orgasm”, and went back to my stake.
I looked at the k** and told him, “If you’d be more comfortable, you can fuck her in her room”.
“Yes sir” he said, never looking at me.
“No, I mean now, Take her into her bedroom, And Fuck Her.” I told him.
He looked up at me, looked at his dad.
The Night-clerk, gave a little nod, and the k** was gone.
Ash flew through the door, as I told her, play nice. This is his first time.
As she headed into her room, she asked “Condom?”
“No”, was all I said.
She let out a whoop.
And then it got very quiet in there. Soon the only sound coming from the room was rhythmic bed squeaks.
And then we heard some the k** cry out, it took about six minutes.
The Night-clerk said, “I hope he’s not done for the night”.
I told him, “Don’t worry Ashlynn’s in there, he’s not done”
Then some giggles, and from the sound of it ash had him hard again, and was sucking the hell out of that cock. And then I hear my sweet daughter voice say, you know, you have a nice big cock, like your daddies, then more sucking sounds followed by a the k** cumming again.
And then, “I am going to get your daddy to fuck me in the ass”. Ash asks, “Will you come watch me?”
She led the naked boy into the main room, smiled at the Night-clerk, and asked, “You heard, me right” he stood up from the table, and dropped his pants.
Connie and I sat at the table, enjoying some beers, Ashlynn was bent over it, a hand in front of either of us, knuckles white as she held tight, the whole table lurching with each stroke, as the Night-clerk pounded her ass hole. Looking on Ash looked up into my eyes and whispered, “thank you Daddy”. Her mouth forming an “O” shape, as an orgasm hit her.
I was watching so intensely, I did not notice Connie until she squeezed my hand. Looking at her, she said, “She really likes this doesn’t she?”
“Loves it.” I replied, “And she is good at it.”
And then Connie caught me off guard with, “I was afraid you had f***ed her into it”.
At that moment, the k** interrupted saying, “I gotta pee”, and started to get up.
Ash exclaimed, “NO! Give it to me, give it to me.” Pleading.
“But I gotta…” he started.
“Boy, if a girl said pee on her. Pee on her”, the Night-clerk told him, as he pumped her butt.
As the k** moved towards Ash, she reached for him telling him, ”Not on me, give it to me” and opened her mouth, grabbing the k**’s dick and pulling him to her mouth.
The k** struggled to let go his stream, then sprayed Ashlynn right in the face before she got him to her mouth, drinking his hot urine like it was golden nectar of the gods.
When she sucked the last drop from his dick, she started sucking him to hard again. As soon as he was, she had his daddy, cock still in her ass, lift her from the table and never letting go of the k**s dick, guided him in to her waiting cunt, wrapping her arms and legs around him like a spider monkey, letting him hold her weight.
She moved the Night-clerk’s hand to her breast, asking him to pull her nipples, pleading “pinch me, hurt me”.
The father, son, double penetration team, gave Ashlynn powerful orgasms.
The fathers, and son’s rhythms, were a little different, so they were not always both in her or out, their balls taking turns slapping against her, and then their ball together against her.
The k** came first, stiffening, his cock deep inside her. His dad release came a moment later.
I thing feeling the sensation of his son’s cumming, put him over the edge, Ash lead the Night-clerk to the chair on the balcony through the still open door, as he set down Ash took his cock in her mouth sucking him clean, lapping her own ass juices from his cock, she still had a hold of his sons cock stroking it trying to get him hard again.
“Daddy, Daddy” she called, “I’m leaking, I need something to catch it, she cried in a panic”.
I handed Connie a saucer, and told her to put it under Ashlynn to catch the cum running out of her.
When Ash had licked the Night-Clerk clean and he hadn’t stirred, she realized he was spent; she turned to his son’s cock licking, and sucking him hard. Squatting over the saucer, letting their cum flow from both orifices, as she worked the k**s cock.
When the ‘Joys of Youth’ rose again. Ash turned around. The boy tried to slide into her cunt, Ash pleaded “my ass, my ass, please put it in my ass”.
As the k** pushed his cock up her ass, Ash bent and started licking the plate clean, pushing her ass back to meet him, rubbing herself with one hand, supporting her weight with her other arm.
Plate licked clean, she climbed back on him riding his cock as deep into her ass as she could get him, her hand still furiously attacking her clit, with her free hand, four fingers deep inside her, fucking herself madly.
I told her “Ashlynn use your thumb too”.
She put her thumb in, and was fisting herself as deeply as she could get her little hand up inside her cunt.
Baby, can you feel his cock inside you with your hand?
Yes Daddy she gasped.
“Oh god I feel her hand” the k** gasped.
“Baby rubs his cock with your fisting hand. And you don’t cum till he does. k**, pull her nipples, try to rip them off, she likes the pain”, I told them.
I could feel the Nigh-clerks eye sift from me, to Ash, to his son, as the k** twisted and pulled roughly at Ashlynn’s nipples, bouncing her on his cock, deep in her ass.
It looked like he was winning, that she would cum first, and then.
You could see it in his face, Ash was huffing away her hand almost a blur, frantically rubbing her clit. Ash was starring at the man that fucked your mother first on her wedding night, to let him see what a nasty slut her daughter is.
The k** fired his cum jets deep into Ashlynn bowls, and she was free to cum.
With a loud grunt Ask started to convulse, pulling out her fist juices, sprayed, the balcony railing, Night-clerk, and floor, as she fell forward, legs jerking like she was trying to swim.
I handed the Night-clerk a cold beer, and his k** a cola, they both looked spent.
He asked if I needed help getting her in to bed, as it was plane she wasn’t going anywhere.
Told him let the little skank sl**p there. I’ll deal with her later. “How was it?”
Fuck Mr.Xxxx, I think she broke my boy, I know she broke me. Damn that little girl can fuck.
I said to him “Yea, I just wish for one day, that she wasn’t my daughter, I’d really like to…” slowly shaking my head.
Looking me in the eye with a complete straight face, he said, “Sir, I believe she’d let you.”
“Oh”, I said, “I know. I know she would”.
“He won’t do it, I’ve tried”. Ashlynn moaned. Between hic-ups.
I saw the Night-clerk, and his son, out. He stopped at the door, held out his hand, and said, “Mr. Xxxx, I am really sorry about Jennifer. She was an amazing woman, she left me with memories that last a lifetime, some days go by I only think about her once that day, some days. And now your little girl has gone and added to it. I mean how many men get to have such great sex with both a new bride, and years later her daughter”.
He made a Daddy proud.
“Maybe in twenty years, she’ll come back and treat my boy to the same joy I’ve had”.
“No”, I said, “she can’t have k**s”.
He looked at his son proudly, then back to me sadly. I nodded and shut the door.
Connie had helped Ash into her bathroom, for a quick shower. I was going to let her sl**p covered in cum. I know Ashlynn likes to wake all sticky, with the trails from cum snails dried on her skin.

(Bed Time)
I lay in the king sized bed, in the dark, and alone. I hear Connie moving around the suite, she’d come into the bed room once to get her bag of toys, saying “I’ll be back, is this OK”. Holding up the bag.
“Yes, but she needs to sl**p” I said, “she has a big day tomorrow too”.
“Yes Sir.” She replied, hurrying out the bedroom door.
She slipped back in about 5 minutes later. Shut the d****s, she turned to me, and looking down, asked quietly, “Are you going to hurt me, do I need my gag? Because I’ll cry out, I can’t help it”.
I told to turn on the lights; she did, and stood looking like a deer in the head lights.
“Connie, you have been an enjoyable Sub, tonight. And I expect you to continue to be so”, I told her, “Take off your clothes”.
She stood shaking in the harsh light of hotel room, slowly removing her protective armor. I had seen a hint of the scars her husband had inflicted on her. As that armor came off, she named the scars, telling me what he’d done, or how he’d given her that one.
She expanded to me, she’d never left permanent marks on any Sub, unless they were both sure that was what, was wanted.
Most of the scaring had started when he began to use wire to restrain, or suspend her from the ceiling. Most the burns came from cigars he’d smoke while she hung from her wire bound breast.
She stiffened a bit, then told me, she’d had lovely breast, he had stretched and scared them. I could see the burn scars that were her nipples. Before she told me how he’d tried to burn them off.
As she stepped from her panties I saw she he had not spared her other intimates similar sufferings.
She turned as to hide her shame. And I saw the scars on her back-side, I had only glimpsed earlier. He had taking to whipping her with a wire hanger, and once he started burning her body, he would heat the wire, some night’s red hot. To leave her with a permanent reminders of the beatings.
She had been eighteen when she married him. He was forty-five, exciting, educated, and virile. They had made love several times a day the first few years, and then he had started having more and more difficulty, not able to please himself, let alone her.
And then one night in a fit he’d beat her. He’d grabbed her by her long blond hair and slapped her face over and over, stopping only when he’d realized how hard he was.
After that it would become a dedicated game with him.
Once he’d built his play room he would sometimes bring men to watch, mostly strange men she did not know but other times, his friends that she did.
One night one of these strangers was talking to him about how much he could make by setting up cameras, sending her in to a panic. She had just started teaching. Shortly after that he stopped being able to perform at all.
Only then did he become so brutal. Scaring her body, so no other man would want her, burning her pleasures away, so she could never enjoy sex again.
They had been marred just over 10 years when he fell over dead, pulling in the driveway.
He was the only man she’d known. And after some years of being alone she began to relies, before it had gotten so horrible, she had enjoyed it more, than she had not.
Connie spent many nights after that realization, drinking, one night she met another women drinking in a bar. She didn’t know what a Sub or Dominatrix was, but she learned she had a taste for it.
I tried to be as gentile, as I could, she was right about her nipples, they were like dead leather, the scaring on her clit was almost as bad, she did have a little sensitivity there, but, most of the Son of a Bitch’s attention had been external. And I found that with a little work and concentration.
Connie first Orgasm, with a man, in 28 years came at about 5:45 A.M. in a Hotel, in Xxxxxxxxx.
It had left us both spent.

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