Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 7

Daddy’s Little Girl

Part 7

(The Water Park)

On Tuesday Mr. Clxxxxxn, was not alone; he was sitting with Coach Wxxxxxxxxn, and Ms. Nxxxxn, Ash had, had her freshmen year for English. I had got on to the girls for teasing a teacher, he may have had a good time, but, his job could be in jeopardy from their actions.

So Ash walked up, and looking contrite, told Mr. Clxxxxxn she was sorry, and hoped she had not bothered him last week. He told her no everything was fine, and he looked forward to having her in school, and then introduced her to the other two teachers as “the young lady he had told them about”.

Ash held her Tee-Shirt out a little and gave a small curtsy, then said “Daddy has chastised me for teasing; he said I can’t sit to close, so I won’t get you in trouble”.

She nodded towards Brittany “When she is far enough that we won’t be a bother tell me” then Britt started moving away. About 60’ was good. And Ash l gave her the OK. Britt spread the blanket and this time the two set up chairs pool side of the blanket as a screen.

Ms. Nxxxxn had asks “is that your girl friend, are you two, dating”? Ash giggled “Oh, no, were slaves. I’m Daddies cum slut, I fuck everyone he says. I’m number two girl, Mistress Brittany is his number one, she can make me flash, and kiss her, even masturbate. She can beat me when I’m bad, but, not give me to anyone. Only Daddy can.”

Ashlynn smiled turned to walk away stopped looked back and said “Oh, and she lets me drink her pee”. Waved and pranced back towards Britt, and the two ran off to play in the water.

From the blanket, Ash made herself very visible to the teachers, but, did not repeat her display from last week. Before leaving she came over to say goodbyes.

She apologized for not putting on a better show, lifted the front of her Tee showing her still sore cunt trough her wicked weasel bottoms, wet and almost invisible. I had a Gang-bang Friday night and I am still a little sore. Their look of surprise made Ash wetter still.

(Just for fun)

I have not really disciplined Ashlynn myself. Harold has been by, often, and with Brittany here, there just has not been a need.

So, Saturday when wake, first, no Brittany sucking the piss out, so I have to get up to pee. And I have a raging hard-on, with no teenaged on my dick.

As I walk down the hall, I hear giggles and moans, cumming from Ashlynn’s room. I also hear Ash breathlessly moaning “eat me, eat my pussy, you little cunt licker” and she is obviously having an orgasm. I stopped standing in the door arms crossed looking in as Brittany really worked over Ashlynn’s little snatch. “Ashlynn, honey, when you’re done take a shower and get cleaned up, and Brittany you just pop into the kitchen.

Britt walked in smelling of pussy, “Brittany, you are top to Ash”, I told her, “and you laid there and let her talk to you like her slave. You will be punished. Oh, and later I would like to hear your reasoning as to why I was not woken by your mouth on my cock? Now go put on that little button up dress, just the dress. Then get back in here. Oh! And don’t wash up, I want you stinking of pussy”.

The girls and I go out, doing some running around picking up some things. Hardware store, I pick up some short PVC pipe, in three different diameters, 1”, 2”, and 3” a scrub brush, some rope and hard ware, we run by a party-toy store that sells party supply’s, cheap toys in bulk, I bought several pounds of a special treat.

Now at each stop the girls sat in the truck playing. Well Ash was playing; Brittany was the play thing, trying not to have an orgasm. She had been told not to cum. I would park the truck off a little by itself, lock the doors, and go in by myself.

Brittany sat dress open as Ash would reach up into her wet cunt and pull out a little lipstick size vibrator. Wipe it clean it Brittany’s hair then go to work on her clit, nether lips, nipples, whatever would keep Brittany wet and ready.

When I’d get back to the truck it would usually be surrounded by guys whooping it up, and pounding on it. I would get their names. Ash would turn off the vibrator, then shove it as far up into Brittany wet hole as she could, ready for the next stop. Then wipe her hands clean in Brittany’s hair to sound of cat calls by the guys around our truck.

I’d run the guys off, the girls would unlock the truck and we’d be off to the next place.

The last stop was lunch, a little hole in the wall Café/Bar. Dark, with a great Burger-n- fries combo. Britt’s dress was buttoned from just under her breast to just below her crotch, as Ash and I ate Britt was playing pool, right after coming in I had sent her to the Ladies to fish out the Vibrator, turn it on then put it back, then come back out and play some pool.

When she came out I walked her up to the two guys playing and asked if she could play then in eight ball. Britt bounced from one foot to the other, the hum of the vibrator clearly audible. I laid out the rules, if she won they had to pay for the next round, if they won she would unbutton one button on her dress, and they had to pay for the next round.

If they got her naked before we finished eating she’d blow the both of them. If she came she had to undo a button, and keep playing, they could touch her however they liked, unless she was shooting, then it was hands off. They said yes.

After she blew the two of them. I had her sit on the bar dress open and masturbate for the whole place, until Ash and I where done eating. Besides Tom the owner and Cindy the server, there were Five other guys in the bar, the two Brittany blew, and three older guys, I offer to have her blow them but two said they were marred and the last the one just wanted to watch her sitting on the bar Jilling.

On the way home Ash asked it sometime we could come back so she could play. Brittany played with the tried off condoms I’d made the guys wear as she blew them. She’d asked them if she could “please” keep them as souvenirs of her first public blow jobs.

I had Britt and Ash strip then set up the fuck bench, as I sunk some hardware into the ceiling in the den, I had Brittany lay down on it as Ash ran off to get my bags of toys.

(ready to play)

I bound Britt tight to the bench, ankles, knees, hips, waist, neck and shoulders, elbows wrist, she could not move even her feet and hands where strapped so she couldn’t make a fist, or arch her feet.

I clipped vibrating clamps to her nipples; Insert an egg resting against her “G-spot” followed by a vibrating Dildo, a long thin vibrator up into her virgin ass. All these were secured in place. The last two toys, first a gag, cast from my own cock head. It had been one of Jennifer favorites, and I have never used it on anyone else.

As I’d put the gag on I had ask if this was alright she would not be able to use her safe word, this was her punishment she was tightly bound, she could not move or get away, once her punishment started it would continue until I was done, or Ashlynn used her safe word.

Brittany ask how bad it would it hurt. I told her I didn’t know, she would not be torched. She would be riding vibrates, until I was done with Ashlynn, and that the things I was going to do to Ash would hurt, and I was going to do then no mater Britt’s answer was. She said “yes, gag me, punish me, I was a bad girl, Mr. Xxxx” I really love that she calls me that. I fastened the gag on her.

Lastly I slid a piece onto the bench that secured the Panasonic in place, adjusted the Panasonic till Brittany was riding it just right, and then turned them all on high.

As Brittany tried in vain, to squirm away from the relentless stimulation, Ash stood quietly her head down. As I walked towards her she asked, “Daddy, is that true, you are going to hurt me?”

“Yes, baby girl, Daddy is going to hurt you.” I said, “Is that, OK? You can stop it all you have to do is use your safe word, Ashlynn what is your safe word”.
She looked at me, “Daddy, my safe word is xxxxxxxx, have I been bad Daddy?” she asked, in her lispy toothless voice.

“No, honey, Daddy is going to hurt you just because I want to. I want to see you cry out your safe word, begging me to stop”, I told her.

Then I asked, “Ashlynn, do you want me not to do it?” “Oh! No, Daddy,” she pleaded, “I want you to hurt me, please, Daddy. Will you hurt me, hurt me lots, please”. And then grinned and did that little wiggle dance she dose when she gets excited, I could see how wet she was, as it leaked down the inside of her leg.

(a game Ash knows)

I hung Ash from the ceiling legs spread wide, after hanging her; I fit her with an anal hook, looped a rope through it from wrist to wrist, lashing her hands behind her, pulled so snugly she was f***ed to arch her back. Slid a candle into her open wet cunt, lit the candle gave her a little push and watch her swing back and forth as hot wax ran down her Vaj, on both sides of the candle.

I left her swinging as I got out some more, toys.

I walk back in front of Ash holding a stainless steel medical dish; it held two, 6” long, 6 Ga. Stainless steel needles, they had a point but not a sharp one. There were some other things, all bathed in Alcohol.

I reached into the tray, pulled out a set of pliers, took out a needle, and latched on to her right nipple, close to the areola, pulling, stretching her nipple away from her breast, then I pushed the thick needle, slowly through the base of her nipple moving it side to side as it work its way slowly through the skin, bulging out the other side as the tip slowly f***ed its way out, I then slid the needle to its midpoint and released her nipple.

Ash swung back and forth hot wax now coated her vaj, she was pail and breathing hard, she’d grunted and wimped, but, she had not cried out or screamed. I snuffed out the candle, before the flame could burn her flesh. Telling her to open her mouth I put in a rubber mouth piece her mom had use. It would let her bite down, but, still use her safe word. Then I did the other nipple.

Once Ashlynn’s breast had thick needles protruding from both sides I hung a 2.5Lb weight with a cord from each Piercing, gave her a little push to get her swinging. The weights would wobble back and forth pulling painfully on her nipples. As they rapidly turned purple, with bruising from the pliers.

I checked on Britt, she was thrashing, trying to get away from the vibrators relentless cress, I ran my fingers lightly across her skin, feeling her quiver, her body on fire. “Can you breathe OK”, I asked. Her head nodded, yes.

I pulled out the candle stub, dug wax out of her, and then rubbed her vaj down with oil, thumbing her clit to get it hard. And then I worked a 1.5 “steel ball on a rod into her, working it down just past her pelvic bone, a wire running from the end of the rod, I “snapped” a wired alligator clip to her clit, Ashlynn buck pretty hard as it bit into the tender flesh of her sensitive nub, she was still puffing pretty hard as I started to cranked the handle on the old phone box.

As the electricity arced between her clit and G-spot she contorted, stiffened, you could hear the creaking of her muscles over her gasp of pain as she strand trying in vain to get away from the electricity’s bite. I had just given the box a little crank, but, now Ash was drench in sweat and panting.

Ashlynn yelped as I pulled the clip off her clit, holding the alligator clip by its insulator as I gave the box another spin she tensed, but, with no shock, she visibly relaxed, until I held the clip close enough to her clit that a spark jumped, she howled and flopped like a fish. I pulled the rod out and rubbed her vaj, with more oil, working her clit not stopping until she was close to cumming.

I dump a small bucked of ice, from the bar, on Britt to cool her down; I thought Ash would have used her safe word by now.

Working more oil all in and around Ashlynn’s vaj, I grabbed the 750 ml. bottle of Tennessee sour mash whiskey from the bar, took the Square bottle and started working it in to Ashlynn, she squealed as she realized what I was doing, “I don’t have a Brick, and I know how much you liked it, so how’s this, you nasty little cunt” I said, as I work the bottle into her. Ashlynn, panting, and grunting the whole time.

It took a little work, but, I finally got the bottle in enough that I could start working it; I stopped, grabbed a vibrator, and went to work on her tender clit with it as I pumped her cunt with the bottle, driving it in deeper with every thrust. Ashlynn gasped “Oh fuck me Daddy, fuck my nasty cunt,” as I shove the bottle deeper and deeper into her cunt, finally grinding the bottle in so deep that just the neck was stick out of her. Ash came hard riding that bottle.

By now I was sure Ash was not going to use her safe word.

Checking on Britt, the battery powered vibrators where dying, but, the Panasonic kept right on humming. And so was Brittany, strapped down she was still bucking, straining to get away.

I leaned in close to her ear and told her next time I was going to leave her there all night, the only thing, I’d remember to buy more battery’s.

I ran my hand down her side, from her under arm, to her hip bone. Brittany has as sweet body; I will miss her when she goes home. I kissed the hollow of her neck, between her breasts, just below her navel.

I pulled the Bourbon bottle out of Ashlynn, her little vaj was gaping open, which made sliding the 3” PVC pipe in much easier, I was suppressed at how much of the 18”long pipe fit in to her, I open 2lb bag of jacks and dumped in a hand full. Using the 1” pipe with a cap on it, I tamped them down as I slid the big pipe out a little until most the Jacks had been f***ed out in side her.

I dropped a 5” x 1.25” multi-function, shaft rotating, escalating, vibrator, down the 3” pipe, turning it so the rabbit bump out would line up with her “G-spot” as best I could. And then I packed as much of the 2lb of Jacks as I could get in there packing them as tightly as I could.

Once I had the covered the vibrator with Jacks I worked the big pipe out using the capped pipe to tamp everything down as I pulled it out. With the 3” pipe out I was able to get about another pound of Jacks inside her.

Out of the Alcohol filled tray I got a darning needle and alcohol soaked heavy thread, I grabbed Ashlynn labia pulling her lips out as far as I could. Pinched them together and sewed her jacks filled cunt shut, stopping to shove in some more jacks before I sewing it completely closed.

The last things I took from the tray 6 ga surgical stainless barbell and stirrup nipple rings, I liked how they looked on her, how they stretch her nipples.

It looked like she had to pee, she was so distended, her cunt full of Jacks, I lowered her to the floor. Pushing on her puffy tummy, I could fill the pointy Jacks shift. I moved her to the couch, bent her over it and tied her leg to the couches feet.

I tied a heavy cord, cloths line cord, to one nipple stirrup ran it around a front couch leg, slid it through the other nipple stirrup marked it, shortened it about 6” and tied it off to a hook shoved Ash down as much as I could, and hooked Ash nipple.

I turned off the Panasonic; untied Brittany and lifted her from the bench, laid her over Ash, clicked the remote turning on the rabbit vibrator, so that it pulsed, and stirred the Jacks, extended all while sealed tight in Ashlynn’s sown shut cunt. I could feel it moving through Brittany as I pushed my ridged cock into Brittany tight ass.

I pounded Brittany sweet ass, every stroke driving Brittany limp body down, forcing Ash jack filled cunt to contort as the vibrator stirred those Jacks inside her. Brittany grunting as I pounded her as, Ashlynn moaning as the jacks moved like they had a mind of their own.

I pump Britt’s guts full of cum; as I lay across Britt I can fill Ashlynn grinding away underneath our weight. I pick out my paint stirring paddle and lay in to Brittany ass. The first blow catches her by surprise I have to hold her down for 9 more, before I stopped. She collapse to the floor after, I pick her up and carry her to my bed.

I come back to Ashlynn sweat covered body, still bound bent over the couch arm behind her arched back; I can’t help myself I give her 10 shots to her beautiful round ass, 5 per cheek, my cock growing harder with each good solid blow, on the last one I crack my paint stick.

I untie her feet, unhook the cord attached to her nipple rings, unbind her arms, popped the ass hook out. As I bent to lift her my hard cock bob in front of her face, Ash reached out, catching it in her mouth, trying to suck it. I pulled away, as she pleaded “Please, Daddy, please let me make you feel good. Please let me make you as happy tonight, as you made me, Daddy, please”.

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