Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 5

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 5

(Getting Brittany)

Ashlynn’s Fangs were their topic of conversation all way to the Luggage carousal, seems vampires are all the rage. When we get there Brittany’s bag becomes a mystery, the carousal starts, one lonely bag riding round, then other bags start sliding out, folks jumping in grabbing their bag then gone , and then the one lonely bag going round, and round, carousal stops, No bag for Brittany. She had bought the suitcase herself, finagled two weeks off work, bought her own ticket online, one of those cheap flies you leave at 11:45 pm, bounces you all around the country, have hours of layovers at every stop, she’d got in on the last flight 11:30 pm locale time. Giving her 24 hours, of travel time, and not one in-flight meal. She just set down in the floor and started crying. Broke my, fucking heart.

Looking at the wall clock, it came to me that Brittany’s return flight should just be landing. Ashlynn is lying on the Den floor wrapped, head to toe in cling-wrap. She was right the Panasonic would fit. Inside a Magnum condom, pushed in, so its flattened egg shaped head was just past her pelvic bone, resting on her “G-spot”. Her ass, plugged with a vibrating butt plug, Ashlynn’s Clit pinched tightly by 2” binder clip, a vibrating egg secured to it. Brittany had found a 25-pack of the smallest binder clips, so 1 on the tip of each of Ashlynn’s nipples and 11 more spread around her breast and nether lips, and one last clip in her mouth on the inside of her lower lip. God damn that must hurt. The fun part of the binder clips, they come apart leaving just the spring clip on, making them hard to get off and pinching the hell out Ashlynn’s most tenders.

Ashlynn’s licking at Brittany’s cunt as I shoved my cock in to it, my wet balls dragging over Ash’s face with each stoke. It had been decided Britt will spend the whole summer with us, as my number one girl, she can punish Ash, make her flash, or masturbate any time but, without authority to give Ash to anyone, and, I can use Brittany anyway I like, just as I can with Ash.

Right now she is wrapped skin to skin with Ash. Brittany’s ass is bare so I can slap it, her hair makes a perfect hand hold, and those blue pills will keep a man going along time.

But, I am beginning to wear out. As I long stroke Brittany, Ash’s tongue attacking Britt’s clit and lightly teases my shaft, as frothy bits of my cum and Brittany’s juices dribbles into Ashlynn’s eager mouth. I pump harder, as I feel the presser building in my balls, lowering my ass to get a better angel on Britt’s clit my balls grinding into lovely Ashlynn’s face, her mouth hungrily sucking at them as I shoot yet another lode into her best friend’s twat. Pulling out Ash licks frantically at my retreating cock.

Ashlynn starts sucking at Brittany’s gaping cunt, I so love to watch the girls together, eating my cum as it ooze forth, hurried on with Gentle Prodding, by me smacking Brittany’s ass with a 5 gal paint stirring stick free from LowsDepot (works fantastic just ask Brittany), with every swat another cum glob plops into Ashlynn’s eagerly awaiting mouth. I am so worn out, I call Todd.

He works the girls for another 2 hours. Between Brittany fucking he lets Ash sucks him clean till he’s hard again. I had to stop him, once when he wanted to tap Britt’s ass, and that‘s my ass.

When he’s done I cut Britt lose. Todd and I sit back with some cold ones as Brittany sits grinding on Ash’s face as she tongue fuck Brittany trying to get every last drop of cum out. I have cranked the trio of vibratos up to high and every few seconds Ash has an orgasmic spasm.

We can see Ash is a mess as she splashes in a cocoon filled with her own sweat and cum. I’d like to let her sl**p there; I know how happy it would make her to wake, matted and slimy, stinking of her own juice. But I want to make Brittany pull all the little clips off of Ashlynn’s skanky body using just her mouth.
It takes the better part of an hour, Ash begging Britt to stop, but, she never did use her safe word, I had to check and see if she remembers it, she did. When they are done it’s almost 3:00 am I run them out in to the front yard turn on the Garden Hose and let them take turns soaping a spraying each other clean. It s almost daylight when we go back in. I wake up at noon to two girls, naked, except for their dog collars, frying bacon and pancakes, as they giggle and touch, tickle, swat, pinch, and kiss, each other. Ashlynn saying thank you Mistress Brittany after every touch she shows Ash.

(Britt’s first night home)

That first night, after Ash has crashed, still wiped out from Friday night Poke-Her. Britt walks in wearing a pair of Ash’s Panties and one of her Tees, they are too small for her and she is showing an awful lot of skin. I fix her a bowl of fruity puffed rice cereal, not called Fruity Bamm-Bamms, and we sit in the Den, A video of Ashlynn’s in the player but not on.

Before I asked anything of her I told Britt I knew she and her f****y was having money trouble, and we would pay her collage, she could go out there, but, we would love if she would come home and go here. We worked out all we would do and why, I love Britt like a daughter, but Britt is not my daughter, she is not related to us at all.

I looked her in the eye and said “Brittany without you here to tell Ash who to flash and who to blow, she’d lost her way and started pulling Gang-Bangs. “Oh my god! What are you going…”? She asked. “She was almost killed.” I interrupted and hit play.

I made sure Britt knew her schooling was never part of anything we ever did, she could always say no, we would still love her, and take care of her.
Brittany slept late the next day. As she came down into the den, I have Ash bent over my knee reddening her ass with a little round paddle as she tried to keep her clit in contact with a vibrator I held in my other hand. It was a little game I liked, when she gets close to cumming I’d light up her ass. We are both naked. After she cums again, shouting breathlessly, Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, Daddy! With each smack of the paddle.

She slides from my lap and starts to lick her juices and some of my pre-cum from my thighs. Brittany stands there one of my tees swallowing her, staring as my cock bobs involuntarily as Ashlynn’s hot tongue dancing so temptingly close to my cock; I’m so hard it’s painful. My eyes never leaving Brittany’s as she watches my cock, Ash working to clean me, more pre-cum beading up on my cocks head. I felt Ash’s hot breath and just as quick as a mouse she had flick that hot sweat tongue and licked my cock head clean of its drippings.

I ganked Ashlynn’s head back by the hair. Looking down into her face I tell her, NO! You Do Not Get Daddy Cock! I lift her, giving her a little shake my fist still in her hair, I toss her to the floor. “Now, You Look At Mistress Brittany And Tell Her You Are Sorry, For Licking Her Cock.” Ash head down craws to Britt, knelling head on the floor she ask Brittany’s forgiveness. Britt looks down and just as she starts to talk, I bark “Brittany, Is This Your Cock To Suck”? “Yes, yes master she whispers”, hurrying over to take me in her mouth. She was not a very good Cock-sucker, but, she’ll learn.

We had fucked last night. She had taken her own hymen, with her favorite brush’s handle years ago, but, she has never had a cock in there before me. My Pussy! We talked, watched a tape of Ash getting Banged, talked some more, I ripped Brittany’s clothing off and we fuck like monkeys.

After a few quick licks and a short suck I pull her up by her hair and then have her straddling me, facing Ash, Britt lowers on to my cock. Looking at Ash still on her knees, Britt tells her, “Your Daddy’s Cock is mine, you can’t have it”.

Brittany rocks up and down on my cock, her hands braced on my knees lifting her ass high nearly free, then dropping back down, on my pole impaling herself on my hard cock, my god I had forgot how tight eighteen year old pussy could be. Even after the hammering it had last night, it is just as sweet. I reach around pulling my tee shirt off her grabbing her nipples the feel of those young firm breasts.

I hold her to me, I can feel her hot tight body as my hand slides down and starts to work Brittany’s clit over, one arm holding her as I pinch her b**st pulling and twisting her hard nipple, my other hand rubbing and pinching at her sensitive little bud, her clitty is much smaller than Ash’s. I call Ash over to watch Daddy fuck her best friend; I hold my hand out telling Ash to lick my fingers. As she does I pull her face in closer her nose just a hair away. “Ashlynn can you smell me fucking your best friend” I demand.

I see her nostrils flair she answers, “Yes, Daddy”.

I reach out grabbing Ash hair pulling her head in,, rubbing her face on Brittany’s cunt, I can feel my cock rubbing Ashlynn’s cheek, I tell Ash to suck Brittany’s clit to suck it like a little Cock, she giggle as her mouth latches on to Brittany.

Moving my hand to Brittany’s hair gripping a handful I slammed Brittany’s cunt, balls slapping my little Ashlynn face harder and harder finally cumming in that teen vaj, spurt, spurt, spurting deep in the sweat thing. I held Britt tightly as Ash suck her off, Britt’s gasping orgasm pushing my softening cock from her vaj, I grabbed Ash’s hair pulling her off with a popping sound and told her she could eat Daddy’s cum from Brittany’s hole, but don’t eat any Daddy cock.

I could feel her neck and chin brush my cock as she plunged her tongue into her best friend’s cunt eagerly hunting daddy’s cum, my cock getting hard, rubbing daddy cum on her face, neck and hair. I took Brittany’s hand and led it to my cock and used it to jerk-off of into Ash’s hair as she ate Britt clean, Brittany stiffening in orgasms over and over riding Ashlynn’s tongue.

Latter Britt and Ash took off to the movies Ash still wearing a wad of my cum in her hair, Britt had let Ash lick her clean but not let Ash clean any cum from her own body. Brittany called me from the movies “Could Ash give hand-jobs, in the theater”. “No”, I told her, “But, the two of you can make-out, and she can go down on you”. I understand they caused quite a commotion with the show.

Some days started with me spanking Ash, fucking Britt, Ash eating my cum from Britt. Other day I spank Britt sometimes as Ash would suck her clit, then Britt would suck me off only to kiss my cum into Ashlynn mouth, other times she’d stand above Ash and drooling my cum into Ash’s mouth.

Britt was really tweaked the first time she saw Ash drink Piss. After that every morning the first thing Ash got to drink was Britt-piss. She was less happy the third, day when I reminded her that she lived by the same rules, But, in no time I was awoken everyday to Brittany sucking the piss out of me, literally. And then a blow-job Brittany was really getting better at them.

And this was all just the first two-weeks; it looked to be an exciting summer.

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