Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 4b

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 4b

(The set up)

I’d called my boys about getting together at my place instead of Andy’s. Andy bitched about it the most; he couldn’t drink himself blind, if he had to drive home. I still think when he sees why we moved, he’ll be pleased.

I talked to Laurie before telling Steven, he needs her permission to cum, game night is not the problem, Steve’s cuckolding is, that’s Laurie’s usual night to fuck her boss and his friends. She is not too happy about Steve getting to shoot his lode; she only lets him cum on the 31st, so he doesn’t get to cum in June.

After tying her to the bench attaching a vacuum pump to her clitoris, once it was fully engorged, and banded, I alternated between; using a vibrater on it, and the rod, after seventy five min. she was begging me to let her cum. We struck a deal, and then she squirted 5ft across the room. I Was Very Impressed.

She went home with a very sore, cum filled, pussy. And orders from me for Steve eat her sore pussy clean for one hour, or until she’d cum at least 3 times, and now that I hold the key to his cock-lock. This is going to be embarrassing for Steve.

Mike is the one; I think will most have a problem with this whole thing. He was good to go with Jenn, but after he marred fat little Cindy, 10 years ago, he has never strayed, but, Ashlynn was the flower girl in their wedding, and I think the perversity of that will get him going, in the end.

Ash and I met Jenn’s old bff, Cathy, Bobby’s wife, for lunch. Ash was to call them Uncle Bobby and Aunty Cat, but, she never did. He was just Bobby and she became KittyCat, and to Ash she has been KittyCat ever since. Ash had been very pleased to find the tapes of KittyCat and her Mom together; Cat has no idea of Ashlynn’s sexploits.

I had Ash dressed down for the day. She was wearing a dress-up collar, no tag. Oh, and a Remote control butterfly, but, other than that, she looked discreet. I’d keep the butterfly on its lowest setting, and I would just pop it on intermittently. As orgasmic as Ash is, even on low, she still cums pretty quick with it. I have never even used it on her at a setting higher then 5, at that she came almost instantly.

Cat hopped up just as soon as we walked in. A quick hug and a little peck on the cheek from me, and a big sweeping hug for Ash. Then Cat holds Ash at arm’s length, looks her in the eyes, at her flush, and ask “Ashlynn, baby, you OK”? “Unhun, KittyCat, I just humming”. You can really tell when Ash is horny, and right now I have her really wound up.

As we sit, I hand Cat the Butterfly’s control Fob, just before coming in I had given Ash two quick jolts, she is wound tight. Before handing the Fob to Cat I had cranked it up to high. Cat and I catch up as Ashlynn fidgets, Cat playing with the Fob, had yet to ask its use, and then she hit the big round on switch.

Ash bolts up right, griping the table, head snapped back letting out that gasping howl, followed by a quick short grunt with every panting breath that says, I am having an ORGASM! After about 45 intense seconds, I say, “Catherin you’d better take your finger off the button, I don’t think Ash can cum that hard much longer without passing out”.

Cat was pissed at me! We left quickly, once outside Ash and Cat walked, hand in hand, as Ash explained what she had been doing, and how badly she had been hurt by the whole, a*****ion and assault, or as Ash calls it, her AA weekend. And then she explained our arrangement to keep her safe and still fulfill her desires.

Cat was appalled, but, as we walk and talked Cat softened, she was not Vanilla, she had played with Jenn. And then Ash turned to Cat, looked her in the eye and told her “KittyCat if you aren’t going to use that button please give it back to daddy, he will”. Catherin asked her, “Was that the first time you have cum in public”? “No, but, it was the first time I have cum that hard in public, and in front of so many people”, Ashlynn said, with a wicked smiled showing her new teeth.

Cat looked at the fob she’d been absently holding, looking Ash in the eye, and hit the switch. Still set on high, I had to hold Ashlynn up as she did that cute little grunting pant of hers. People walking by, staring, thinking Ash was having some sort of seizer, well I guess she was. Cat used the Fob many more times that afternoon as we walked Ash around the plaza.

Just for giggles when we got back in the car, I held the button down on its highest setting, Ash never did passed out, but she did flail around in the front seat gasping Da, ddy… Da, ddy… Da, ddy… pinching and twisting at her nipples, after the battery ran down she just laid there, a hic-upping sweaty mess, as I drove home.

Well with all the set up taken care of, now we just had to get Ash ready. There is a nail salon Jenn had used, they do mani-pedi and body waxing. I had Ashlynn get the full treatment on Thursday; late Friday afternoon I gave her a big soapy enema, so she would be ready that night, inside and out.

(Friends get together)

Ashlynn is lying on Bobby, her legs spread almost like she is doing the splits; he is cock deep up in her ass. Andy is standing between both their legs. He’s trying to wear out that monster cock of his, on Ashlynn’s little wet box. Her teeth out, Steve is fucking her mouth, but, she keeps grabbing his balls and only letting him cum when she wants, (Ash gets punished for that later) she shifts her hand to the Y chain running from her clit to her nipple yanking on it. Twice now I have had to tighten the clamps, they keep popping off, (they’re now on the tightest setting, got to get better clamps), her other hand is pumping Mikes Cock as he cum in the wine glass with her teeth in it, he has yet to fuck any of her holes, but, she’s jerked him off 2 times drinking every drop.

He breaks down and fucks her before he leaves, Ash will beg him in tears to please, please, let her just taste his cock. Once she gets him in her mouth, she has him. He tries every hole before she wrapped her arms around him, puts fingers up his ass, and skull fuck herself on his cock. Her hair a flying, I love watching her do that, all the guys thought it was the most amazing thing, but, I kind of worry she’ll get brain damage from doing it. Nasty little slut licked her fingers clean after.

Laurie had almost fucked up the whole surprise, by changing her plans, she called her Boss canceling. Insisting on driving Steve over and making him take several Viagra before letting him get out of the car. Although it will work out for me, she is coming back over after Poke-her to pick-up Steve, and help me out with some HARD work, she’ll leave here with an ass full of cum for Steve, Oh and I took a file to his key before they left, he will have to go to a lock-smith to get that damn thing off. Now that his Cuckolding is out I think his life is going to become much more interesting.

The night still got off to a “Bang” when the guys walked into the den instead of the poker table, there set my fuck bench, Ashlynn, standing next to it wearing only her Mary-Jane pumps, black and pink thigh-highs (well really knee-sox), pink and black Dog-Collar with its “Daddy’s little Slut” dog tag. Clit and nipple clamps connected by the Y chain.

The guys just froze, Andy bringing up the rear, bumping in to Bobby, looking up Andy just said, “Damn”. Before anyone could balk, grinning, Ashlynn piped up with, “HI! You ready to fuck, but, first Uncle Steve”. Pushed her hand up in to her visibly wet little cunt, she pulled something out, ran over, bouncing, with every little stripper step.

She stopped in front of Steven telling him to open his mouth, she popped the wet key in telling him not to swallow, undid his pants, yanking both his pants and boxers down in one quick move. Exposing his cock, locked tightly, in its Plexiglas safe.

He took a lode of shit from the boys, he was red faced and looked like he might just die from embarrassment, until.

Ash stuck her cunt wet hand in his mouth, retrieving the key. She knelt and fidgeted with the Cock-Lock a bit before getting it off, leaning in took his freed cock fully in her mouth gave him a hard suck ending with a popping sound as she pulled free, Steve making an embarrassing little moan. As his cock sprang forth, that was a lot of cock in the little Lock box.

Ashlynn had the bench set in a head down, cunt high position. She lay on her back, hands holding the 5”heels of her Mary-Jane’s so that her wet cunt was open and ready. She took 3 of guys vaginally twice sucking them clean and hard, each time they’d hit it, so they were ready again.

The exceptions being me and Mike, It took him a little to get into it, but, he didn’t leave, and he was watching her like hell. I asked him, “How you like you little flower girl now”? He remarked on how much she looked like Jenn. This hurt, and made me proud at the same time. Also reminding me that the bench, Ash was being fucked on now, was made to use her mother on.

After being pumped with Cum 6 times, her cunt was a soggy mess, foamy jizz leaking out and down her ass crack. Mike piped in with, “Steve maybe you need to step in and clean her up” To which, both, Ashlynn’s hands snapped to her twat, as she shouted “No! Mine”!

Holding one hand to her cunt, she rolled off the bench, I handed her a wine glass. With one hand on the bench to steady herself, squatting over the glass, she smiled at these men she’d know from the day she was born. She had now fucked men that had changed her diapers, contracting her vaginal walls Ashlynn squeezed their leavings from her cunt, also she used the glass to sc**** her thighs and ass crack clean getting all their goodness that she could.

She put her head down licked cum globs off her hand and the side of the glass. Kneeling Ashlynn held up the glass of their mingled juices so we all could see it peering up with her head still bowed she said “thank you”, smiled and tipped the glass up drinking them. Running her fingers around the inside of the glass after, licking everything clean. She stood up after, smiled, asked, “Who’s up for anal, did I mention, I like going ass to mouth” popped her teeth out and dropped them in the glass.

Just as the guys, well not Andy, where starting to wain, Pizza showed up, Todd and Harold. Harold’s first words as he walked in the room, “I can do anything to her right Mr.Xxxx”? Again I tell the fat fuck the rules. He moves towards Ashlynn’s mouth, opening his pants, pulls his little cocklett out, telling Ash to open her piss hole. She reach out pulling him closer, just as the hot acrid, yellow stream sprayed into her mouth, you could see her throat working to swallow all the urine, from the smell he had not gone all day, saving it up for Ashlynn.

Andy tells him, “If you make a mess, you will be licking it up”. As he finished up he stepped in close so the last drops falls into ash’s open mother. She hold’s it for all to see, and then swallowed; the room was deathly quiet as Ash raised her head and said “good to the last drop”. Giving us a big happy smile. Daddy’s little girl is such a nasty, slut.

Andy looked at me and grinning shouted “Yea!” His arms scooping under her thighs, he grabbed up her ass, and kind of got a running start, rammed that monster cock into her well used cunt so deep and hard, his balls hit her ass sounding like a baseball hitting a glove. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, wrapping the clamp chain in the other hand(the clit clamp pulled free)he just started yanking her on his cock, like she was some kind of little doll, a true fuck puppet.

She arched her back so her swollen clit rode his cock; her cumming, his with every thrust, cum grunting “Un… cle… An… dy…, Un… cle… An… dy…, Un… cle… An… dy…”. And then she’d cum so much she started Hic-upping.

Andy stopped his humping, balls in, with a look of wonder on his face “OH GOD, GOD, GOD”, he shouted to the ceiling as he exploded inside her. For just a bit she lay there bouncing with every Hic-up. When he caught his breath, Andy said “God those Hic-up fucking wicked” Todd, Harold, And Bobby stepped up, Todd tapped her ass Bobby pushing Harold away from her cunt, so that in the end that little dicklett was in her mouth and she held him in deep throating the little thing, Ash hic-upping away no one moving and then one by one they would grunt and twitch frantically humping away as they pumped her full of cum.

She lay there Hic-upping, a ribbon of slime pumping out her twat with every hic-up. I grabbed a water bottle, shoved it in her nasty fuck hole and filed her full of iced water; she screamed hopping up off the bench, dropped to the floor, head down asking “Daddy was I bad”, water still running out her hole. “No Baby, but, are your hic-ups are gone” I ask. “Yes Sir, Daddy” she replied “Thank you, Daddy”.

Everybody laughed as she stood water still dripping out her. Looking down at the wet floor, water, globs of cum, she dropped down, ass high and started licking the tile clean. I had not even told her to. Honey remember when you where sucking your Uncle Steven Cock and you would stop him from cumming, she stopped licking but kept her head down, “Yes Sir, Daddy” she squeaked.

Ashlynn spread yourself and keep your head down, lick that floor clean the sooner your done the sooner your punishment will end, Harold come here, I handed him a stiff rod, try to only hit her on the pink any marks on her legs or back and I will be pissed at you.

His aim wasn’t for shit, and he swung too hard. I took the rod from him and swatted him across his front thighs to show him how to use the rod.

Interestingly his little dicklett showed some interest as I struck his thighs, he should enjoy his sex life now, because, if he ever marries he’s a cuckold. Handing him back the rod, he went to work on Ash, working over her clit and ass hole, in no time her lips where open her own excitement running down her legs and then he struck her clit just right and she jerked barking out an orgasm. “Ashlynn did you just cum from a whipping”, I asked her. “Yes Sir, Daddy” she answered her head pushed to the floor in embarrassment.

“Ashlynn show Todd that mouth fuck trick you do”, Mike told her. “Yes sir, Uncle Mike” Ash replied as she pounced on Todd’s cock, “Mmm taste like my ass she said just before she latched on and started pumping”. It took her 6 min to make him come, the longest I have seen anyone last.

The party broke up about 2:00 am. A cum covered Ash carried up to bed by her Uncle Andy, as she scooped cum out of her cunt and licked her hand, as they went. “Ash, you OK” I hollered up. “Oh, Yes! Daddy. Uncle Andy is taking care of me” she giggled down, over the sound of her bed creaking away. Andy you’re going home at 3:00 am. “OK Daddy” That prick, Andy, called back.

She slept Saturday through, not waking till after 8:00 pm which seems about right Andy was up there hammering away at Ashlynn’s little twat till almost daylight when Laurie and Steven left. I had fucked his wife with Steven watching me put her through her passes all night, only stopping to let Steven clean my cum out of, my whore, his wife, I then pumped her ass had Steve clean me up then tapped her ass hole again, telling him to clean her ass out when they get home.

Ash was not near as sore Monday having soaked in the hot tube most of Sunday, as we left for the airport Ash was almost vibrating with excitement. Here comes Brittany now walking down the ramp, looking seeing Ash, she brakes in to a run, they jump into each other’s arms, squealing and jumping around.

Suddenly, Brittany freezes staring at Ashlynn’s grin, expounding in wonderment, “Ashlynn! You Have FANGS!”

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