Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl 2b

Daddy’s Little Girl
By Baddaddy
Part 2b
(How things went bad for Ash)

Ashlynn had been getting bored with being good. Then the episodes with the Preacher had taught her what she already knew in her heart, she was bad, she was a Slut; that the Preacher could see that in her was proof. To prove this Ash wanted to be used by a group of guys she didn’t know, and that is why she took out the swinger’s ad that just said, “Young Female looking for a Gang Bang call (cel)phn-nmbr”.
She got a lot of calls; most were just single guys looking for a hook up. She weeded it down to four groups of guys. She was going to do one each weekend, and then see if she wanted to repeat any of them. She picked them by the order she got their photos.
The first guys sent in a pix of a clean cut young collage boy, The contact guy told her he was in a Frat and they were looking for a girl that would like to party with a group of guys.
Ash let them know that the most she wanted to do was 10 or she would get to sore, but, she agreed that she could do more, if and only if, they would agree to only cum once each. Yes she was a 3 holed slut and she agreed to do 18 guys, but, each guy would get one turn at one hole. She had sent them many photos some dressed, others naked, or getting fucked, even some with her being made Airtight.
He agreed to pick her up so she would not have to drive over to the city and she setup a location he could easily find. He told her,” look for his White Ford Van”. She parked her Miata (a 16th birthday gift) at the only parking garage in town locking her purse with her phone, and keys in the trunk, she had a magnetic hide a key to get back in. She then walked across the street to the 24/7 Food-Mart, Ash got a 32oz Fountain Dew and Energy Drink mix then went outside to wait in the dark.
18 Frat-boys, Ash kind of did a little butt wiggle dance. She knew she was in trouble, 18. As horny as she was, 18. She knew she would be sore tomorrow, 18. Because she was going too drain all those Frat-boys cocks dry, 18. She was so caught up in thinking about all those 18 Frat-boy cocks and all that cum she was going to get, 18. That she did not see the White Ford Van till it was rolled right in front of her.
The side door slid open and two guys in ski-mask jumped out and grabbed her. At first, she thought it was kind of a game so; she sat still as they blindfold her, then someone cuffed her hand behind her back. She even happily opened her mouth for the gag. The cuffs where a little tight, but, she wet, and getting in to it.
She got a little concerned when they started cutting her clothes off, what would she wear home. A Frat-boy tee, hehee, she giggled to herself. She really had no fear right up until they tasered her u*********s. She woke tied splayed to a dirty table. This Was Not A Frat Party! There were a bunch black men in saggy jeans and leather; there was motorcycle junk all around the room.
She knew, she had already been fucked hard before she woke, from the loud rap music she also knew calling for help was unless, no one would hear. When they saw Ash was conscious, her party really began.
She couldn’t tell how many there were, they just kept cumming, one guy would be pounding her cunt as another would be fucking her mouth. Some times one would dry fuck her ass, after several guys there was so much cum leaking out her ass it lubed her up.
At some point she must have bit one or scratched a cock with her teeth. The next thing she knew one big mean black man was using a pair of greasy pliers to pull all her front teeth and it hurt like hell. Ash told me that as he was yanking out her teeth, she keep thinking how mad I would be after spending all that money on braces and now her teeth lay broken on the floor.
After he yanked her teeth, she was mostly in and out of consciousness. She woke screaming as a skinny bald black man was laughing and burned her repeatedly on the inside of her thigh, she found out later he burnt the word slut into her leg.
The big mean black man, liked to fuck her in the ass, then her mouth, why did guys like her to go ass to mouth, he did it repeatedly. He got really mad once he could not get it up again; so he punched her in the cunt. Tied as she was, she could do nothing. She couldn’t pull her legs closed; she laid there coughing, crying, and trying not to puke.
He got such a kick out of how it hurt her so, that in between the other guys using her cunt, he would just walk up and puncher her there again. And not just hit her but Punch her, right in the cunt. Sometimes she’d puke, others just cry. By about the eight or tenth time she was starting to swell up, pretty bad. Some of the guys liked it; they said she was tighter with the swelling.

(Later, probably the next day)

She woke as a man just shoved himself balls deep into her already sore, swollen, well used cunt. It was the start of a long hard day of being used. At some point she came to the understanding that she was a party treat, for some gang gathering, that there were gang members from across the country.
She woke several times as they threw cold water on her, or ran a hose up into her to flush the cum off and out. They also made sure she was good and awake when they brought in the dogs. There were four pits bulls; they brought them in one at a time, hosing her out after each one. Ash told me later, four dogs can be hard on a girl.
When they were done with her for the night, the skinny bald black man walked in, he pulled out a length of rope with several big knots in it, she heard it whistle threw the air before she felt it hit. She stopped begging him when she realized how much he enjoyed her begging, after that she just cried. He worked her over with the rope, he really seemed to like hitting her breast and nipples, her cries brought several of the men back in just to watch him beating her.
They sat around, cheered him on as he cursed her and called her names. He stopped to get a beer and to p*e on her face and in her mouth; she was ashamed, as he p*ed on her. He walked back in, beer in hand and seeing her cunt, he roughly pushed some fingers into her raw wet hole. He laughingly told the others how she was must be getting off on the beating.
The big mean black man stood up, as they laughed, he walk away saying “she like a beatin’ I got somethin’ get her off”. The second time the straightened wire-hanger struck her clit and nether lips, she p*ed herself screaming, she did not know how many times he hit her, but, she lost conscious before he stopped.

(Sunday early afternoon)

It was light when she woke. And quiet, no rap music blaring. There were 4 younger guys hosing out bl**d and cum from her. Then they scrubbed her clean with a soapy brush. She became aware one hand was un-cuffed and hurting. The doctors later said the hand and wrist where broke as if she had pulled it free of its bindings.
After the cleaning they hoist her up by her feet, legs spread. And then played a little game with her, called “what’s in your pussy, bitch” they took turns shoving things in side her and she had to guess what, a beer bottle, a Ball-peen Hammer, a wire brush, a brick, a dead mouse (that was the hardest to guess), and then some fire-works, after a time they must have gotten bored because they stopped and left her just hanging there, with a burnt out Roman Candle in her cunt.
She had heard them talked about running to get some food. As she hung there she realized it was quiet. Her feet where tied but not her hands she was hanging upside down, she knew if she did not do something she was going to die.
She’d had years of danced, she was strong she knew she could do it. She slowly set up till she could climb her leg; she could really only use one hand the other was broke. They had tried her with just one rope. It looped around one leg over the beam through two joists then down to her other leg. They were just simple knots. She untied one foot and just slid down, she hit hard but, after last night’s abuse the drop was nothing.
There was a phone on the wall, it was a pay phone, Ashlynn had never used a pay phone but she had heard of them. She knew she would need money to make it work and she was naked, where the hell was she going to get money. She picked up the receiver and absent mindedly dialed 911 and it rang through, when she heard the voice say “911 what is your emergency”, Ash started to cried.
It took a few minutes for Ash to tell the operator she had been k**napped, and she did not know where she was. The cops and fire department got there before any of the men got back and she was in the Hospital within an hour.
Because our friend Police Sergeant Bob had failed to file a missing persons report, and Ash would not give then her name, no one knew to call me.
About 8:30 pm Police Sergeant Bob did call the hospital after one of the other cops that had been fucking Ashlynn at her first big gang-bang, got a call about an unknown k**napping and **** victim.

Coming Part 3

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1 year ago
wow i did not friend gest90 and they got all pissy. Ah hello if you don't like it don't read it.
1 year ago
I started to cry
2 years ago
The things that were done to this helpless human (though it is fiction) is beyond comprehension of human dignity--totally unimaginable! Even in fiction the savage treatment seems intolerable.
2 years ago