Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 2a

Daddy’s Little Girl
By Baddaddy
Part 2a

Ashlynn bounced back, and in about a week I would hear her on the phone chatting and giggling, but, around me she was still quite and withdrawn. I thought she was ashamed of how I had seen her. I found out much later that was not the case.
It was on the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo. That Ash did not come home, the next day Saturday she had still not come home nor had even called to let me know she was OK. She was only s*******n, I called the police to do a missing persons report; Police Sergeant Bob was not very helpful, telling me how she’d probably had got d***k at some party an run off with a boy.
I explained to the dumb son of a bitch about the money in her trust account, how she can only take out $100.00 at a time herself, but for larger amounts it requires my signature. He is sitting there telling me how she will most likely turn up later Bla Bla Bla.
Sunday, night about 9 pm I got a knock on the door, it was Police Sergeant Bob. He told me, a young lady meeting Ashlynn's general description, was in the hospital in a neighboring city. He said he was there to drive me, he wouldn’t give me any more info other than it might be her, but, we ran lights and siren all the way to the neighboring city’s hospital.
It was bad, very bad. The last time she looked like she had been gang banged. This time she had been ****d and tortured. Rope burns on her wrist and ankles, a broken hand and wrist, eight of her front teeth had been knocked out, her vagina been brutally whipped with a wire hanger, she’d been fuck plenty before and after, her body looked to have also been beaten, she had burns spelling out the word slut on the inside of her thigh, black eyes, split lips. They had to give her several stitches, including some in her Vag, she had cuts inside and out. The Doctors said apparently she has been sustaining only on Semen the whole time.
It was a week before I could bring her home. As I set alone with my baby I went through a print out of her phone account reading her text. I don’t know what the fuck was going on, but, I was going to find out.

(Some things I found out about Ash)

She had set up some kind of party involving several guys she had apparently never met, she had send them photos so they’d know what she looked like. Most where nudes, in about haft of them she was being gang banged. In some of those she was smiling and looked really happy.
From her text, there were supposed to be no more than 10 guys there. She’d said, 10 was her lucky number, many more than 10 and she would be too sore to walk after. I remembered coming home one night, she was on fall brake, she said “she was sick”, limping around the house, laying in bed for days, when she did get up she looked like she had a hard time even sitting.
When I brought Ash home she would not talk to me. I knew all this was my fault I had failed her in some ways. Daughters don’t go looking to be Gang Banged, if her daddy did his job. Daddy’s Baby girl does not set up her own Gang-Bangs, unless her Daddy has failed her miserably. I would never fail her again.
While Ash was still in the hospital, I’d hired Privet Investigators. I wanted to find out as much about what she had been doing and with whom. Everything they could find out, by any means. After she’d came home, I also hired several teachers, Ash was home schooled the last weeks of school. One day while she was “in class”, I slipped off to meet with the Investigators. Money can buy a lot of P.I. work, when you don’t need it to stand up in court. You can get a lot of info.
First, if you look at Amateur Gang-Bang stuff on the net you have most likely seen Ashlynn. Second, Daddy’s Baby Girl is a Cum Slut, she likes draining groups of guys, and it seems the more the merrier. Third I was going to have to have a very god damned privet talk with that Son of a Bitch, Police Sergeant Bob.
One Saturday morning Ash came down for breakfast to find me sitting at the Kitchen table with two very large boxes, and a small TV VCR/DVD player showing Police Sergeant Bob ass fucking her, as he worked her cunt with his night stick. She was begging another cop to cum in her mouth “Give it to me, give it to me” as she pumped his cock with hand. I looked in to her beautiful green eyes, and saw her face had grown hard like stone.
I smiled and said “Baby Girl, Daddy will always love you, and I will always be proud of you. Wow, you really used those guys, no wonder you looked so tired 19 guys drained by my little girl” There was a lot of crying hot tears and snotty noses. She had thought I would kick her out. That I would stop loving her. I let her know there was nothing, NOTHING; she could do that I would stop loving her or kick her out, that she will always be Daddy’s Little Girl.

(Her story) as told to me by Ash

Ashlynn started flashing boys her panties when she was twelve, her masturbating with open d****s had taught her she like the thought of people seeing how naughty she was. I remember that is when she starting to buy bikini panties; I did not know she was slipping some thongs in there too. By thirteen when she’d go with Brittany she almost never wear panties, when not in school she would flash whoever her friend Britt told her too.
At f******n she would sometime flash boys at parties or slip off and give a Blow-Job whenever Brittany told her to. Ashlynn was very proud that from the first time she always swallowed. When she was f*****n she would sometimes be naked at parties. By then these where just small Blow-Job parties no other girls. Just Ashlynn and her best friend Brittany and whatever guys Brittany invited. At the Blow-Job parties Ash never drank, she would only suck Cock. Britt made sure things did not get out of hand. She and Ash only did these parties a few times a year.
Britt had know about Ash’s little kink from the start, as soon as Ash had found masturbation she showed Britt. Her Jilling-off in front of Brittany may have been the start of Ash’s exhibitionism. Brittany saw this and played with it. By pushing Ash, over time Britt could get Ash the flash anyone she told her too. I recalled a party where the girls were playing Badminton in their bikinis and Ash’s nipples kept slipping out she did not seem to know it, until someone (never Britt) would say something, after about 5 times I told her to go put some damn clothes on.
And then Ash turned sixteen, Brittany’s Dads job took them to the other side of the country. As much as Britt had pushed Ash, she had also kept her safe, and she reeled Ash back in when Ashlynn started to get out of control. Both Girls wanted to stay Virgins until they were eighteen. With Britt gone there was no one to reel Ash in as she slipped more and more into her perversions.
It was just two months after Brittany’s moving that Ash took her late night naked walk to school with the intent to give up her virginity to whoever she met. That being Bobby Jr. and his 4 friends, and then the next day the party at Police Sergeant Bob Sr. house.
Ash has continued Gang-Bang parties. That had been what she was doing on the phone, when I thought she was laughing and talking with friends, she was setting up Gang-Bang parties. She was only fucking small groups. She could completely drain four in less than 2 hours, grown men fucked her harder and longer, but, teenage boys had a faster recovery time, and where quicker to cum so she could get more juice from them.
She tried quitting, after about six months of gang-banging 4 to 6 guys once or twice a week. Ashlynn stopped cold. She started going to church, trying to “get right with GOD”. That’s where she’d found out one of the boys she'd been doing from her first gang-bang was a Preachers Son. After church one Sunday his dad, the preacher, came to her. Telling her, he had heard some things and if she could come by after school Monday, he could counsel her, in privet.
She showed up to find the place dark, no one was in the office but the preacher’s son. He was sitting at the front desk; he led her right in to see his Dad, the Preacher. The Preacher was seated behind his desk, with this weird grin on his face, she heard the door shut and lock. As the Preacher stood she saw he wasn’t wearing paints and had a raging hard-on, having heard the door behind her, she turned to see his son dropping his paints.
They took turns fucking her on the Preacher’s desk. She found it funny, the fewest guys shed ever fuck at one time was two, a Preacher and his son. She must have had a thing for father son teams. The Preacher and his son, Police Sergeant Bob Sr. and Bobby Jr.
After fucking one she’d sucked him hard again as she fuck the other until she’d fucking them dry. When nether the Preacher or his son could get their dicks hard anymore, she looked around, leaned down, picked up a loving cup from floor by the Preacher’s desk. Ash stood up holding it to her sloppy cum filled twat and squeezed out their spent seed catching it in the trophy. When she had squeezed out all she could, she put the cup to her lips and drank their leavings from the Preacher’s trophy. Running her finger around the inside, she then licked them clean.
Ash set the loving cup, on the Preacher’s desk, turning it so he could read “The world’s greatest father” printed on the front of the trophy. “Same time next week” she said, as she was leaving.
The next week there were two of the churches Deacons there as well. The week following several of the Alders were there too. She doesn't know who all was there the forth week because she was not. So 2, 4, 8 and she was out. She may be a cum slut, but, she was not a hypocrite. Preaching not to sin on Sunday and then sinning all up in her on Monday had left a, bad taste in her mouth.

End part 2a

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9 months ago
sluts are great
1 year ago
Confession is good for the soul. Fuck all you want Mon-Sat and then confess to start it all over in a new week with more men LOL
2 years ago
2 years ago
It's no wonder the church parishner's have lost their faith in their church's leadership, which additionally includes the Catholic churches leaders.

Having a daughter and spending EVERY day of her life thus far (she's a beautiful forty-one years old now and still my pride and joy) worrying about her I have empathy and heartbreak for any father, and mother, that have had to deal with very unfortunate situations. I've been blessed so far, no tribulations of terrible consequences.

Whether this story is fact or fiction, with the right love and kindness she will recover. Girls need love and to be wanted; this girl will be no different.