waist coat fitting

This is a story from when i had to get my waist-coat fitted for my dads wedding.

I went into the sewing shop and rang the bell on the desk, a the fitter her name was Jane ginger hair, slim, about a D cup and a hot ass for a 47 year old, I (18 at the time) found her rather attractive. OK David come in the back room and we will have that waist coat pinned for you. I followed her in a smallish room with a mirror and a table with pins s**ttered all over it "come on David i haven't got all day lets get you pinned i still have to do my dress yet" (Jane was a friend of my step mum) "OK" i said as i put on the waist coat. It started rather normal she was looking at the places that would need sewing and then she was pinning them up but then she started rubbing the coat down and every time getting closer to my bum and when doing under my arms she was stroking down to my waist and holding my hips and asking if it looked OK and i reassuringly said yes as she carried on, i was now getting really turned on as she was touching me and i think she noticed as she brushed her ass against it as she lent over for more pins, i felt like getting him out right there and then and jerking off but i knew i couldn't. "Right David looks like we are done" "great hows your dress coming along?" i asked wondering if i could get a peek, "its coming along just fine thank you it will be finished just in time and you can come back and get your waist coat 2days before".

The day of the wedding had arrived and Jane looked stunning a red dress that hugged her figure that covered from just above her knees to her breasts with no straps and a very dark lip-stick red. After the wedding we all went to a hotel for the after party. i found my self talking to Jane a lot there and we got on really well, eventually we needed the toilet so we decided to go together i had a room booked as I had to stay over night with my dad so we went to the room and I said "ladies first" so she entered the bathroom i stood outside and thought about her and how she could pee in that dress whether she would lift it up or have a zip or something to free her self. Eventually she finished and came out of the bathroom i went in had a pee and came back out. I couldn't help but ask "how did you pee in that dress did you have to lift it up?" she looked at me in a weird way at first but then she replied "i took the whole thing off," "why?" i asked. "Well truth be told i didn't have a pee, i was masturbating over you" she blushed and i looked in shock the hot 47 year old MILF masturbated over me i felt so turned on and i think she must have known because she came close to me and rubbed my now throbbing cock in my trousers and whispered in my ear "come on handsome don't say you didn't go home and jack off over me touching you in the sewing shop now show mummy what I'm missing" she pushed me back and pulled me by my tie to the bedroom where she pulled that sexy dress up and over her head she was wearing only a thong and her beautiful breasts where now exposed i stripped off into my boxers and almost ran to suck on those gorgeous nipples, they were erectified in seconds she really seamed to like what i was doing, she played with my cock a little and then she pulled my boxers down and made me pull her thong off she had shaved it all it looks sooo wet i went straight in for the kill we fucked doggy front back side to side till i was just about ready to cum, she got down on her knees and sucked me dry i shot a huge load down her throat then across her face she went in the bathroom to clean up and i got dressed.

when we finally got back to the party after an hour and a half and we said goodbye as the night was almost over and i was reassured that i would need some more sewing doing soon.
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2 years ago
Yes we nolder ladies love love too
4 years ago
damn! nice
4 years ago
short and lacked detail about the 90m
4 years ago
i changed names but story is TRUE !