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So being the naughty bartender that i am....work work work clean clean serve drinks and watch the clock and smoke cigarettes.

Along comes two slightly buzzed chickies on a boring wednesday night....chatty and giggling.

I was thining to myself hummm these two look like they could be fun.
"Hello Mr bartender, i'll have a glass of wine...sauv blanc"
"no worries...what about you peggy sue?" (I thought the peggy sue line was quite cool)
"champagne for me please..." big smile from the champagne chick....i was in lust/love.

Curvy sexy body, long blonde hair just what i like...she could of been around 35-40....this is the yummy age for chicks in my book....

So chat chat chat wipe down thier table blah blah....very empty night at the joint so sit down with the chicks and have a drink of my own....boss didn't seem to mind much because he loves pussy just as much as i do. "Ah employee getting some nookie...good boy"

So they had since consumed a bit more booze and we getting a bit silly getting up and dancing and running around....chicks when in a club with no one else around tend to get quite crazy....blonde chick takes a huge spill and falls on her ass....this causes me and her brunette friend to giggling nour asses off....funny thing is that blonde chick is not even self councious...she shakes it off very cooly and sits down next to me for a swig of her drink....i can tell she is interested and i am going to probe :)

They say they are going off to another joint closeby and invite me to come down after i finish....i've neved closed a bar that fast in my life...very quick and out the door.

The two are sitting outside the other joint and i approach from behind and poke blondie in her side....hiya :)

big hug and a kiss "ooooo i got this mother fucker now!" (inner monologue)

so we go upstairs and order up more drinks and the kissing and pashing (pashing aussie slang for kissing) on continues....brunette is a little bit worried that i only have bad intentions but blondie calms her down and is like
"he is a nice boy" and i am :)

The two were in town for a confereance and were catching up because they were friends for a long time and now brunette has got to go home to the hubby and blondie wants my cock....she is staying at a hotel in the city and i join her....starting out on the living room floor getting undressed while kissing and rolling around on the floor and the big window of the living room is gaping open and city lights are in the sky...

"Come on lets go to the bedroom i want to fuck you"

she gets up and holds my hand and leads me there...

we get completely naked and i just need to take in her body because its so lovely....c cup boobs with big beautiful nipples and a big brown hairy bush on her pussy....i am playing and pulling on her pubic hair gently and she is moaning and we are kissing like lovers do hot and heavy.

Missionary is the first position of the night and her pussy engulfs my erect cut cock....its hot and wet and i'm pacing myself because i want this girl to enjoy herself :) no use coming to a confereance and not having any fun!

She';s a very vocal woman and makes me feel good to have her moaning :)

she then pushes me off and says "fuck me doggie please"

no need to tell me twice....wait for her to get into position and slide myself in...and the angle of insertion feels so good i just beging to pump like a jackhammer....

she is really making some noise no and between moans i hear "god i love your balls slapping me" and i am giggling despite myself...reach forwards and grab her boobs as she is bucking on my cock....and then the explosion of orgasm takes hold.

I am laying there spent and sweating and has her face on my hairy chest and she is kissing it....

no words, not a sound....just heavy breathing...time for bed :)
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no time for a 2nd helping & maybe some anal